Friday, 31 December 2010

Daddy Bear

This encounter took place in July this year, but has taken me this long to write it up.

"Nice cock"

I clicked open the IM window to find the message above, the two words describing my main profile picture. It had been sent the night before, just after I'd logged off for the night. A quick check showed the sender was not online, so I sent a message back apologising for missing his IM and saying he was free to contact me again if he saw I was online. I sent the message and thought nothing more of it.

It was a Wednesday morning, and I had the day off. I left the cruising site on in the background while I surfed the net. Half an hour later, I received another IM from the same guy. We start a conversation which lasts for over an hour. It results in me agreeing to meet him. I calculate enough time for me to get ready and travel to his place, and let him know to expect me in an hour.

I quickly showered, dressed and took the train into the city. It was a good 10 minute walk to his place from the city train station, but I arrived with time to spare. I sent him a text to let him know I had arrived, and a moment later he appeared at the door to his building. I crossed over the road to his building and followed him into his apartment.

We began to kiss as soon as we entered his lounge. Daddy bear was in his early 40's, heavyset, with a shaved head and a neatly trimmed goatee circling his mouth. I've had the desire to sleep with a "Bear" type for a while now, and Daddy Bear fit the bill. Our hands wondered everywhere and I took great delight in squeezing his meaty arse through his jeans. He rubbed my bulge through the thin denim of my jeans, before pushing them and my underwear down my hairy legs.

He got down onto his knees and took my cock into his mouth and he began to suck. I rested my hands on his head as he moved it back and forth. He blew me for a couple of minutes before stopping. "Nice cock" he said as he regarded my erection coated in his saliva. I took the opportunity to sit down on his couch and remove my shoes and the clothing on the lower half of my body, leaving them in a heap on his couch. I stood up and we kissed again, before he led me to his bedroom.

We collapsed onto the bed, making out. I pulled off my top, my last piece of clothing, and tossed it on the floor. We resumed our kissing, his hand running over my furry belly to my dick. He jerked me off before putting my dick back in his mouth. He sucked me again, playing with my balls till I was about ready to blow my load.

I pulled out of his mouth, I didn't want to cum yet. He was still clothed at this point, so I removed his tshirt, and it joined my top on his bedroom floor. I ran my fingers through his dense fur, tweaking his nipple before sucking on it. Before long I had his jeans and underpants off too, and his cock in my mouth.

We ended up in the 69 position. One of his hands cupped my buttcheeck as he sucked me. I think he was amazed at just how hairy my butt and legs are. He certainly sucked me harder as his fingers caressed my furry cheeks. As I sucked him, my hand found its way into his buttcrack, and I lightly played with his hole. He stopped sucking for a moment to spit into his hand before rubbing it onto his hole. My thumb slipped easily inside him, and I made gentle circling movements with it as I sucked him.

"Wanna fuck me?" he asked. "Yeah", I replied. It was the most we had said to each other since I'd got there. We shifted position so he could reach into a bedside drawer to get out lube and a condom, which he opened and rolled onto my dick. I slowly jerked myself off while he lubed up his hole, then I applied lube to my sheathed dick as he positioned himself to receive me doggie style.

I slowly pushed my cock inside him till I was balls deep, then began fucking at a steady pace. Before long he was lying on his belly as we fucked, my arms went under his arms and my hands gripped his shoulders, giving me the added leverage I needed to thrust deeper into him.

I whispered into his ear that I was almost ready to cum. He moved under me, and we were back in the dogie position. He pulled his ass off my dick and reached around to pull the condom off. He lay on his back and I straddled his chest before I began to jerk myself off. I increased the tempo until I shot spurt after spurt of my cum onto his face. I milked the last of my cum from my cock and wiped my cum covered thumb onto his goatee.

He had been furiously jacking off too, and shot his load onto his belly as my thumb left a trail of cum on his facial hair. We washed up, dressed and I left. We've tried to arrange another meeting, but no luck so far. Hopefully I'll get to see more of Daddy Bear soon.

Monday, 13 December 2010

My First Restroom Encounter

I had my first sexual encounter in the stall of a mall bathroom earlier this afternoon.

The location of the bathroom on the store guide was misleading. It was pictured behind a row of shops down a long corridor. So I walked the corridor, passed the baby changing room and the disabled toilet around to the back of the shops. All I found there was a brick wall, and the elevator further down the way.

I made my way back along the corridor. Walking past the disabled toilet again I noticed a stairway heading down. I headed down the stairs, rounded a corner and found myself in the gents bathroom. A wall of urinals to the right, and four stalls to the left. The stall on the very right was missing its door and was unoccupied. The other three had their doors and were all locked. More importantly there was a guy hanging around the urinals cruising.

I could see him from the corner of my eye, every now and then moving from urinal to urinal pretending to pee, and occasionally looking over his shoulder at me. I faced a dilemma. I guessed he was there to cruise, as I was, but I had never initiated a sexual encounter in a bathroom before. In hindsight I could have walked over to one of the urinals next to him and pretended to pee, stroking my cock for him, but I didn't.

I made out like I was waiting to use one of the stalls. I fidgeted, checked my watch every twenty seconds or so, pretended to check messages on my phone, until someone vacated the far left stall. In that time five or six men had come into the bathroom to use the facilities and leave, but The Cruiser was still there. My cock began to swell in anticipation as I waited, knowing that I was being watched.

I slipped into the stall and left the door unlocked as I removed my bag, coat and scarf, hanging them on the little hook. I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and long johns down my legs, my cock rising as it was freed from the layers of material.

I could hear more people coming down the stairs to use the bathroom, so with reluctance I had to lock the door, lest someone walk in on me in my current state. I stood there listening to the sounds coming from the other side of the cubicle. Men came and went while I slowly played with myself.

When I thought the coast was clear I stuffed my erection back into my pants, put my scarf and coat back on, and put my rucksack on one shoulder. I opened the cubicle door and emerged. I gave a furtive look over to the urinals, but The Cruiser was no longer there. I moved to the opposite wall where the sinks were and washed my hands. In the mirror I could see that The Cruiser had moved to the stall without the door and was again pretending to pee. Again he turned his head in my direction.

I went to dry my hands with the hot air dryer, and made my mind up to make my move. When my hands were dry I'd walk over and indicate that I wanted him to follow me into the stall I had just vacated, but that did not happen. A guy came down the stairs and went into my chosen stall. So much for that plan.

Another guy came in to use the urinals. My hands were dry, and I didn't have a legitimate excuse to hang around, so I walked back up the stairs and along the corridor to the shopping mall. I went to the nearby department store and did five minutes of window shopping. My route back took me past the corridor and I noticed that both the guys who had entered the bathroom while I was washing my hands were exiting the corridor into the mall. I took a chance and walked back down the corridor and down those stairs.

Rounding the corner, I couldn't see anyone by the urinals and the stall with the missing door was empty. I figured The Cruiser had given up and left too. The two middle stalls were still occupied, so I headed to the stall on the extreme left, the one I had used earlier. I pushed open the door to find The Cruiser in there.

"Sorry mate", I mumbled. I had to keep up the pretence that I had walked in on him accidentally. I could always say I thought I had lost something from my pockets and was retracing my steps if things turned ugly, my walking in on him could be viewed as a honest mistake.

Instead he indicated that he wanted me to join him with a nod, and a moment later I was inside the stall, my heart thundering in my chest. I locked the door and put my rucksack on the coat hook and turned to face him. The Cruiser was in his early 40's, slightly taller than me, dark brown hair and a neatly clipped goatee framing his mouth.

He reached over and massaged my growing cock through my jeans. His trousers were around his ankles, but he still had his boxers on. I feel his cock through the material, its a nice size, though not as thick as mine. His hands move to the zipper of my coat, and my fingers are there a moment later pulling the zipper down for him.

His hands move to my belt, but I again take control, undoing the belt and then the button and zipper of my jeans. I push my jeans and long johns down slightly and he lowers his own boxers down before his hand is on my cock. He jerks me off a little then pushes my jeans and underwear down my legs, running his fingers down my hairy legs as he does so. I get the impression he is impressed with the amount of fur that covers my lower limbs. He took my cock into his mouth and looked up to gage my reaction. I was more than happy. I played with his cock as he sucked me.

He stood up again and whispered that he wants my cock up his ass. I whisper back that I don't have any condoms. He said he did and fished one out of his pocket. I nodded and he opened the wrapper and rolled it onto my cock. He turned around and bent over. I rubbed my cock in his crack. He stood up straight again and I see he had an open bottle of poppers in his hand. I took two deep sniffs, and for a moment I feel a rush, but it dissipates quickly. He takes a couple of hits and bends over again.

I push my cock in. The combination of poppers and lube on the condom helps my cock slide in slowly till I fill him with my length. I pause for a moment and start fucking him. My belt buckle jangles with the motion, and I adjust the position of my leg slightly to stop the sound. There's still a guy in the stall next to us, we could hear him move about. I wonder if he knew what we were up to, our whispers left little to the imagination. I had my hands on The Cruiser's surprisingly toned shoulders as I fucked him.

Every once and a while men came to use the bathroom. I would slow my fucking till I was sure they had gone, then increased the tempo. The Cruiser reached around to grab onto my butt, trying to push more of me inside him.

I heard someone else came into the bathroom. The Cruiser stood upright with my cock still up his ass. I reached around and played with his cock. I tried to keep up the tempo but the angle was a little awkward and my cock slipped out. The condom, however, remained in his ass and he reached around to receive it, inspecting it to see if I had cum before disposing of it in the bowl.

I had my hand on my cock and jerked myself slowly. The Cruiser turned to face me, one hand on his cock, the other palm out just in front of my cock. I understand what he wants and jerk off faster until I shoot thick ropes of cum into his waiting palm. He lifted his palm to his mouth and licked up my cum.

We cleaned up using tissue. We dressed, I stuffed my spent cock into my underwear and felt a trail of cum leave my softening cock and absorb into my long johns. I zipped up my jeans and my coat before retrieving my rucksack from the hook. I wait a moment to listen if the coast is clear before unlocking and opening the door. I stepped out first and glanced quickly to the urinals. There was no one there.

I had washed my hands and dried them again before The Cruiser came out of the stall. I whisper my thanks as he head to another vacated stall. I guess he was looking for more cock.

I headed up the stairs and out of the mall. I could feel the cool patch my cum had made on my underwear as I finished my shopping and headed home.

It was an interesting experience, one I have wanted for a while now. The furtive nature, the sense of urgency and that element of danger all combine to make a heady cocktail. One I fear I may be powerless to resist.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Agony Uncle

Earlier I was messaged by a young gay man on one of the hookup sites I frequent. I had the site on in the background while I was surfing the web. The conversation was interesting (and at times a little frustrating).

It started with him wanting to know if I did white guys. I replied that it didn't matter on the colour of his skin as long as we were sexually compatible, and yes my sexual history does read like a Benetton advert.

He then wanted to know if I ever had a virgin. I don't think I have, all the guys I've been with have had some sort of sexual experience. I told him a bit about MG, how he had wanted to be rimmed and fingered so he could learn about anal play. I emphasised that we took things slow.

He wanted to know if I was dominant. I said I could be, but if he was expecting a big beefy daddy, that isn't me. I'm on the skinny side, toned but slim. But could I be forceful on penetration, he wanted to know. I could be, but I prefer to push it in slowly, inch by inch, till I'm all in.

He explained that he tried having sex before, but penetration didn't happen because it hurt too much. He tried the doggie position but lurched forward when he was about to be entered. I decided to give him some advice based on my own experiences.

I told him that he needed to take things slow and at his own pace, that he should learn to take a few fingers inside him (maybe use a small buttplug) with plenty of lube, and get used to the sensations coming from his ass before he thinks of taking a cock. Most importantly I told him he needed to learn to relax and trust the person he was going to get fucked by. I don't think it was the advice he wanted to hear.

He wanted to be raped. He wanted to be bound and gagged and forced to take cock. Now I have fucked a guy who was bound (see The Unpaid Whore) but he had previous experience. I suspected that the guy I was chatting to only wanted to be tied up so he couldn't get away when it came time to be penetrated.

I told him that if he was not mentally and physically prepared, getting fucked aggressively would hurt, and may cause him internal damage. Again, I suspect it wasn't what he wanted to hear. He logged off soon after.

I hope he finds what he is looking for. I don't want a bad encounter to put him off exploring his sexuality. Fantasies are all very well, but the reality of a situation can be too much to handle if you are not prepared for it.

I guess he has to figure out what he wants for himself, like I did.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Flakes And Excuses

In the past few weeks I've had men hit me up for sex only to cancel at the last minute. It pisses me off, not only because it leaves me feeling sexually frustrated, more so because of the excuses they come up with.

Last week I get a text from a guy who I've been chatting to on and off for months. He's gay, and in a relationship with an older guy, but likes to play away behind his sugar daddy's back. He was the one who first made contact, and I'm just a boy who can't say no.

He's at work but wants me to come over to his place at lunchtime so he can "suck the juice out of my big brown cock", as he so eloquently put it.

I'm free that day so I think why not, and we quickly arrange a time to meet at his place which is a couple of streets away. However, 10 minutes before we are due to meet, he texts saying he is swamped at work and can't possibly get away. So I send him the mandatory "Never mind, we can hook up another time" text, dipped in saccharine sweet understanding, even though I'm quietly seething.

Skip forward a week, and yesterday I get a message online from another potential who I've chatted to dozens of times, but never met. He travels a lot and likes to hook up in his hotel. He says he's heading to my city the following day and wants to meet, possibly arrange a threesome. As I said, I can't say no, so I message him back giving him details of the times I'm free, and when I need to be at work.

Do I think this hook up could happen? There's every possibility, though based on his track record, no. We played this exact game months ago in the depths of winter. Last time the set up was the same, he messages me to let me know he's going to be in the city. I let him know when I'm free so we can meet. He says that he hasn't book a hotel room yet, so doesn't know where he's staying. That's fine, I reply. I can stay in the city centre after work and he can text me when he's settled in his room.

He assures me he'll be in the city for 7pm, so I hang around the city after work, window shopping and stopping off at a coffee house to kill time while I wait for his text. 7pm rolls around and no text. He's probably running late. I head to a bar for a quick drink while I wait. It's past 8pm and no text. I send him a text letting him know I'm waiting in the city centre like we planned. No reply.

I wait another half an hour, nursing a soft drink as I want to be clear headed for when we meet. There's no response, the winter night is chill so I head home. At 1am I get a text from him demanding to know where I am. It wakes me from my sleep, and seeing as I'm pissed off with him, I don't reply.

Several weeks later I get an apology of sorts from him. He says he crashed out as soon as he got to his hotel, and forgot about us planning to meet, even though we had made final arrangements to meet that day. I expect this time will be no different, so in the unlikely event we do hook up, any sex we have will be a bonus.

My final flake contacted me this morning, while I was online. He hits me up and we begin to chat. He has a nice pic on his profile of his meaty ass, just ready for my tongue and cock. I pop a boner as we chat and soon we arrange to meet at his place.

Since it's early in the morning I need a little time to shower and shave, so factor that into the time I say I can be at his place for. By the time I'm showered, dressed and ready to head out of the door, I get a text from him saying his sister has just arrived at his place, so he couldn't host.

Again I send the obligatory "Never mind" message, though I did note that he stayed logged onto (and was actively using) the hookup site for most of the morning.

I think with most flakes it's the idea of sex that turns them on rather than the act itself.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Making Up for Lost Time

September 07

The Traveller's brief stay in the city was over. He headed back to his home town, and we kept in contact via IMs and text messages. We chatted most days, and I looked forward to each message he sent.

One thing was lacking though: Sex. I had missed out on nine months of bedroom gymnastics due to my self-imposed celibacy. Sleeping with The Traveller had reawakened my sexual appetite, and boy, was I hungry.

The Internet was once again my cruising ground of choice, I chatted online with several men and one of the guys that contacted me was the Mirror Man. My history with the Mirror Man is kinda complicated, and goes back a few years.

I first met the Mirror Man in 2004. I was out with a group of friends from work. We started out in one of the bars in the Gay Quarter and later headed to one of the gay nightclubs. Our group had fragmented into several pieces, and I was hanging out with one of my mates. Actually I had a secret crush on this guy, and was enjoying spending time with him.

Secret Crush introduced me to a friend of his, the Mirror Man, who he waves over to join us. I didn't think much of the Mirror Man when I first met him, though that was probably due to the fact I only had eyes for Secret Crush at the time. The three of us chatted for a while, but the Mirror Man didn't leave much of an impression, and soon I was with my other mates, drinking and dancing the night away.

Skip forward to 2006. I'm online on a hook up site, and I get contacted by a guy. We send messages back and forth, and over the course of our conversation I learn that I'm chatting to the Mirror Man. We exchange numbers and try to arrange a meet. In fact I remember once arranging a meet with the Mirror Man so that it would take place a few hours after one of my regular threesome hookups with Guy #1 and O.

The threesome took place, however the 1-on-1 with the Mirror Man did not. He texted me to call it off, complaining of a sore back. I sent a text back offering a massage, but he declined, so I made my way home. Later that night he texts back asking if the offer of a massage was still available. It was late, I was tired and had no intention of heading back into the city, so I said no. We tried to arrange a hook up a few times, but it never happened and we lost contact.

Back to 2007. The Mirror Man contacted me again, but is using a new profile name. I realise its him when he gives me his number. It comes up under his old profile name when I enter it into my phone. We arrange to meet on a day when he's working from home.

The day of the hookup arrives, and I get a text from him in the morning asking if I'm still free to meet. I reply yes, and tell him to expect me in an hour. I freshen up and am out of the door, heading towards the city centre.

When he gives me his address, I know it straight away. I travel down that road each day on my way to work. I interpret the address he gave as the large apartment complex situated on that road, and that's where I wait for him. However I'm mistaken. It turns out he lives opposite the apartment complex, in a former factory that had been converted into apartments. From the outside it still looked like a factory, so I had traveled past it each day without realising it was a place of habitation.

Luckily for me the Mirror Man spots me from across the road, and texts me to tell me where he is. I cross over and he opens the door to his building. I follow him through a maze of corridors to his apartment, and I feel that familiar throb in my groin as my cock swells in anticipation of the sex that's to come.

Sex with the Mirror Man would always follow a similar route. We would enter his place, I would remove my jacket, placing it on a chair. We would kiss, feeling each other up through our clothes as our tongues pushed into each others mouths. We would break from kissing and I'd strip out of my clothes, down to my underwear, my clothes placed on the chair with my jacket. We'd kiss again and he'd delight in the feel of my hairy body under his hands.

We'd take the short walk to his bedroom, he'd quickly strip out of his clothes and we'd make out on the bed. Soon we'd be naked and engaging in a little oral play, our underwear tossed to the other side of the room. We'd enjoy spending time sucking each others cocks. I'd reposition myself so I could squat over his face and let him rim my hole. The feeling of his tongue was amazing, and he would try to work that wicked little tongue as far up my chute as he could manage. Absolute bliss!

He would ask me to fuck him, getting up to reach for lube and condoms. He'd wrap me up, lube up his hole and slide down my cock, slowly bouncing up and down till he became used to it inside him. Then he'd get more adventurous. We'd find ourselves fucking on the floor, doggie style, in front of a large mirror (hence his name). He liked to watch as I pumped into him, and I must admit I enjoyed watching myself fuck him.

Eventually we would end up back up on the bed, him lying in his stomach, his cock pressed into the mattress with me on top of him. I'd wrap my hands under his arms and grasp his shoulders, giving me enough leverage as I pumped him hard. I'd cum, sometimes in the condom up his ass, or over him if he wanted it, and he'd cum straight after. We'd shower, dress and I'd head out of the door.

We fucked around once every few weeks in September, October, November and December that year, took a break over Christmas, and then had a few more hookups in January the following year. We lost contact again, until he texted me out of the blue one day in July 09 and we hooked up a final time, which I wrote about here.

Friday, 28 May 2010

The Traveller

September 2007

Months went by. Winter gave way to spring and eventually summer. My only form of sexual gratification came by my own hand and I masturbated frequently. But soon those old urges began to surface, and I wanted to entwine my body with that of a man. To feel his skin, kiss his lips, taste the flesh of his most intimate areas. As a result, I began going online again with the intent of hooking up.

My online profiles were still there, albeit untouched for nine months. It took a matter of moments to log in, and soon I was immersed in the virtual world of online cruising.

My first steps were tentative, just seeing who was online and to get the lay of the land. However, since the object of the exercise was to get laid, I realised that I had to be bolder in my approach.

About a week after I started revisiting my old online haunts, I came upon my next sexual encounter, who I will call The Traveller. I was in the local area chatroom when I noticed a profile name that was unfamiliar to me. A quick look at his profile informed me that he was from out of town, and was heading to my city the next day. He wanted someone to show him the sites, and maybe take him down to the city's Gay Quarter.

I sent him an IM, letting him know that I would be happy to show him around. We began to chat, and we just clicked. I can't remember the majority of the conversation, but it flowed like we were old friends, and we decided to meet up the next day after he arrived in the city.

The plan was to meet at his hotel in the city centre, have a bite to eat and maybe go out on the town later on. However, his late arrival into the city shelved our dinner plans. I waited for him in the lobby of his hotel, not realising that he had popped outside the hotel to smoke a cigarette. After a few texts back and forth we located each other, and took the elevator up to his hotel room.

Incidentally it was the same hotel where I had the afternoon tryst with B, not that I volunteered that information to The Traveller. He was in his early 30's, around 6'2'', with blue eyes and hair the colour of straw. His body reflected his interests in sports and hiking, and his limbs were long, toned and shapely.

It was our first meeting face to face, and I was a little out of practice. Nervousness reared its head, leading me to be a little reserved. He, however, was just as effervescent as he had been during our online conversation, and that put me at ease. He needed another smoke so he opened the window, and we continued our conversation while he blew smoke out into the night air.

He wanted to shower before we went out, so while he washed I sat on the bed and watched television. I had to resist the urge to strip off and join him in there. If I was just there for sex, that's what I would have done (and sometimes I still fantasise about getting hot and soapy with him in that hotel bathroom) but I wanted to see where the night would take us, After he finished, he emerged from the bathroom wearing boxers. I did take a moment to notice the nice bulge in the front of his underwear. He quickly dressed while we chatted, and like our IMs, the conversation flowed naturally.

He moved from place to place around the hotel room, sitting at his laptop one minute, standing by the window to have another smoke the next, and then to sitting on the bed next to me (I had pretty much stayed in the same spot for most of that time, just shifting position so that we continued to face each other as we talked). He admitted to me later that he did moved around so much because he was nervous as well. Although, every time he sat next to me, I saw his pupils dilate, so I knew he liked me.

We decided to go out and we headed to the Gay Quarter, located a few minutes walk away from his hotel. It had been ages since I had last ventured out on the scene, but it was pretty much as I remembered. As we walked down the road I pointed out a few of the landmarks to help him orient himself while he was in the city.

Our first stop was one of my favourite bars in the quarter. It's a small, intimate venue which attracts a mixed crowd. It was karaoke night, so the bar was busy but not too full. We stayed for one drink while we watched a succession of men trying to sing on the small stage, some more successfully than others. The Traveller had a beer while I ordered an orange juice. I wanted to keep my head clear, for a little while anyway.

We left the bar and continued on our tour. I showed him some of the other bars and clubs in the area. He had heard of a particular club, so that was our next destination. The club was running a promotion to attract students, and being mid-September many university courses were due to start soon.

The premise was that when you paid the entrance fee you were given a voucher which entitled you to one free drink. If you handed in your empty glass back to the bar person that served you and order the same drink, you got that drink for free too, so basically it was free drinks all night. I opted for vodka and orange juice as my poison for the evening, while The Traveller stuck to beer.

A couple of drinks in and the vodka had started to work its intoxicating magic. I became more relaxed as the night wore on. We stood in the tiny courtyard designated as the outside smoking area of the club. The courtyard was packed but we found a little space by the far wall where he could have a smoke. It was easier to chat there than inside the club, where the loud music made conversation next to impossible. We stood close to each other, and eventually his hand found mine. As we chatted we starred into each others eyes. The moment came when he leaned in closer to me, and we had our first kiss amongst a group of party-going smokers.

This was the first time I had ever kissed another man in public, my inhibitions drowned by the twin cocktails of lust and alcohol. I could taste beer and cigarette smoke on his lips, and that only fuelled my desire. I had been sporting a semi for most of the time that we stood in the courtyard, and the kiss sent more blood rushing to that area. My crotch rubbed up against his leg as we kissed and we both knew where this night was heading.

We drank, we danced, we ended up back in his hotel room around 3.30am. As he headed to the bathroom, I crashed out on the bed, my brain swimming in alcohol. This time I had no hesitation in stripping off, so by the time he emerged from the bathroom I was lying on the bed, naked save my erection tenting up my boxers. He stripped out of his clothes so quickly it was almost a blur.

By then, most of the alcohol induced mist had lifted from my head, and the sex was good. I remember he was the first guy I knew to have blond pubic hair. It was so pale it almost disappeared against his skin. He climbed on top of me and it felt so good to feel his warm skin against mine. We spent time leisurely kissing as we ran our hands over each other. He pushed down my boxers, and I slid them off my legs so we were both naked, and hard.

His body was mostly hairless except for the patch of pubic hair above his cock, and a thicker patch of equally blond hair on the small of his back which ran down into his ass crack. We rolled around on the bed, and I ended up taking his cut cock into my mouth. I lapped up the precum flowing from his dick as if it was nectar. I wanted to take things further, so I licked my index finger and was going to rub his hole with my spit soaked digit, but he stopped me. His hole was a no go area. A pity, as I would have loved to have rimmed his furry blond hole.

I made do with his cock, taking it into my mouth once more. We ended up in the 69 position, with me on top. I was able to take more of his cock down into my throat in this position, and the feeling of his warm, wet mouth around my manhood was delicious. He seemed fascinated with my foreskin, running his tongue under it to get at the head, and pulling it taut with one hand around the base of my cock, so he could reach the oh so sensitive spot where my foreskin attaches to the head. I slowly gyrated my hips, feeding him my length, as I sucked on his.

I went back to my previous position between his legs, jerking him off as I licked his balls, until he shot his sticky white load over his belly. His climax was followed by post coital kissing and we drifted off to sleep as we held each other. All too soon it was time to leave, and I smiled to myself the entire taxi ride home.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Encounter With A Shy Bi Guy

January 2007. A month had gone by since I had hooked up with The Swimmer, and though we went on a few dates in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we didn't have sex again.

I had the day off work, and a few errands to run, but I decided to surf the net while I had breakfast. Of course I ended up on a hook up site, just to see who was online. I get an IM from one guy, and we start chatting. It starts of light and casual but he soon steers the conversation to a more sexual tone. He asks me what I'm into and gets me to describe exactly what I would do to him. I let him know that I'm into kissing, wanking, sucking, rimming and fucking, and quickly rattle off a scenario involving various parts on my anatomy coming into intimate contact with various parts of his.

He likes what he reads, and offers up a few suggestions of his own. He wants to meet up. Since I'm free, and by now kinda horny, I agree.

Half an hour later I'm waiting at the designated meeting place, just outside of the parking area of a local park. I text him when I arrive, and he replies, letting me know he's sitting in one of the cars in the lot. I walk over to his car, open the passenger door and slide onto the seat.

He's in his mid 30's, slightly older than the pic he sent, but recognisable as the guy I was chatting to online. He seemed a little nervous, but I put it down to it being our first meeting, plus I think me getting straight into his car threw him a little.

As we chatted I noticed that his nervousness hadn't eased. It's easy to be sexually confident when you're sitting in front of your computer screen, but all his confidence had evaporated when we met face to face. He was unsure as how to proceed. I said we could start by driving back to his place.

The drive took less than 5 minutes. Shy Guy asked if I was serious about doing all those things I described in our online conversation. I replied that I could, if he wanted me to or we could go as far as he wanted. We entered his house and he led me directly upstairs to the master bedroom.

He left me alone in the room for a few minutes, which gave me time to strip down to my underwear. He returned, we sat on the edge of the bed and his nervousness returned. I knew he was bi and I guess he hadn't had much experience with guys, if any. He acted as though he couldn't believe that there was a semi naked man on his bed.

I had to take control or we would have spent most of our time sitting on the bed in awkward silence. I suggested he remove his clothes, so he slowly removed his clothes. I slid up the bed and lay down, indicating he should do the same. When he did, I ran one hand up and down his lightly hairy torso, then leaned in to kiss his mouth. He didn't kiss back.

Odd, I thought, and I tried to kiss him again. There was no response from him, either positive or negative. Okay, I thought, he's not into kissing. I was disappointed since I love to kiss. It revs my sexual engine and gets me in the mood.

Instead I kissed down his neck onto his chest. I lapped at one of his nipples, which would get most guys to groan in pleasure, but again he remained silent and stock still, his arms fixed firmly by his side. I now wonder whether he had ever had his nipples sucked before, maybe the sensation was too overwhelming for him to react.

The only indication I received on his state of arousal was the hard bulge in his underwear.

I moved down to suck him off. Surely my oral talents would ignite some passion in this guy. I peeled down his shorts and took his cock into my mouth. It was of average size, and it fit into my mouth easily. I licked the shaft down to his balls, and gave them a tongue bath for good measure.

Sucking him off did get him in the mood, however the sex was unremarkable. He ended up face fucking me, which he enjoyed, and there was no danger of him triggering my gag reflex. I knew by then that I everything I described in our internet conversation would remain a fantasy. I wouldn't get to rim him, let alone fuck him, and I knew that he had no intention of reciprocating the blowjob. I jerked him off, and he came a minute later.

In his post-orgasmic haze, he tried to kiss me, but by that time I was bored with the whole thing, and a little pissed off, so I turned my face away. I got off the bed, washed up in the en suite, and dressed quickly. He offered to drop me off at the meeting point, but I declined, saying I could find my way back. I just wanted to get out of there.

I was disappointed, with the situation, but mostly with myself. I let myself get swept up in the fantasy, and it had lead to a disappointing sexual encounter. I became disillusioned with random hook ups, and stopped cruising online. It was nine months before I had sex with a guy again. Shy Guy did contact me again, a few days later, but I declined a second meeting.

On a side note, Two years later, I was online and he contacted me again. It turns out he was living with a woman at the time we hooked up, and the encounter had crystallised something within him. He had admitted he was gay had moved to a different part of the city and started seeing men. It was nice to know the encounter had been useful to someone.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Like Showering With A Raincoat

A few weeks ago I got a text message from MG, saying he was free the following week and he wondered if I would like to hook up with him again. I hadn't heard from him since last August, when he expressed an interest in becoming more than just a fuck buddy. I was unsure about seeing him, but the throbbing monster between my legs had come alive, the memory of my tongue rimming MG's ass had got it's attention and it demanded satisfaction. I was instantly hard and feeling horny, so I replied that I could meet up on my day off.

A week rolls by and I find myself outside MG's building. It's freezing cold with heavy snow forecast. The doorbell to his apartment is broken, so I have to call him to let him know I've arrived. After two rings my call is answered, but before I can say anything he hangs up.


I had texted him earlier to let him know I was on my way, so he couldn't have forgotten we had planned to hook up. I try to dial his number again, but the cold saps away my dwindling phone battery and I'm unable to make the call. I switch the cell off then on again, hoping that there's enough charge left to call MG again.

By now I'm not a happy chap. Its cold, I'm standing outside MG's place with a busted doorbell and if my phone craps out on me I have no way of contacting MG until I go home to charge my phone. I decide to wait for a few minutes before leaving, in case he's on his way down to open the door.

That's exactly what happens. He''s down a minute later to let me in. Memory is a funny thing, and I guess mine was clouded with lust for MG's ass (by far his best feature), because he didn't look like I remembered. It's bad to say, but he looked kinda ordinary, and I hoped that he couldn't read the disappointment on my face. Still I was there, I was horny and he was available, so I step into his foyer. As we walk up the stairs to his apartment, he explains that he pressed the wrong button on his phone when I called earlier, and cut me off.

We enter his place. Like the last two times I was there, he has all his curtains drawn, and no lights on. There is just enough light coming through the curtains to make out his apartment, and my eyes quickly adjust to the gloom. I remove my coat, dumping it on his sofa as he moves in for a kiss. We kiss for less than a minute before he suggests we go to the bedroom. He seems very eager.

We sit on his bed and kiss, but soon we're naked and I'm licking his nipples. We shift position so I'm on my back, my head resting on a pillow. After another kissing session MG turns around, gets on all fours and offers me his ass. I push the cheeks apart and dive in with my tongue. I'm in heaven as I rim him. My tongue soon snakes into his hole, and he lets out a moan of pure delight.

I begin to finger his hole. I start slowly, working one finger inside him, feeling for his prostate. I have a plan. I want to make MG so horny that he'll let me fuck him. The last time we hooked up I made him cum too soon, and after that he said that was too sensitive for me to keep fingering him, so fucking him was of the cards (although I did work the load he shot onto my fingers into his hole, and had a quick taste of his cum in his hole, so the encounter had a plus side). This time I planned to go slower, to open him up with my fingers, but not allow him to climax.

I sucked on his balls as I fingered him, but I was careful not to overstimulate him. I tried to push in another finger into his hole to join the first, but it was hard to get the second one in there. I asked if he had any lube. He got up and fished around his bedside drawer before tossing me a tube of KY. I lubed up my fingers as he returned to his previous position on the bed. My fingers slipped into his ass easily.

As I worked his ass, he took the tube of KY and squeezed some lube into his hand. I figured he was gonna wank himself off, but instead he wrapped his hand around my cock (which was hard and leaking precum onto my belly the entire time I was rimming and fingering his ass) and he began to jerk me off.

Whenever MG had tried to masturbate me in the past, he had always been too heavy handed, and choked the life out of my member. This time the lube gave enough slipperiness that his attempt was pleasurable. So much so that I wondered how I could maneuver his ass down to my groin and accept my raw cock. I could have nailed him right there. I stretched his hole with a third finger, while rubbing his perineum with my thumb.

He stopped jerking me and asked if I wanted to fuck him. My plan had worked, and I said if he wanted me to fuck him, I would. He got up again and went back to the drawer, this time to get a condom. I would have preferred to fuck raw, but it was his ass, so his rules. I roll the condom down onto my cock, lube up, and jerk some life back into me cock before he lowers himself onto my cock.

Trouble is, my cock begins to deflate. I try holding the base, trying to keep enough blood in there for me to penetrate him, but its no use. I can't keep myself hard. I try jerking my cock while wearing the condom, but the sensation feels strange, and I can't stimulate myself properly. We try a few positions, but it doesn't work. I have to take the condom off.

I jerk myself off again and, condom free, get the life back into my cock. He wants to try again, so rolls another condom onto my dick, but even he can feel my cock start to deflate again. He leans over and starts to suck my cock through its latex sheath.

I never really understood the phrase "Showering with a raincoat on" when it came to condoms. I mean, I had always used rubbers when having anal sex and found it OK (that was until I tried raw sex with Momma's Boy, and discovered what I was missing with skin on skin sex), but this was the first time a guy had given me a blowjob with a rubber on my cock. I experienced the blowjob as though the rest of my body was detached from my penis, and the resulting sensation was dull and not very enjoyable. I also thought it was a little hypocritical of MG. The first time we hooked up he was more than happy to push his unsheathed cock into my mouth, and enjoy my oral talents.

His blowjob had little effect, but I tried jerking my cock in the condom again, with more success this time. I maneuvered him so he lay on the bed on his stomach, and the combination of the view and my digital manipulation got me hard again. I got on top of him, and was able to push into his ass.

I moved inside him slowly, letting him get used to my length and thickness. I was just getting into my stride, and even starting to enjoy fucking him with a condom, when he said he wanted to change position. Crap, I pulled out and promptly lost my erection, so couldn't enter him again in the new position.

We gave up fucking him. He asked if I ever got fucked, and I said no. Instead I jerked him off until he came. He cleaned himself up and I was all set to get dressed and leave, but he wanted to see me cum. I lay back on the bed, closed my eyes and wanked until I reached my own sticky climax, the fat gobs of white cum spraying my chest and his duvet.

I washed up, and dressed as he had a quick shower. He walked me down to his front door and said I could text him if I wanted to hook up again. I said sure, though I had no intention in doing so. Outside, fat snowflakes fell from the sky to join those deposited on the ground while MG and I attempted to satisfy our selfish desires.

Sexually, I don't think we're compatible. What started out as a curiosity about rimming had morphed into something more, but we're both in different places on our respective sexual journeys. He's at the "experimental, but safe only" stage that I was at a few years ago, and I'm...

I guess I'm at a crossroads. I know the risks of hooking up with random guys, and of having raw sex with them. But there's also a part of me that wants to feel the man I'm fucking, to enjoy the sensation with nothing between us. Ideally it would be as part of a relationship, monogamous with maybe a playmate or two on the side.

Though my life at the moment is hardly conducive to such a relationship.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Quite A Mouthful

After what seems like ages, I finally got to hook up with Xan yesterday. We had participated in the usual dance of chatting online and sending texts back and forth trying to arrange a time to meet. We almost hooked up earlier this month, but the bad weather put paid to our plans.

I headed over to Xan's place after receiving a text from him saying he was free to meet. I rang the doorbell and waited. Xan answered and immediately I was struck by how handsome he is. I entered the house and followed him into the kitchen, where he offered me something to drink. I declined, and while he poured himself some juice I took the opportunity to check him out.

He's tall, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His online profile says he's bi and has just turned 30, though after meeting him in person I think that he's shaved off a few years from his actual age. We made small talk while he sipped his drink, and I notice him looking me over.

Within five minutes of entering his house, he made his move by unbuttoning the top he was wearing and taking it off to reveal his smooth, muscular chest. Each pec sported a nipple the size of a pencil eraser, and I knew during the course of our encounter that I would get my mouth on those. He walked over to me and we shared our first tentative kiss. He quickly led me upstairs to his bedroom.

He quickly removed his jeans, standing in front of me in a tiny pair of briefs. I was still fully clothed at this point, but I rapidly joined him in his state of undress. He fondled his package and mine through our underwear as we kissed again, and I took the opportunity to run my hands over his muscular frame, traveling down his back to his muscular arse.

Those nipples looked too inviting to ignore, so I moved my head down and ran my tongue across one before taking it into my mouth and gently sucking on it. Soon we lost our underwear, and both of us stood there, hardening members in each others hands. His cock is a magnificent sight to behold. Long, thick and uncut. It felt nice and meaty as I slowly jerked him off.

"What do you want to do?" I whispered.

"Suck my cock" he commanded. I didn't need to be told twice.

I went down and licked the sizable head before taking him into my mouth. He was too big for me to take it all, but I gave it a damn good try. I alternated between licking and sucking the head, and sliding as much of his cock as I could down my throat, using my hands to play with his balls as I did so.

I stood up and I kissed him, and our tongues danced around each other. I sat on the bed, he got down between my legs and took my cock into his mouth. The blowjob was OK, not fantastic but the sucking sensation felt nice. Soon however his cock was stretching my mouth again, and I was able to get more of him down my throat. He moaned out loud when my throat closed around his shaft, and my lips curled into a smile around his cock.

I scooted up on the bed, and he got on top of me. My legs found themselves wrapping around his pelvis, his cock nestled in my arse crack while mine was trapped in between our torsos. As we kissed, he started to thrust his pelvis, the movement causing his torso to rub against my cock while his cock ran up and down my crack. Both sensations felt good, but my attention focused on what his cock was doing, especially when the head grazed the outside of my hole. Even if I was an experienced bottom, I reckon I'd have trouble accommodating that monster (but that hasn't stopped me fantasising about it though).

I decided to take control of the situation, so I maneuvered Xan so he was on his back, and I slid on top of him. I kissed him hard, then moved my mouth down to kiss his chin, his neck, down to his pecs and finally to his left nipple, which I licked and sucked.

I've mentioned before how much I like to run my tongue over a guy's torso, and with Xan I was in oral fixation heaven. I used my tongue to lick his nipples and his firm, muscular pecs. I traced the line of his left pec up towards his left armpit.

I tasted his sweat, a first for me, and I kinda liked it. I stopped myself from licking up any further into his pit, in case he was put off by it, so instead went back to alternating between kissing his lips and his torso.

I moved down, taking his cock once more in my mouth. More licking and sucking followed, and I moved my head down to lick his ballsack, and the sensitive area where upper thigh meets groin. I sucked one ball into my mouth, then the other. I wanted my tongue to continue its journey south, to move his legs up towards his chest, use my hands to push his meaty arse cheeks apart and feast on his hole, but we hadn't discussed rimming and I didn't want to do something he wasn't comfortable with.

I sucked him some more, and he reciprocated, though we didn't 69. He got up and stood at the side of the bed while I lay on my back, both of us jerking our cocks. He felt that he was ready to head towards climax, and asked me where I wanted him to cum, I said that it was up to him. He declared that he wanted to shoot on my hairy chest, and wanted to see me shoot my load too.

The sight of him wanking in front of me was too much, I needed to suck his cock one more time, so I leaned in and put the head into my mouth and began sucking. Xan stopped wanking himself and let me blow him.

As I sucked, I tasted a slightly bitter (though not unpleasant) liquid in my mouth, which I swallowed. I was a little surprised, as a little warning would have been nice, and pulled my head back. I saw a few drops of white watery liquid leave the head of his cock, and I asked if he had cum. He replied no, but I've tasted my own cum enough times (as well as others, on occasion) to know that he had cum a little in my mouth. Not that I minded.

He began to jerk himself off, and I did too, though with the taste of his cum still in my mouth I was practically ready to shoot. I held off until I felt the warm splatter of his cum on my chest, then I felt my balls churn and shoot their load over my chest and torso. I think some hit the bedspread I was lying on.

Xan left the room and returned holding a roll of toilet tissue, and handed me a wad of paper to clean myself up with, and he did the same. I'd have rather cleaned off his cock with my tongue, but it was not to be. We dressed and headed downstairs.

I thought he would have wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible, but we ended up back in the kitchen, where we chatted some more as I sipped on a glass of water. It turns out he knows someone I used to work with, and since I like to keep my work life and my sex life separate, it may complicate things for me in the long run.

It was soon time to leave, so with a quick kiss on the lips I was on my way. I decided to do a little shopping so walked to the bus stop and waited for a but to take me to the town centre. As I waited, a cute guy walked up to the bus stop and asked me for the time, and if I knew when the next bus would arrive. I assured him one would come in the next few minutes. He was in his mid 30's, very cute with sexy chocolate brown eyes, and yes even though I had just had sex within the last half hour, I could feel my dick begin to rise in the presence of this guy. He studied the timetable posted in the bus shelter, and then asked if the bus traveled to where he wanted to go, which it did. The bus came along a minute later.

While traveling on the bus I sent Xan a text saying I had a good time, and hoped we could get together again. He sent the standard "I'll text you sometime" reply, which didn't leave with any clue as to whether we'd hook up again. I would like to see him again, to feast on his body and cock once more, and maybe next time get to drink all of his cum.