Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Inbetweeners

Two sexual encounters, both what I call a "one time only". They took place in between the time I had the fight with Mr Silver, which broke us up, and the drunk text which led to me ending up back in his bed.

The first was while I was in another city attending a job interview. As the interview was scheduled for the morning, it left me the afternoon to play before I caught the train back to my home city.

It was almost lunchtime by the time the interview process was over. Afterwards, I walked through the city centre to the bar where C and I had arranged to meet. We had never seen each other face to face, only chatted on the phone and texted each other almost a year earlier. When I knew the interview was going to be held in his city, I sent a text to C, mainly to see if he remembered me. He didn't, but when I explained who I was, how he gave me his number and that I was going to be in his city soon, his interest perked up and he wanted to meet.

I walked into the bar and stood in the doorway waiting for my eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight outside to the dim interior of the bar. He was in his early 30's, blond hair flecked with strands of grey, blue eyes and a cute smile. We had a drink at the bar, then decided to go back to his place.

We kissed on his couch then moved over to his bedroom where we engaged in more kissing as I stripped out of my suit and he out of his clothes. We laid out on his bed where I immediately went for his cock. No bigger than five inches but perfect for sucking. His eyes went wide when I straddled his abdomen and rubbed his cock in between my ass cheeks. He must have thought it was a prelude to me sitting on his cock raw, and I must admit the thought did cross my mind. Instead I moved up to sit on his chest and fed him my cock. We ended up in the 69 position, he came as I jerked him off and then I shot my load over his chest. I showered, dressed and left his place just in time to catch my train home.

By the way, I jot the job I interviewed for.

The second took place in a hotel room in my home city. B worked as a chef in the hotel kitchen. Because the kitchen staff worked odd hours, they often slept in the unbooked rooms between shifts. B was between shifts and had a room, but he was in no mood to sleep.

He sent me a text saying he was horny, and as I had the day off, I went over to meet him. I texted him when I arrived outside the hotel, and he sent me his room number. Within a minute I was in his room and we were kissing. He was a few years younger than me, dark hair cropped close, black eyes and deep black skin covering his smooth body.

In mere moments we were both naked, his hands exploring my furry body as I ran my hands down his back towards the firm mounds of his buttocks. I pushed him onto the bed and fell on top of him. I was definitely in a dominant mood that day. I nipped at his nipples and teased his lips with my teeth while I ground my hard on into his. I moved down to his hardness and slipped it into my mouth, rolling his balls in my hand as I did so, his flesh was there for my pleasure.

I flipped onto my back. He tried to reciprocate the nipple play but I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to my throbbing cock. He took the hint and sucked my cock into his mouth. He jerked himself off as he sucked me. I moved my hands up to his head, pushing his head down further onto my cock. He gagged a little, I eased my grip and he kept on sucking. His jerking became faster and he shot his load onto the hotel sheets with my cock still down his throat.

I took up my, now standard, finishing position, straddling his abdomen and jerking my cock till I shot. The first volley struck the headboard and the rest sprayed over his chest. I got up, washed, dressed and left.

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