Friday, 13 February 2015

Sucked and Swallowed

April 2014

I'm sitting on a leather couch. My jeans and underwear are around my ankles, and there's a man on his knees between my legs. The CumSucker is in his early 50's, 6'2" tall and has a face that reminds me of Ron Perlman. His voice is deep and gravelly, and he's telling me how much he has looked forward to sucking my cock.

He takes me into his mouth and sucks me to hardness. The size, girth and the fact I have a foreskin meet with his approval. When he runs the tip of his tongue from my sack all the way up my shaft it sends waves of delight shivering through my body.

For the next half an hour I let him work on my cock. He suckles the head, working his tongue around the foreskin. At times I take control, fucking his face, my hands holding his head in position. Sometimes I jack my cock as he sucks, other times I work his nipples through his shirt. They are the size of large pencil erasers, and every time I twist and pull, I am rewarded with the CumSucker working my cock with more gusto.

He tells me he wants my cum. I take to jacking the base of my cock as he suckles the head. The sensations feel amazing and my balls start to rise. I let him know that I'm ready to cum and as he feels the first spurt leave my cock, his sucking intensifies.

I can cum a lot, and as this was my first ejaculation of the day, the volume was considerable. Ten spurts into his mouth and down his throat. As the wave of orgasm passes, I milk the last drops of cum from my cock and let him lick them off the tip.

A quick wash up in his bathroom and I'm out the door, the pleasant ache post orgasm emanating from my junk.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Reciprocal Rimming

September 2013

My summer with Mr Scruff was coming to an end. Once a fortnight or so we would meet up, kiss, lick and suck each other to orgasm, then spend time relaxing, naked in each others arms.

However the start of the academic year was approaching, and he would be back at work full time, putting paid to our weekday trysts.

The final time we met up happened to be a balmy September morning. I enjoyed the tree-lined walk to Mr Scruff's place, eagerly anticipating what was to come (or should that be cum). As always, I sent him a text to signal my arrival. He opened the side gate to let me in, and we exchanged pleasantries as we walked around to the rear entrance and up the stairs to his bedroom.

Soon, after kissing, getting naked and moving onto the bed, I found myself between Mr Scruff's legs, sucking on his sizable cock. My mouth engulfed his hardness. My tongue swirled around the head, savoring the taste of his precum. I took his balls into my mouth, knowing how much he enjoyed that during our time together.

He spread his legs apart, allowing me access to his hole. My tongue headed towards his pucker, and I spend an enjoyably long time rimming him. As my tongue probed his hole, I grew erect and I rubbed my cock against the mattress, wishing I was fucking him instead. Sadly, Mr Scruff was a top, so it was unlikely to happen.

With his hole wet with my saliva, I began to rub it with my fingers. Knowing how tight he was down there, I very gently inserted the tip of the little finger of my left hand into his puckered ring. I made slow in and out movements. With time more and more of my finger worked its way inside him, until it was all the way inside. I could feel the nub of his prostate in his anal canal. By now, Mr Scruff had his cock in his hand and was jacking off furiously. My mouth busied itself licking at his balls, and my finger had begun to move faster inside him, building up to a tempo that eventually had him shooting his load all over himself.

I, very slowly, pulled my finger out. As I washed up in the sink in the corner of the room I noticed an object on one of the lower shelves. A prostate massager. Curved black silicone, tapered at one end with a bullet vibrator on the other. I wondered if weeks of me rimming his hole had opened him up to exploring anal play. I wished he had shown it to me earlier, I would have love to have used it on him.

I knew Mr Scruff liked rimming too, but had never rimmed me before. I got back on the bed, on my back, and let him blow me. As the blow job progressed, I lifted my legs onto the air. My hairy hole exposed, ready for his tongue. He took the opportunity, and I enjoyed my ass being eaten.

He tried to get a finger inside me, but I had to stop him. While I enjoy a good licking, anything else probing my hole is a no no. He resumes rimming me, and I yield to the sensation once more. I'm hard and start jacking my meat as I get tongued. It all becomes too much, and I shoot my load.

I pull him up to me, and we share a kiss, tasting each other as we do so.

That was the last time we met. Both busy with work, our schedules never seemed to sync up. We still chatted online occasionally, and months later he asked if I would like to top him sometime, my reply to which was an enthusiastic yes. However the meeting never transpired, and we lost contact.

I still have fond memories of our time together. My summer of sex with Mr Scruff.