Monday, 13 December 2010

My First Restroom Encounter

I had my first sexual encounter in the stall of a mall bathroom earlier this afternoon.

The location of the bathroom on the store guide was misleading. It was pictured behind a row of shops down a long corridor. So I walked the corridor, passed the baby changing room and the disabled toilet around to the back of the shops. All I found there was a brick wall, and the elevator further down the way.

I made my way back along the corridor. Walking past the disabled toilet again I noticed a stairway heading down. I headed down the stairs, rounded a corner and found myself in the gents bathroom. A wall of urinals to the right, and four stalls to the left. The stall on the very right was missing its door and was unoccupied. The other three had their doors and were all locked. More importantly there was a guy hanging around the urinals cruising.

I could see him from the corner of my eye, every now and then moving from urinal to urinal pretending to pee, and occasionally looking over his shoulder at me. I faced a dilemma. I guessed he was there to cruise, as I was, but I had never initiated a sexual encounter in a bathroom before. In hindsight I could have walked over to one of the urinals next to him and pretended to pee, stroking my cock for him, but I didn't.

I made out like I was waiting to use one of the stalls. I fidgeted, checked my watch every twenty seconds or so, pretended to check messages on my phone, until someone vacated the far left stall. In that time five or six men had come into the bathroom to use the facilities and leave, but The Cruiser was still there. My cock began to swell in anticipation as I waited, knowing that I was being watched.

I slipped into the stall and left the door unlocked as I removed my bag, coat and scarf, hanging them on the little hook. I undid my belt and pulled my jeans and long johns down my legs, my cock rising as it was freed from the layers of material.

I could hear more people coming down the stairs to use the bathroom, so with reluctance I had to lock the door, lest someone walk in on me in my current state. I stood there listening to the sounds coming from the other side of the cubicle. Men came and went while I slowly played with myself.

When I thought the coast was clear I stuffed my erection back into my pants, put my scarf and coat back on, and put my rucksack on one shoulder. I opened the cubicle door and emerged. I gave a furtive look over to the urinals, but The Cruiser was no longer there. I moved to the opposite wall where the sinks were and washed my hands. In the mirror I could see that The Cruiser had moved to the stall without the door and was again pretending to pee. Again he turned his head in my direction.

I went to dry my hands with the hot air dryer, and made my mind up to make my move. When my hands were dry I'd walk over and indicate that I wanted him to follow me into the stall I had just vacated, but that did not happen. A guy came down the stairs and went into my chosen stall. So much for that plan.

Another guy came in to use the urinals. My hands were dry, and I didn't have a legitimate excuse to hang around, so I walked back up the stairs and along the corridor to the shopping mall. I went to the nearby department store and did five minutes of window shopping. My route back took me past the corridor and I noticed that both the guys who had entered the bathroom while I was washing my hands were exiting the corridor into the mall. I took a chance and walked back down the corridor and down those stairs.

Rounding the corner, I couldn't see anyone by the urinals and the stall with the missing door was empty. I figured The Cruiser had given up and left too. The two middle stalls were still occupied, so I headed to the stall on the extreme left, the one I had used earlier. I pushed open the door to find The Cruiser in there.

"Sorry mate", I mumbled. I had to keep up the pretence that I had walked in on him accidentally. I could always say I thought I had lost something from my pockets and was retracing my steps if things turned ugly, my walking in on him could be viewed as a honest mistake.

Instead he indicated that he wanted me to join him with a nod, and a moment later I was inside the stall, my heart thundering in my chest. I locked the door and put my rucksack on the coat hook and turned to face him. The Cruiser was in his early 40's, slightly taller than me, dark brown hair and a neatly clipped goatee framing his mouth.

He reached over and massaged my growing cock through my jeans. His trousers were around his ankles, but he still had his boxers on. I feel his cock through the material, its a nice size, though not as thick as mine. His hands move to the zipper of my coat, and my fingers are there a moment later pulling the zipper down for him.

His hands move to my belt, but I again take control, undoing the belt and then the button and zipper of my jeans. I push my jeans and long johns down slightly and he lowers his own boxers down before his hand is on my cock. He jerks me off a little then pushes my jeans and underwear down my legs, running his fingers down my hairy legs as he does so. I get the impression he is impressed with the amount of fur that covers my lower limbs. He took my cock into his mouth and looked up to gage my reaction. I was more than happy. I played with his cock as he sucked me.

He stood up again and whispered that he wants my cock up his ass. I whisper back that I don't have any condoms. He said he did and fished one out of his pocket. I nodded and he opened the wrapper and rolled it onto my cock. He turned around and bent over. I rubbed my cock in his crack. He stood up straight again and I see he had an open bottle of poppers in his hand. I took two deep sniffs, and for a moment I feel a rush, but it dissipates quickly. He takes a couple of hits and bends over again.

I push my cock in. The combination of poppers and lube on the condom helps my cock slide in slowly till I fill him with my length. I pause for a moment and start fucking him. My belt buckle jangles with the motion, and I adjust the position of my leg slightly to stop the sound. There's still a guy in the stall next to us, we could hear him move about. I wonder if he knew what we were up to, our whispers left little to the imagination. I had my hands on The Cruiser's surprisingly toned shoulders as I fucked him.

Every once and a while men came to use the bathroom. I would slow my fucking till I was sure they had gone, then increased the tempo. The Cruiser reached around to grab onto my butt, trying to push more of me inside him.

I heard someone else came into the bathroom. The Cruiser stood upright with my cock still up his ass. I reached around and played with his cock. I tried to keep up the tempo but the angle was a little awkward and my cock slipped out. The condom, however, remained in his ass and he reached around to receive it, inspecting it to see if I had cum before disposing of it in the bowl.

I had my hand on my cock and jerked myself slowly. The Cruiser turned to face me, one hand on his cock, the other palm out just in front of my cock. I understand what he wants and jerk off faster until I shoot thick ropes of cum into his waiting palm. He lifted his palm to his mouth and licked up my cum.

We cleaned up using tissue. We dressed, I stuffed my spent cock into my underwear and felt a trail of cum leave my softening cock and absorb into my long johns. I zipped up my jeans and my coat before retrieving my rucksack from the hook. I wait a moment to listen if the coast is clear before unlocking and opening the door. I stepped out first and glanced quickly to the urinals. There was no one there.

I had washed my hands and dried them again before The Cruiser came out of the stall. I whisper my thanks as he head to another vacated stall. I guess he was looking for more cock.

I headed up the stairs and out of the mall. I could feel the cool patch my cum had made on my underwear as I finished my shopping and headed home.

It was an interesting experience, one I have wanted for a while now. The furtive nature, the sense of urgency and that element of danger all combine to make a heady cocktail. One I fear I may be powerless to resist.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

HH- What a hot story. In fact, so hot and realistic that we're digging through our archive for a story we wrote a while back on a too similar experience. Happy holidays.

HH said...

I'm still kind of amazed that I did it. It was more the thrill of cruising that turned me on rather than the guy I met, if that makes any sense.

Happy holidays T3NL!

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

HH- Thanks man. Same to you. And I soooooo understand and know that rush of a feeling. I got a similar thing with that (first in a public park) escapade I pulled this summer in Meridian Hill.

Slight freaky!