Monday, 26 April 2010

Encounter With A Shy Bi Guy

January 2007. A month had gone by since I had hooked up with The Swimmer, and though we went on a few dates in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we didn't have sex again.

I had the day off work, and a few errands to run, but I decided to surf the net while I had breakfast. Of course I ended up on a hook up site, just to see who was online. I get an IM from one guy, and we start chatting. It starts of light and casual but he soon steers the conversation to a more sexual tone. He asks me what I'm into and gets me to describe exactly what I would do to him. I let him know that I'm into kissing, wanking, sucking, rimming and fucking, and quickly rattle off a scenario involving various parts on my anatomy coming into intimate contact with various parts of his.

He likes what he reads, and offers up a few suggestions of his own. He wants to meet up. Since I'm free, and by now kinda horny, I agree.

Half an hour later I'm waiting at the designated meeting place, just outside of the parking area of a local park. I text him when I arrive, and he replies, letting me know he's sitting in one of the cars in the lot. I walk over to his car, open the passenger door and slide onto the seat.

He's in his mid 30's, slightly older than the pic he sent, but recognisable as the guy I was chatting to online. He seemed a little nervous, but I put it down to it being our first meeting, plus I think me getting straight into his car threw him a little.

As we chatted I noticed that his nervousness hadn't eased. It's easy to be sexually confident when you're sitting in front of your computer screen, but all his confidence had evaporated when we met face to face. He was unsure as how to proceed. I said we could start by driving back to his place.

The drive took less than 5 minutes. Shy Guy asked if I was serious about doing all those things I described in our online conversation. I replied that I could, if he wanted me to or we could go as far as he wanted. We entered his house and he led me directly upstairs to the master bedroom.

He left me alone in the room for a few minutes, which gave me time to strip down to my underwear. He returned, we sat on the edge of the bed and his nervousness returned. I knew he was bi and I guess he hadn't had much experience with guys, if any. He acted as though he couldn't believe that there was a semi naked man on his bed.

I had to take control or we would have spent most of our time sitting on the bed in awkward silence. I suggested he remove his clothes, so he slowly removed his clothes. I slid up the bed and lay down, indicating he should do the same. When he did, I ran one hand up and down his lightly hairy torso, then leaned in to kiss his mouth. He didn't kiss back.

Odd, I thought, and I tried to kiss him again. There was no response from him, either positive or negative. Okay, I thought, he's not into kissing. I was disappointed since I love to kiss. It revs my sexual engine and gets me in the mood.

Instead I kissed down his neck onto his chest. I lapped at one of his nipples, which would get most guys to groan in pleasure, but again he remained silent and stock still, his arms fixed firmly by his side. I now wonder whether he had ever had his nipples sucked before, maybe the sensation was too overwhelming for him to react.

The only indication I received on his state of arousal was the hard bulge in his underwear.

I moved down to suck him off. Surely my oral talents would ignite some passion in this guy. I peeled down his shorts and took his cock into my mouth. It was of average size, and it fit into my mouth easily. I licked the shaft down to his balls, and gave them a tongue bath for good measure.

Sucking him off did get him in the mood, however the sex was unremarkable. He ended up face fucking me, which he enjoyed, and there was no danger of him triggering my gag reflex. I knew by then that I everything I described in our internet conversation would remain a fantasy. I wouldn't get to rim him, let alone fuck him, and I knew that he had no intention of reciprocating the blowjob. I jerked him off, and he came a minute later.

In his post-orgasmic haze, he tried to kiss me, but by that time I was bored with the whole thing, and a little pissed off, so I turned my face away. I got off the bed, washed up in the en suite, and dressed quickly. He offered to drop me off at the meeting point, but I declined, saying I could find my way back. I just wanted to get out of there.

I was disappointed, with the situation, but mostly with myself. I let myself get swept up in the fantasy, and it had lead to a disappointing sexual encounter. I became disillusioned with random hook ups, and stopped cruising online. It was nine months before I had sex with a guy again. Shy Guy did contact me again, a few days later, but I declined a second meeting.

On a side note, Two years later, I was online and he contacted me again. It turns out he was living with a woman at the time we hooked up, and the encounter had crystallised something within him. He had admitted he was gay had moved to a different part of the city and started seeing men. It was nice to know the encounter had been useful to someone.

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