Sunday, 26 July 2009

Three's Company

Back to documenting my past sexual exploits. After my final roll in the sack with Mr Silver, it was approximately 6 months before I slept with anyone again. And what better way to make up for lost time than by having a threesome, right?

It was January 2006, the New Year celebrations were fading into a distant memory, and I felt like I had to get back out there. Being a creature of habit, I returned to my old cruising ground: the gay chatline.

There was a profile that I recognised right away. He was using the same profile message. I felt a thrill of excitement as I heard his voice and I knew I had to send him a reply. I sent him a casual "hi, how's things" message. He was surprised to hear from me, given the abrupt end to our previous relationship, but we sent messages back and forth that night and both agreed that it would good to see each other again. That's how Guy #1 came back in my life.

He was still with his female partner, so he couldn't host. Neither could I. Instead he came up with the idea of going over to a friends place one evening where the three of us could have a little fun together. I was feeling adventurous, and I wanted to see Guy #1 again, so I agreed.

We planned to meet at the same train station as our first meeting, and then he would drive us to his friends home. It was late evening, and there was a chill in the air. I waited till he drove up to the car park, and then slipped into the passenger seat of his car. Off we drove, chatting away. I was nervous, but being with Guy #1 put me at ease.

We arrived at his friends building and he buzzed us in. We walked up to his apartment, Guy #1 knocked on the door and we waited. O opened the door and invited us inside. We said hello and O led us straight to his bedroom, Guy #1 and O chatting as we went. We stood around for a minute, then it was decided that we should get started.

Guy #1 kissed me deeply, and I reciprocated while O watched. When we broke the kiss we looked over at O. I walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips, kissing him as deeply as I had kissed Guy #1 moments earlier. From the other side of the room I heard Guy #1 utter "Christ!" under his breath. The last time Guy #1 and I had met I was shy and nervous, so my bold manoeuvre took him by surprise. He was clearly turned on at what was happening in front of him, and we motioned for him to join us. Guy #1 and O kissed, then we all got naked.

I found myself on my knees, sucking one cock than the other, moving back and fourth between the two men in front of me. O is cut, in contrast to both Guy #1 and myself who both have our foreskin intact. This was the first time I sucked on a cut dick. O was wearing a cockring, and it made his cock huge. I struggled to take him as deeply into my mouth as I would have liked.

Guy #1's cock was just as beautiful as I remembered. I relished him in my mouth. This was the first cock I ever sucked, and one I was happy to familiarise myself with again. I fulfilled a little fantasy that night, to have two cocks in my mouth at the same time. My lips stretched around the two large members in my mouth, my tongue dancing between the two, licking at each head. Each of us took turns on our knees while the two standing would busy themselves making out and exploring each others bodies.

We ended up in many different positions that night, sucking and being sucked, forming a daisy chain, having two mouths sucking on our cocks at the same time. I enjoyed sucking their balls into my mouth and giving them a good spit soak. Later, Guy #1 and I made out on the bed while O rimmed him. I turned around under Guy #1 so I could suck his cock, and he sucked mine, mirroring the 69 we had the first time we slept together. This was while he was being rimmed by O. We were all hot and sweaty and horny for each other.

I was in heaven when both men decided to hold me down to lick and suck my very sensitive nipples. It was the most amazing feeling, to have two mouths on you at the same time. We all lay back on the bed and jerked off to completion, then we cleaned up and dressed and it was time to leave. I kissed O lightly as I left and thanked him for having me over that evening. As Guy #1 dropped me off we talked about what had transpired that evening, and we both expressed a desire to do that again.

On returning home I sent a text to Guy #1 to tell him how much fun I had, and that I was glad that we decided to meet up again. I didn't have a mobile number for O, so I asked Guy #1 to relay to O how much I enjoyed being with the both of them, and that I would be willing to do it again sometime, and one month later we all met up again.

Over the next few months I had regular threesomes with Guy #1 and O. We usually met in the evenings, although we did have the occasional afternoon meet when we all had the day off together. Over that time O and I began to grow closer and developed a friendship that still lasts to this day. The three of us enjoyed our three-way relationship, and even invited a few more people into the bed.

Friday, 24 July 2009

No Longer Hairy, But Still Horny!

Yesterday I did something that I haven't done in a year. I manscaped. I cropped my body hair. I don't know why I did it. I had the electric shaver in my hand to tidy up my pubic region, and it went from there.

After grooming my front garden, I took care of my pits. I don't use a razor, my skin is too sensitive and razorburn can be a bitch, not to mention ingrowing hairs. Instead I put the smallest comb on the shaver so that when the hair is cut it leaves a little behind.

Looking in the mirror, I thought that the hair on my abdomen could do with a trim, then the hair on my chest. By now I noticed the discrepancy between my shaved top half and my still hairy bottom half, so I had to clip the hair from my legs and my butt, and finally the hair creeping up the small of my back. As you can tell I'm quite the furry monster.

It took the best part of two hours to do this, twisting my body into awkward positions to get the last patches of hair. I finished by trimming the hair between my crack with scissors. Then it was straight into the shower to wash off the bits of hair stuck to my skin, and to shave my sack.

So here I am, practically hairless from the neck down, just a patch of trimmed hair above my cock. It feels a little strange to be hair free. The feeling of my clothes rubbing across my exposed skin is a little distracting, especially across my very sensitive nipples.

Total manscaping is not something I do often, but it's nice to mix it up every once in a while.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Mirror, Mirror

On Wednesday morning my cellphone buzzed as it received a text message from the Mirror Man. He had the day free and wanted me to know he was horny. We had been trying to arrange a meet for a few weeks, but our schedules never matched up.

I was at work at the time, but I only had to work until 12pm, so I let him know that I could meet. He lives in the centre of the city, a few minutes walk from my workplace, so by 12.05 I was waiting outside his building. He let me in and I followed him through the maze of corridors up to his apartment, my cock beginning to swell in anticipation. He had been hitting the gym since our last encounter, a fact he proudly hinted at while we chatted about how long it had been since we met. He was muscular, but not overdeveloped, which to me is perfect.

The Mirror Man and I have met a few times before, but it had been 18 months since we last had sex. As I'm going through my past sexual encounters chronologically, there will be a few stories to go before I recount my first meeting with him.

We entered his place and stripped off down to our boxers. I'm sure he put on a little show for me as he removed his clothes slowly and stretched out on his bed. I joined him and we made out. Our tongues danced around each other as we kissed hard. I sucked on his tongue while rubbing my crotch against his. I know that guys who are into the gym like having their bodies worshiped, a reward for all those hours pumping iron, so I massaged his pecs and played with his nipples. I had forgotten just how sensitive this area of his body is, so I took great delight in teasing each nub with my fingers, running my tongue over them and sucking them into my mouth.

I ended up sitting on his chest, rubbing his nipples between my fingers while I would tease him by leaning in for a kiss, but holding my head just out of reach. He would force my head down to his and we would kiss with intensity. The bulge in the front of my boxers was evident, and he wanted a peak inside.

He slipped his hands down the waistband and pulled the shorts down, and my cock sprang forth. He rubbed the shaft in his hand for a while before I got up and slid the underwear down my legs and took them off, not an easy task when standing on a wobbly mattress. I returned to my previous position, holding my erect cock just out of reach of his waiting mouth and slowly jerking off. He had to lean his head to take me into his mouth. I let out a low moan when he did, the warm wetness of his mouth felt good, and it had been a long time since I had been sucked. I wanted to push my entire length down his throat, but he held my cock in place with one hand as he sucked.

Eventually we had him out of his underwear and lying on his stomach. I was between his legs, massaging the twin fleshy mounds of his ass. I pushed them apart to reveal his puckered hole. It looked too tempting a treat not to, so I dove in, tongue first. He let out a deep moan, my move totally unexpected. He squirmed a little as I feasted on his hole, licking and sucking and probing the puckered orifice with the tip of my tongue. He shifted around so we were in the 69 position and took my cock into his mouth. I licked down, past his perineum, to his balls and sucked one, and then the other, into my mouth.

Later he was on his stomach again with my index finger up his ass. I used the fleshy part of my hand to massage his perineum, and his moans told me he was having a good time. He turned over and played with himself as I straddled his chest again and he sucked my cock once more. He used the stubble on his chin to scratch at the sensitive underside of my cockhead. In our texts to each other he expressed the desire for me to cum on his face. I asked if he wanted me to cum, but he wanted to be fucked instead so he got off the bed and handed me a condom to put on while he lubed up his hole.

When he straddled my crotch he asked me to go easy on him as he hadn't been fucked in ages. I held the base of my cock as he guided it to his hole and the head popped in easily enough. He slid down my shaft slowly and paused when he bottomed out. I could feel the heat of his insides on my cock, even through the condom. I leaned back onto the mattress, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of him riding my cock. Before long he was bouncing up and down, making his rickety bed creak with each movement.

He wanted me to fuck him on his gym equipment, so we positioned ourselves doggie style on his bench press and went at it again, both of us holding onto the metal bar for leverage. Then it was back to fucking on the bed, him on his back with his legs in the air, then back to the bench press but this time me on my back and him riding my cock again. However this last position wasn't very comfortable so we moved to the floor of his bedroom in front of the large floor to ceiling mirror. Every time we had sex, we would end up fucking on the floor in front of his mirror, hence the name I've given him on this blog.

He rode my cock again, fucking with intensity, but on one upstroke my cock escaped his hole. His bodyweight slammed down, my cock missed his hole and I winced in pain. I've heard of guys fracturing their cocks during sex, the delicate blood vessels rupturing from coital misalignment, and I was afraid that it could have happened to me. We both got up and I massaged some life back into my cock. There was no crippling pain so I knew there was no damage. We resumed fucking, him on his stomach with me lying on his back. I used the wooden frame of his bed as leverage and fucked him as hard as I could, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ears as I did so.

He said he couldn't take anymore pounding, and wanted to cum, so after pulling off the condom and putting it onto a tissue, I got him on his back, jerking himself off while my cock was pushed between his lips. While he sucked, I lightly played with his nipples, until he shot ropes of cum on himself. Finishing with a few more playful flicks on his nipples, I got up and went into his bathroom to shower and dress. I fixed my hair while he showered, we said our goodbyes and I left, retracing my steps through the maze of corridors of his building to the front door.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Inbetweeners

Two sexual encounters, both what I call a "one time only". They took place in between the time I had the fight with Mr Silver, which broke us up, and the drunk text which led to me ending up back in his bed.

The first was while I was in another city attending a job interview. As the interview was scheduled for the morning, it left me the afternoon to play before I caught the train back to my home city.

It was almost lunchtime by the time the interview process was over. Afterwards, I walked through the city centre to the bar where C and I had arranged to meet. We had never seen each other face to face, only chatted on the phone and texted each other almost a year earlier. When I knew the interview was going to be held in his city, I sent a text to C, mainly to see if he remembered me. He didn't, but when I explained who I was, how he gave me his number and that I was going to be in his city soon, his interest perked up and he wanted to meet.

I walked into the bar and stood in the doorway waiting for my eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight outside to the dim interior of the bar. He was in his early 30's, blond hair flecked with strands of grey, blue eyes and a cute smile. We had a drink at the bar, then decided to go back to his place.

We kissed on his couch then moved over to his bedroom where we engaged in more kissing as I stripped out of my suit and he out of his clothes. We laid out on his bed where I immediately went for his cock. No bigger than five inches but perfect for sucking. His eyes went wide when I straddled his abdomen and rubbed his cock in between my ass cheeks. He must have thought it was a prelude to me sitting on his cock raw, and I must admit the thought did cross my mind. Instead I moved up to sit on his chest and fed him my cock. We ended up in the 69 position, he came as I jerked him off and then I shot my load over his chest. I showered, dressed and left his place just in time to catch my train home.

By the way, I jot the job I interviewed for.

The second took place in a hotel room in my home city. B worked as a chef in the hotel kitchen. Because the kitchen staff worked odd hours, they often slept in the unbooked rooms between shifts. B was between shifts and had a room, but he was in no mood to sleep.

He sent me a text saying he was horny, and as I had the day off, I went over to meet him. I texted him when I arrived outside the hotel, and he sent me his room number. Within a minute I was in his room and we were kissing. He was a few years younger than me, dark hair cropped close, black eyes and deep black skin covering his smooth body.

In mere moments we were both naked, his hands exploring my furry body as I ran my hands down his back towards the firm mounds of his buttocks. I pushed him onto the bed and fell on top of him. I was definitely in a dominant mood that day. I nipped at his nipples and teased his lips with my teeth while I ground my hard on into his. I moved down to his hardness and slipped it into my mouth, rolling his balls in my hand as I did so, his flesh was there for my pleasure.

I flipped onto my back. He tried to reciprocate the nipple play but I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to my throbbing cock. He took the hint and sucked my cock into his mouth. He jerked himself off as he sucked me. I moved my hands up to his head, pushing his head down further onto my cock. He gagged a little, I eased my grip and he kept on sucking. His jerking became faster and he shot his load onto the hotel sheets with my cock still down his throat.

I took up my, now standard, finishing position, straddling his abdomen and jerking my cock till I shot. The first volley struck the headboard and the rest sprayed over his chest. I got up, washed, dressed and left.