Friday, 29 January 2010

Quite A Mouthful

After what seems like ages, I finally got to hook up with Xan yesterday. We had participated in the usual dance of chatting online and sending texts back and forth trying to arrange a time to meet. We almost hooked up earlier this month, but the bad weather put paid to our plans.

I headed over to Xan's place after receiving a text from him saying he was free to meet. I rang the doorbell and waited. Xan answered and immediately I was struck by how handsome he is. I entered the house and followed him into the kitchen, where he offered me something to drink. I declined, and while he poured himself some juice I took the opportunity to check him out.

He's tall, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His online profile says he's bi and has just turned 30, though after meeting him in person I think that he's shaved off a few years from his actual age. We made small talk while he sipped his drink, and I notice him looking me over.

Within five minutes of entering his house, he made his move by unbuttoning the top he was wearing and taking it off to reveal his smooth, muscular chest. Each pec sported a nipple the size of a pencil eraser, and I knew during the course of our encounter that I would get my mouth on those. He walked over to me and we shared our first tentative kiss. He quickly led me upstairs to his bedroom.

He quickly removed his jeans, standing in front of me in a tiny pair of briefs. I was still fully clothed at this point, but I rapidly joined him in his state of undress. He fondled his package and mine through our underwear as we kissed again, and I took the opportunity to run my hands over his muscular frame, traveling down his back to his muscular arse.

Those nipples looked too inviting to ignore, so I moved my head down and ran my tongue across one before taking it into my mouth and gently sucking on it. Soon we lost our underwear, and both of us stood there, hardening members in each others hands. His cock is a magnificent sight to behold. Long, thick and uncut. It felt nice and meaty as I slowly jerked him off.

"What do you want to do?" I whispered.

"Suck my cock" he commanded. I didn't need to be told twice.

I went down and licked the sizable head before taking him into my mouth. He was too big for me to take it all, but I gave it a damn good try. I alternated between licking and sucking the head, and sliding as much of his cock as I could down my throat, using my hands to play with his balls as I did so.

I stood up and I kissed him, and our tongues danced around each other. I sat on the bed, he got down between my legs and took my cock into his mouth. The blowjob was OK, not fantastic but the sucking sensation felt nice. Soon however his cock was stretching my mouth again, and I was able to get more of him down my throat. He moaned out loud when my throat closed around his shaft, and my lips curled into a smile around his cock.

I scooted up on the bed, and he got on top of me. My legs found themselves wrapping around his pelvis, his cock nestled in my arse crack while mine was trapped in between our torsos. As we kissed, he started to thrust his pelvis, the movement causing his torso to rub against my cock while his cock ran up and down my crack. Both sensations felt good, but my attention focused on what his cock was doing, especially when the head grazed the outside of my hole. Even if I was an experienced bottom, I reckon I'd have trouble accommodating that monster (but that hasn't stopped me fantasising about it though).

I decided to take control of the situation, so I maneuvered Xan so he was on his back, and I slid on top of him. I kissed him hard, then moved my mouth down to kiss his chin, his neck, down to his pecs and finally to his left nipple, which I licked and sucked.

I've mentioned before how much I like to run my tongue over a guy's torso, and with Xan I was in oral fixation heaven. I used my tongue to lick his nipples and his firm, muscular pecs. I traced the line of his left pec up towards his left armpit.

I tasted his sweat, a first for me, and I kinda liked it. I stopped myself from licking up any further into his pit, in case he was put off by it, so instead went back to alternating between kissing his lips and his torso.

I moved down, taking his cock once more in my mouth. More licking and sucking followed, and I moved my head down to lick his ballsack, and the sensitive area where upper thigh meets groin. I sucked one ball into my mouth, then the other. I wanted my tongue to continue its journey south, to move his legs up towards his chest, use my hands to push his meaty arse cheeks apart and feast on his hole, but we hadn't discussed rimming and I didn't want to do something he wasn't comfortable with.

I sucked him some more, and he reciprocated, though we didn't 69. He got up and stood at the side of the bed while I lay on my back, both of us jerking our cocks. He felt that he was ready to head towards climax, and asked me where I wanted him to cum, I said that it was up to him. He declared that he wanted to shoot on my hairy chest, and wanted to see me shoot my load too.

The sight of him wanking in front of me was too much, I needed to suck his cock one more time, so I leaned in and put the head into my mouth and began sucking. Xan stopped wanking himself and let me blow him.

As I sucked, I tasted a slightly bitter (though not unpleasant) liquid in my mouth, which I swallowed. I was a little surprised, as a little warning would have been nice, and pulled my head back. I saw a few drops of white watery liquid leave the head of his cock, and I asked if he had cum. He replied no, but I've tasted my own cum enough times (as well as others, on occasion) to know that he had cum a little in my mouth. Not that I minded.

He began to jerk himself off, and I did too, though with the taste of his cum still in my mouth I was practically ready to shoot. I held off until I felt the warm splatter of his cum on my chest, then I felt my balls churn and shoot their load over my chest and torso. I think some hit the bedspread I was lying on.

Xan left the room and returned holding a roll of toilet tissue, and handed me a wad of paper to clean myself up with, and he did the same. I'd have rather cleaned off his cock with my tongue, but it was not to be. We dressed and headed downstairs.

I thought he would have wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible, but we ended up back in the kitchen, where we chatted some more as I sipped on a glass of water. It turns out he knows someone I used to work with, and since I like to keep my work life and my sex life separate, it may complicate things for me in the long run.

It was soon time to leave, so with a quick kiss on the lips I was on my way. I decided to do a little shopping so walked to the bus stop and waited for a but to take me to the town centre. As I waited, a cute guy walked up to the bus stop and asked me for the time, and if I knew when the next bus would arrive. I assured him one would come in the next few minutes. He was in his mid 30's, very cute with sexy chocolate brown eyes, and yes even though I had just had sex within the last half hour, I could feel my dick begin to rise in the presence of this guy. He studied the timetable posted in the bus shelter, and then asked if the bus traveled to where he wanted to go, which it did. The bus came along a minute later.

While traveling on the bus I sent Xan a text saying I had a good time, and hoped we could get together again. He sent the standard "I'll text you sometime" reply, which didn't leave with any clue as to whether we'd hook up again. I would like to see him again, to feast on his body and cock once more, and maybe next time get to drink all of his cum.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Babes, I have one rule with my fbs (at least new ones)... we don't talk shop. I release little person info on my self, and I ask little of theirs. God forbid that we have friends/colleagues in common. Just helps in keeping my personal life separate from my "Sexual alterego".

Loved >>"Suck my cock" he commanded. I didn't need to be told twice.


HH said...

I try to do the same too. Most of my fbs only know me by my nickname (only O and Guy #1 know my real name), and I give out very little info on myself.