Saturday, 11 December 2010

Agony Uncle

Earlier I was messaged by a young gay man on one of the hookup sites I frequent. I had the site on in the background while I was surfing the web. The conversation was interesting (and at times a little frustrating).

It started with him wanting to know if I did white guys. I replied that it didn't matter on the colour of his skin as long as we were sexually compatible, and yes my sexual history does read like a Benetton advert.

He then wanted to know if I ever had a virgin. I don't think I have, all the guys I've been with have had some sort of sexual experience. I told him a bit about MG, how he had wanted to be rimmed and fingered so he could learn about anal play. I emphasised that we took things slow.

He wanted to know if I was dominant. I said I could be, but if he was expecting a big beefy daddy, that isn't me. I'm on the skinny side, toned but slim. But could I be forceful on penetration, he wanted to know. I could be, but I prefer to push it in slowly, inch by inch, till I'm all in.

He explained that he tried having sex before, but penetration didn't happen because it hurt too much. He tried the doggie position but lurched forward when he was about to be entered. I decided to give him some advice based on my own experiences.

I told him that he needed to take things slow and at his own pace, that he should learn to take a few fingers inside him (maybe use a small buttplug) with plenty of lube, and get used to the sensations coming from his ass before he thinks of taking a cock. Most importantly I told him he needed to learn to relax and trust the person he was going to get fucked by. I don't think it was the advice he wanted to hear.

He wanted to be raped. He wanted to be bound and gagged and forced to take cock. Now I have fucked a guy who was bound (see The Unpaid Whore) but he had previous experience. I suspected that the guy I was chatting to only wanted to be tied up so he couldn't get away when it came time to be penetrated.

I told him that if he was not mentally and physically prepared, getting fucked aggressively would hurt, and may cause him internal damage. Again, I suspect it wasn't what he wanted to hear. He logged off soon after.

I hope he finds what he is looking for. I don't want a bad encounter to put him off exploring his sexuality. Fantasies are all very well, but the reality of a situation can be too much to handle if you are not prepared for it.

I guess he has to figure out what he wants for himself, like I did.

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