Thursday, 18 June 2009

Oral Fixation

Freud first suggested the idea of oral fixation as part of his four stages of psychosexual development. The mouth is one of our earliest pleasure centers and as infants its how we explore the world, so the stage of development where infants put things into their mouths is known as the oral stage. The theory goes that people can become "stuck" in this stage of mental development, and it manifests itself in adults as an obsession with stimulating the mouth.

In many ways my mouth is as important a sexual organ as my penis. I love to kiss, it revs up my libido and gets me in the mood for sex. Guys who don't kiss are a real turn off, and I've enjoyed sex less with guys who refuse to kiss. I love to lick, and nibble, and suck and playfully bite all over. Earlobes, necks, chests, torsos, crotches and legs. All are fair game.

Then there are the main erogenous zones. Nipples, cocks, balls and asses. Each one a feast, to be lingered over and savoured. I like to flick my tongue over the nipple, getting that little nub hard before gently biting, followed by a few soothing licks. Balls are there to be given a tongue bath, sucking one, or maybe both, into the mouth. The ass, fleshy and soft, perfect to gently bite before diving into the crack, probing with the tongue until that sweet spot is found. The taste of male flesh a delight.

Then there is the cock, my first love. Hard flesh surrounded by soft skin. My tongue skittering across its length, tracing the veins with the tip, lapping at the precum oozing from the slit before taking the head into my mouth and sucking. The taste of cock and precum flooding my tastebuds. Then taking the entire length inside, filling my mouth, where it belongs.

So yes, maybe I am orally fixated, but I know how to satisfy my cravings.

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