Monday, 21 December 2009

The Swimmer's Swimmers

The Swimmer and I had been chatting online for a while before we hooked up. It was December '06, I had the day off and he worked from home.

He lived close to me, about 10 minutes away from where I lived, so his place was easy to get to. We arranged to meet in the morning after his flatmate left for work. Even though it was December, it was still relatively mild, so the short walk to his place wasn't unpleasant. I climbed one flight of stairs up to his apartment, knocked on the door and waited.

The Swimmer opened the door. He had close cropped hair, and wore trendy oblong glasses. Being six foot two, he towered over me. I recognised him from the photo he sent to me and liked what I saw in the flesh, so I beamed him a smile. He invited me in and, after I removed my coat, we sat down on his couch.

We chatted for over an hour. In my previous sexual encounters, chatting was something that was dispensed with quickly, so we could get down to more physical activities. I was a little confused as to why he hadn't made any move towards me. Had he changed his mind, and was just being polite, spending some time with me before coming up with an excuse to get me to leave? Did he know that I was there to get into his pants? Our online conversations bordered on the sexual, but were never explicit, so he may of thought we were just hanging out.

Not that the chat wasn't interesting. We talked about the work we did, and about health and fitness. He was a swimmer, and went swimming every day. I lifted weights, not to bulk up, but to tone and add definition to my slender frame. While we chatted he finished up some work on his computer. Finally, he closed the laptop, and then the fun began.

He shifted closer, and began to stroke the hair on my forearm. At last, the signal I had been waiting for. We looked at each other, and both leaned in to start kissing. I moved over to sit on his lap, facing him, and we kissed some more.

His hands ran up and down my back, as mine rested on his pecs. I could feel the solid muscles under his shirt, and i moved my hands across them until I found his nipples hidden from me under the layer of cotton.

I pulled off my top, hoping he liked the body underneath. He moved one hand from my back, and stroked the hair on my chest, running his fingers over the muscles I had worked so hard for. I unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his hairy chest, and my mouth went straight for his nipples.

We moved to his bedroom, quickly shed out clothes and ended up naked on his bed. We explored each other as we kissed. He had a lean, muscled body, the kind you get from being a serious swimmer. He didn't like to wear deodorant, and I could smell him. Not an unpleasant b.o, but a sexy man musk which drove me wild. Our hard cocks rubbed up against each other. I needed his cock in my mouth, so went down on his at the first opportunity.

He had a magnificent cock, long, thick and a joy to suck on. The only problem was that he kept a full bush, and I often had to stop to fish out a stray pube from my mouth, though sucking on that piece of meat more than made up for it.

We ended up in the 69 position. It felt so good to have him suck me off as I sucked on his cock
and balls, which were also covered in hair. I moved my tongue back and found the sweet spot that was his ass, and I feasted on it. We spent the next few hours kissing, sucking and rimming each other. It was bliss.

We stopped to have a spot of lunch, and he checked his laptop again in case he had missed any important developments at work while he was "on the job" with me. Lunch over, and the laptop put away, we went back to his bedroom to pick up from where we left off.

We kissed, sucked and rimmed each other some more. While I was eating out his ass, he turned his head towards me and asked if I wanted to fuck him. Of course I did. He jumped up off the bed, to his wardrobe, where he fished out a condom and some lube.

He opened the condom and rolled it onto my cock, then slathered my sheathed member in lube, as I used my fingers to lube up his hole. He got into position, he wanted to be fucked on his back with his legs in the air, and I moved myself in close, put his legs onto my shoulders, and jacked my cock hard next to his hole.

When I was ready, I put the head to his opening and pushed in. "Slowly!" he gasped. He hadn't been fucked in a while, and his ass was tight. I did as he asked and pushed in as slowly as I could. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, but I did not stop my advance until I reached the hilt of my cock.

I paused, letting him get used to me inside him, though part of me wanted to start pumping straight way. I leaned in and kissed him, then slowly pulled my cock out, stopping short of coming all the way out of his fuck chute. I pushed back in again, and I started fucking him. His ass was hanging off the side of the bed, and I was standing up leaning into the bed, all my effort placed upon the point where we connected. He had wooden floors in his bedroom, and my feet struggled to gain purchase as we fucked.

I pulled out, got onto the bed, kneeling on the mattress. I shifted his body, put his legs back on my shoulders, and guided myself back into him. Much better, I could control the fuck from my new position, and soon we were a sweaty mess. He flexed his ass muscles and it drove me over the edge. My cock pulsed, and I deposited my load into the rubbed while buried in his ass.

It took me a moment to regain my composure. I pulled of the sticky condom, leaving it on his bedside table. We kissed as I enjoyed the afterglow of my climax. His cock still reared up, hard and leaking precum. It was an invitation I could not resist. I went down on him, swallowing as much of his cock as I could. My fingers found their way into his ass, and I massaged his hole as I sucked him.

His ass was still slick with lube, and my fingers slid in easily. I could feel the intense heat emanating from his insides, and it felt good. I must have stimulated his prostate, cause the next thing I knew his cock went rigid, his ass clamped around my fingers, and he shot his load in my mouth.

It came thick and fast. All I could do was swallow, though some dribbled out of my mouth. I choked, there was so much of it. It tasted salty, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It was my first taste of another mans spunk. Though I had sampled my own on many occasions, this was the first time a guy had nutted in my mouth.

He apologised profusely after he finished, saying he didn't mean to cum inside my mouth. I said I didn't mind. What else could I say, it had been done, and I still had the taste of his spunk in my mouth, and I kinda liked it.

He cleaned up the traces of spunk I had dribbled onto his pubes with a tissue, and we both washed up. I noticed he didn't try to kiss me again after I became his cum dump. We dressed, and I soon left his place and made my way home. The faint taste of cum still on my breath.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Wow. That was hot. HOT! Do guys still hookup for hours on end? Sooooo nice. And the fact that you talked for an hour BEFORE you got into each others' pants. Talk about restraint. And what is this that you swallowed his swimmers? Shametastic!! :)!

HH said...

I did, and I loved it!