Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dare To Bare - Part 3

Follow the links for parts 1 and 2.

I continued to rub my hard on between his asscheeks, teasing him with it while I decided whether or not to enter him bareback like he had asked. Despite shooting my load over his ass earlier, I was feeling very horny, the thought of entering him raw is very taboo which made it all the more alluring.

I decided to go for it, moving back slightly to position the head against his hole. His ass was loose and still slick from the lube from our previous fucks, so sliding the head in was no problem. He pushed his ass back onto my hard on, and he accepted my raw cock into himself.

It felt fantastic. I could feel the walls of his ass around my cock, the slightest movement of my hips was thrilling. I can see how barebacking can become addictive, you feel so much more when fucking raw.

I had to fuck him slowly at first, to give my cock time to relish the new sensations. I almost felt like I could shoot right there and then, it was so good. My cock was the hardest it had been throughout our session, and I think he could tell too. Instead of the porn dialogue, he was moaning deeply, enjoying it as much as I was.

I pumped a little faster, and could feel the pressure increasing behind my balls and my balls beginning to rise, I was about to shoot. I slowed down my thrusting, and tried to squeeze my pc muscle to delay ejaculating. It seemed to work, and I didn't shoot.

I began nibbling on his ear as I increased thrusting. Delaying my orgasm had made me want to shoot more, and his ass felt so good. I lost myself in the moment and shot my second load of the day inside him.

This was my first experience of going raw, and it did feel good. I'm unsure if I would do it again, it would depend on the situation (how horny I feel at the time), however I have been jerking off to the memory of it ever since.

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