Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Flakes And Excuses

In the past few weeks I've had men hit me up for sex only to cancel at the last minute. It pisses me off, not only because it leaves me feeling sexually frustrated, more so because of the excuses they come up with.

Last week I get a text from a guy who I've been chatting to on and off for months. He's gay, and in a relationship with an older guy, but likes to play away behind his sugar daddy's back. He was the one who first made contact, and I'm just a boy who can't say no.

He's at work but wants me to come over to his place at lunchtime so he can "suck the juice out of my big brown cock", as he so eloquently put it.

I'm free that day so I think why not, and we quickly arrange a time to meet at his place which is a couple of streets away. However, 10 minutes before we are due to meet, he texts saying he is swamped at work and can't possibly get away. So I send him the mandatory "Never mind, we can hook up another time" text, dipped in saccharine sweet understanding, even though I'm quietly seething.

Skip forward a week, and yesterday I get a message online from another potential who I've chatted to dozens of times, but never met. He travels a lot and likes to hook up in his hotel. He says he's heading to my city the following day and wants to meet, possibly arrange a threesome. As I said, I can't say no, so I message him back giving him details of the times I'm free, and when I need to be at work.

Do I think this hook up could happen? There's every possibility, though based on his track record, no. We played this exact game months ago in the depths of winter. Last time the set up was the same, he messages me to let me know he's going to be in the city. I let him know when I'm free so we can meet. He says that he hasn't book a hotel room yet, so doesn't know where he's staying. That's fine, I reply. I can stay in the city centre after work and he can text me when he's settled in his room.

He assures me he'll be in the city for 7pm, so I hang around the city after work, window shopping and stopping off at a coffee house to kill time while I wait for his text. 7pm rolls around and no text. He's probably running late. I head to a bar for a quick drink while I wait. It's past 8pm and no text. I send him a text letting him know I'm waiting in the city centre like we planned. No reply.

I wait another half an hour, nursing a soft drink as I want to be clear headed for when we meet. There's no response, the winter night is chill so I head home. At 1am I get a text from him demanding to know where I am. It wakes me from my sleep, and seeing as I'm pissed off with him, I don't reply.

Several weeks later I get an apology of sorts from him. He says he crashed out as soon as he got to his hotel, and forgot about us planning to meet, even though we had made final arrangements to meet that day. I expect this time will be no different, so in the unlikely event we do hook up, any sex we have will be a bonus.

My final flake contacted me this morning, while I was online. He hits me up and we begin to chat. He has a nice pic on his profile of his meaty ass, just ready for my tongue and cock. I pop a boner as we chat and soon we arrange to meet at his place.

Since it's early in the morning I need a little time to shower and shave, so factor that into the time I say I can be at his place for. By the time I'm showered, dressed and ready to head out of the door, I get a text from him saying his sister has just arrived at his place, so he couldn't host.

Again I send the obligatory "Never mind" message, though I did note that he stayed logged onto (and was actively using) the hookup site for most of the morning.

I think with most flakes it's the idea of sex that turns them on rather than the act itself.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Making Up for Lost Time

September 07

The Traveller's brief stay in the city was over. He headed back to his home town, and we kept in contact via IMs and text messages. We chatted most days, and I looked forward to each message he sent.

One thing was lacking though: Sex. I had missed out on nine months of bedroom gymnastics due to my self-imposed celibacy. Sleeping with The Traveller had reawakened my sexual appetite, and boy, was I hungry.

The Internet was once again my cruising ground of choice, I chatted online with several men and one of the guys that contacted me was the Mirror Man. My history with the Mirror Man is kinda complicated, and goes back a few years.

I first met the Mirror Man in 2004. I was out with a group of friends from work. We started out in one of the bars in the Gay Quarter and later headed to one of the gay nightclubs. Our group had fragmented into several pieces, and I was hanging out with one of my mates. Actually I had a secret crush on this guy, and was enjoying spending time with him.

Secret Crush introduced me to a friend of his, the Mirror Man, who he waves over to join us. I didn't think much of the Mirror Man when I first met him, though that was probably due to the fact I only had eyes for Secret Crush at the time. The three of us chatted for a while, but the Mirror Man didn't leave much of an impression, and soon I was with my other mates, drinking and dancing the night away.

Skip forward to 2006. I'm online on a hook up site, and I get contacted by a guy. We send messages back and forth, and over the course of our conversation I learn that I'm chatting to the Mirror Man. We exchange numbers and try to arrange a meet. In fact I remember once arranging a meet with the Mirror Man so that it would take place a few hours after one of my regular threesome hookups with Guy #1 and O.

The threesome took place, however the 1-on-1 with the Mirror Man did not. He texted me to call it off, complaining of a sore back. I sent a text back offering a massage, but he declined, so I made my way home. Later that night he texts back asking if the offer of a massage was still available. It was late, I was tired and had no intention of heading back into the city, so I said no. We tried to arrange a hook up a few times, but it never happened and we lost contact.

Back to 2007. The Mirror Man contacted me again, but is using a new profile name. I realise its him when he gives me his number. It comes up under his old profile name when I enter it into my phone. We arrange to meet on a day when he's working from home.

The day of the hookup arrives, and I get a text from him in the morning asking if I'm still free to meet. I reply yes, and tell him to expect me in an hour. I freshen up and am out of the door, heading towards the city centre.

When he gives me his address, I know it straight away. I travel down that road each day on my way to work. I interpret the address he gave as the large apartment complex situated on that road, and that's where I wait for him. However I'm mistaken. It turns out he lives opposite the apartment complex, in a former factory that had been converted into apartments. From the outside it still looked like a factory, so I had traveled past it each day without realising it was a place of habitation.

Luckily for me the Mirror Man spots me from across the road, and texts me to tell me where he is. I cross over and he opens the door to his building. I follow him through a maze of corridors to his apartment, and I feel that familiar throb in my groin as my cock swells in anticipation of the sex that's to come.

Sex with the Mirror Man would always follow a similar route. We would enter his place, I would remove my jacket, placing it on a chair. We would kiss, feeling each other up through our clothes as our tongues pushed into each others mouths. We would break from kissing and I'd strip out of my clothes, down to my underwear, my clothes placed on the chair with my jacket. We'd kiss again and he'd delight in the feel of my hairy body under his hands.

We'd take the short walk to his bedroom, he'd quickly strip out of his clothes and we'd make out on the bed. Soon we'd be naked and engaging in a little oral play, our underwear tossed to the other side of the room. We'd enjoy spending time sucking each others cocks. I'd reposition myself so I could squat over his face and let him rim my hole. The feeling of his tongue was amazing, and he would try to work that wicked little tongue as far up my chute as he could manage. Absolute bliss!

He would ask me to fuck him, getting up to reach for lube and condoms. He'd wrap me up, lube up his hole and slide down my cock, slowly bouncing up and down till he became used to it inside him. Then he'd get more adventurous. We'd find ourselves fucking on the floor, doggie style, in front of a large mirror (hence his name). He liked to watch as I pumped into him, and I must admit I enjoyed watching myself fuck him.

Eventually we would end up back up on the bed, him lying in his stomach, his cock pressed into the mattress with me on top of him. I'd wrap my hands under his arms and grasp his shoulders, giving me enough leverage as I pumped him hard. I'd cum, sometimes in the condom up his ass, or over him if he wanted it, and he'd cum straight after. We'd shower, dress and I'd head out of the door.

We fucked around once every few weeks in September, October, November and December that year, took a break over Christmas, and then had a few more hookups in January the following year. We lost contact again, until he texted me out of the blue one day in July 09 and we hooked up a final time, which I wrote about here.