Monday, 20 July 2009

Mirror, Mirror

On Wednesday morning my cellphone buzzed as it received a text message from the Mirror Man. He had the day free and wanted me to know he was horny. We had been trying to arrange a meet for a few weeks, but our schedules never matched up.

I was at work at the time, but I only had to work until 12pm, so I let him know that I could meet. He lives in the centre of the city, a few minutes walk from my workplace, so by 12.05 I was waiting outside his building. He let me in and I followed him through the maze of corridors up to his apartment, my cock beginning to swell in anticipation. He had been hitting the gym since our last encounter, a fact he proudly hinted at while we chatted about how long it had been since we met. He was muscular, but not overdeveloped, which to me is perfect.

The Mirror Man and I have met a few times before, but it had been 18 months since we last had sex. As I'm going through my past sexual encounters chronologically, there will be a few stories to go before I recount my first meeting with him.

We entered his place and stripped off down to our boxers. I'm sure he put on a little show for me as he removed his clothes slowly and stretched out on his bed. I joined him and we made out. Our tongues danced around each other as we kissed hard. I sucked on his tongue while rubbing my crotch against his. I know that guys who are into the gym like having their bodies worshiped, a reward for all those hours pumping iron, so I massaged his pecs and played with his nipples. I had forgotten just how sensitive this area of his body is, so I took great delight in teasing each nub with my fingers, running my tongue over them and sucking them into my mouth.

I ended up sitting on his chest, rubbing his nipples between my fingers while I would tease him by leaning in for a kiss, but holding my head just out of reach. He would force my head down to his and we would kiss with intensity. The bulge in the front of my boxers was evident, and he wanted a peak inside.

He slipped his hands down the waistband and pulled the shorts down, and my cock sprang forth. He rubbed the shaft in his hand for a while before I got up and slid the underwear down my legs and took them off, not an easy task when standing on a wobbly mattress. I returned to my previous position, holding my erect cock just out of reach of his waiting mouth and slowly jerking off. He had to lean his head to take me into his mouth. I let out a low moan when he did, the warm wetness of his mouth felt good, and it had been a long time since I had been sucked. I wanted to push my entire length down his throat, but he held my cock in place with one hand as he sucked.

Eventually we had him out of his underwear and lying on his stomach. I was between his legs, massaging the twin fleshy mounds of his ass. I pushed them apart to reveal his puckered hole. It looked too tempting a treat not to, so I dove in, tongue first. He let out a deep moan, my move totally unexpected. He squirmed a little as I feasted on his hole, licking and sucking and probing the puckered orifice with the tip of my tongue. He shifted around so we were in the 69 position and took my cock into his mouth. I licked down, past his perineum, to his balls and sucked one, and then the other, into my mouth.

Later he was on his stomach again with my index finger up his ass. I used the fleshy part of my hand to massage his perineum, and his moans told me he was having a good time. He turned over and played with himself as I straddled his chest again and he sucked my cock once more. He used the stubble on his chin to scratch at the sensitive underside of my cockhead. In our texts to each other he expressed the desire for me to cum on his face. I asked if he wanted me to cum, but he wanted to be fucked instead so he got off the bed and handed me a condom to put on while he lubed up his hole.

When he straddled my crotch he asked me to go easy on him as he hadn't been fucked in ages. I held the base of my cock as he guided it to his hole and the head popped in easily enough. He slid down my shaft slowly and paused when he bottomed out. I could feel the heat of his insides on my cock, even through the condom. I leaned back onto the mattress, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of him riding my cock. Before long he was bouncing up and down, making his rickety bed creak with each movement.

He wanted me to fuck him on his gym equipment, so we positioned ourselves doggie style on his bench press and went at it again, both of us holding onto the metal bar for leverage. Then it was back to fucking on the bed, him on his back with his legs in the air, then back to the bench press but this time me on my back and him riding my cock again. However this last position wasn't very comfortable so we moved to the floor of his bedroom in front of the large floor to ceiling mirror. Every time we had sex, we would end up fucking on the floor in front of his mirror, hence the name I've given him on this blog.

He rode my cock again, fucking with intensity, but on one upstroke my cock escaped his hole. His bodyweight slammed down, my cock missed his hole and I winced in pain. I've heard of guys fracturing their cocks during sex, the delicate blood vessels rupturing from coital misalignment, and I was afraid that it could have happened to me. We both got up and I massaged some life back into my cock. There was no crippling pain so I knew there was no damage. We resumed fucking, him on his stomach with me lying on his back. I used the wooden frame of his bed as leverage and fucked him as hard as I could, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ears as I did so.

He said he couldn't take anymore pounding, and wanted to cum, so after pulling off the condom and putting it onto a tissue, I got him on his back, jerking himself off while my cock was pushed between his lips. While he sucked, I lightly played with his nipples, until he shot ropes of cum on himself. Finishing with a few more playful flicks on his nipples, I got up and went into his bathroom to shower and dress. I fixed my hair while he showered, we said our goodbyes and I left, retracing my steps through the maze of corridors of his building to the front door.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...


I've been looking for the past 20 minutes, but can't find it. I'm trying to find an entry you wrote a while back where you mention something along the lines of, "and as I walked by the building/street/window, I recalled a hookup with Person X." Do you recall which one? If you find it, email me the link. I wanna link my latest blog entry to it:

I think they are similar in thought and scope.



HH said...

Alain, I think the post you want is here:

the brief encounter I had with the Spaniard. The last paragraph is what you're looking for.