Thursday, 18 June 2009

Oral Fixation

Freud first suggested the idea of oral fixation as part of his four stages of psychosexual development. The mouth is one of our earliest pleasure centers and as infants its how we explore the world, so the stage of development where infants put things into their mouths is known as the oral stage. The theory goes that people can become "stuck" in this stage of mental development, and it manifests itself in adults as an obsession with stimulating the mouth.

In many ways my mouth is as important a sexual organ as my penis. I love to kiss, it revs up my libido and gets me in the mood for sex. Guys who don't kiss are a real turn off, and I've enjoyed sex less with guys who refuse to kiss. I love to lick, and nibble, and suck and playfully bite all over. Earlobes, necks, chests, torsos, crotches and legs. All are fair game.

Then there are the main erogenous zones. Nipples, cocks, balls and asses. Each one a feast, to be lingered over and savoured. I like to flick my tongue over the nipple, getting that little nub hard before gently biting, followed by a few soothing licks. Balls are there to be given a tongue bath, sucking one, or maybe both, into the mouth. The ass, fleshy and soft, perfect to gently bite before diving into the crack, probing with the tongue until that sweet spot is found. The taste of male flesh a delight.

Then there is the cock, my first love. Hard flesh surrounded by soft skin. My tongue skittering across its length, tracing the veins with the tip, lapping at the precum oozing from the slit before taking the head into my mouth and sucking. The taste of cock and precum flooding my tastebuds. Then taking the entire length inside, filling my mouth, where it belongs.

So yes, maybe I am orally fixated, but I know how to satisfy my cravings.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Third Time's The Charm

It started off a few weeks ago, with MG placing an ad on a Craiglist type site to which I responded. He's a top guy who wanted to get back into bottoming again and as such wanted to be rimmed, fingered and eventually fucked. How could I turn down an offer like that?

After two failed attempts, we finally got to meet up yesterday. Even though I only had a half hour to meet him, I wanted to taste his ass.

He was kind of nervous and wanted to keep things as discreet as possible, to the extent that when I entered his apartment the curtains were drawn and the rooms dimly illuminated. He said that he found first meetings awkward and asked what I wanted to do. I said as he was planning on being the bottom, it was up to him. I would go as far as he wanted.

His shyness meant that when we started kissing, it was tentative. My tongue probed his mouth, but his tongue did not reach out meet mine. I was a little disappointed, but instead used the tip of my tongue to lick his lips and the sensitive skin inside his mouth, which he liked.

He led me to the bedroom, and spent time fiddling with the lights, trying to get the right amount of dull light out of his bedside lamp. Then he mentally debated the bed coverings, before opting to remove the duvet all together. Eventually he came back to where I stood and we kissed again. He pawed at the bulge in my jeans, meanwhile I was trying to unbutton his pants.

We stripped off our tops, and I gasped as his cold hands touched my exposed skin when he wrapped his arms around me to kiss me again. His hands went back to my bulge and tried to get into my pants, so I unbuckled my belt and lowered my jeans to the floor, all the while still wearing my boots. He pawed at my growing erection through the thin material of my boxers.

I knew I had to get things moving, time was ticking away and I had to get going soon. I whispered in his ear if he would like to be rimmed and he nodded. He slipped of his pants and boxers and got on all fours onto the bed.

There it was, his ass, presented to me like a feast waiting to be devoured. He was in shape and had quite a meaty ass on him. I said that if it was too much or he didn't like what was happening, he could say so and I would stop.

I pushed his cheeks apart, and by now my eyes had adjusted to the gloom and I could see his hole. I leaned in and licked with the flat of my tongue. He tasted clean. I licked again, this time up and down in a continuous motion, making his hole slick with my saliva. He gasped and moaned as I did this. I love eating out a nice clean ass.

I ran my index finger over the spit soaked sphincter, before slowly pushing in. I could feel the warmth of his insides. I pulled out my finger and replaced it with my tongue, this time darting it in and out of his hole.

I alternated between tongue and finger, and then wanted to open him up more. I slipped in my middle finger, withdrew it and immediately replaced it with my index finger, withdrew that and put my middle finger back inside him. By doing this in rapid succession, I was able to get both fingers inside him before long. Now the fun really began. I held my fingers still whilst I rubbed his perineum with my thumb.

I pushed my fingers in with a bit more force, pushing down onto his prostate as I did this. All the rimming has made his hole wet, but I added a bit of KY jelly into the mix to make it as comfortable for him as possible. I asked if he was okay, and he said he loved it. As I finger fucked him, his hole started making a squelching noise. I probed his ass with my fingers, eventually getting them in to the third knuckle.

He turned his body so that he was lying on his back, all the while with my fingers inside him. I fingered him with abandon, again pushing against his prostate. My dick was hard and leaking precum into my boxers. He was on the verge of shooting his load, but he asked me to stop, so I did, holding my fingers still inside him.

After he regained his composure I resumed finger fucking him. The air was filled with the sound of my fingers squelching in his ass, the creak of the bed, and his moans of delight. I leaned in and began licking his balls, staring up into his eyes as I did so. With my free hand I jerked him off, and again I had to stop when he was about to shoot again.

The need to shoot abated, and I resumed my oral and digital ministrations. I traced the infinity symbol over his balls with my tongue, while rubbing the sensitive underside of his cock head with my thumb of one hand and fingering his ass with the other. I licked at the shaft of his cock, and then back down to his balls as he took over jerking off his cock.

My fingering increased and he said he was going to cum. I kept on fingering him and could feel his ass start to clamp down on my fingers. His hole became tighter as he shot his load onto his abdomen.

After he came, I held my fingers still. I asked if he was ready for me to remove my fingers, and breathlessly he nodded. I ever so slowly pulled my fingers out of him. I slid my body next to his and kissed him. He was a little hesitant again, probably because of where my tongue had been, but we kissed anyway.

He tried to jerk me off, slipping my boxers down and handling my cock, but I wasn't feeling it. I need a specific touch to get me to cum, and he didn't have it. We chatted and I learned that he is bi, and in a relationship with a guy, who he tops, and that's why he had to keep things discreet. He asked if fingering and rimming was all I was willing to do, and I said I do like to fuck too, but I thought it best to take it slowly with him, which was partly true, I also didn't have the time to fuck him.

He said he was surprised that I was single, and said I was very good looking, which boosted my ego no end. I told him I thought he was cute too, and I would like to meet up with him again. As we talked, he maneuvered me onto my back, and straddled my cock, which was still hard, but back in my boxers.

I could have fucked him right there, but I knew I had to get going. We dressed, which for me was simply a matter of pulling my jeans up from my still booted ankles and putting my top back on. I used his bathroom to wash my hands and he walked me out.

I texted him later and asked if he enjoyed himself. He replied that he did and that he had never been fingered or rimmed like that before, and was still feeling the effects. He is definitely up for meeting again, on the sly, as he puts it. and I would like the opportunity to fuck his ass.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

CSI: Cruising Scene Investigation

There's a gents lavatory in one of the main shopping malls that has a reputation of being a bit of a cruising ground for gay sexual activities. It is located in a quite corner of the complex, out of the way, and it is not immediately obvious that there is a lavatory there. Its quite clean, and there is no graffiti scrawled on the walls, however the cubicles have spy holes drilled into the partitions, and some guys do spend longer than necessary at the urinals.

I know this because I was cruised there a few weeks ago. I had just been in the cinema, and whilst watching the film I slurped on a jumbo soda to go with my popcorn. Walking through the mall after the movie I knew going super size on the drink was a bad idea, since it felt like most of the soda I consumed had gone straight to my bladder and I desperately needed a piss.

Luckily as I was walking down a flight of stairs I spotted the entrance to the lavatory and went in, past all the locked cubicle doors to the back of the room, which widened out to house two long urinals opposite each other, with a bank of hand basins in between.

I let out a sigh of relief as I emptied my bladder, and when finished I went to wash my hands in one of the basins. It was then that I noticed a guy standing at the corner of the other urinal, and only because he coughed. The way the lavatory was designed, you could not see him from the entrance or if you were using the cubicles. You had to come all the way into the back part of the lavatory where the urinals are to know he was there.

It was the perfect spot to cruise for cock, most of the guys using the urinals would just go in for a quick visit, and I doubt that many would stop to wash their hands, so that guy could have spent most of the day there without arousing much suspicion.

I took no notice of his first cough, but then he coughed again, and it sounded more insistent. He was definitely trying to get my attention. I looked over to him. He was in his early to mid 30's, bald with a slim but toned body and wearing a grey wife beater and grey track pants.He was looking over at me, but with his crotch still facing the urinal. I moved over to the hand dryer conveniently located near him and dried my hands in the warm air.

As I did this I casually turned my head towards him. He turned his body so that I could see what he was doing. He had hooked the track pants under his balls and was jerking a nice medium sized uncut cock. The foreskin flicked over the engorged purple head as he moved his hand slowly.

My heart was beating fast, my cock had grown in my jeans and saliva filled my eager cock suckers mouth. I wanted that cock. I shifted my gaze from his cock to look into his eyes, as I slowly, ever so slowly, licked my lips.

Just then someone else came into the lavatory and the spell was broken. He turned back to his starting position, and as my hands were now dry there was no reason to stay there, so I left.

I have visited the lavatory again in the weeks since, to use the facilities, but on the lookout for the more illicit activities. Today I found some, although after the fact.

There were two oily handprints on the back wall of the toilet cubicle I went into. And like the speculative scenarios seen in CSI reconstructions, I can only imagine the scene that transpired there earlier in the day. A guy lubing up his ass before turning around and offering his slick hole to a random stranger, the guy resting his hands on the back wall as he braced himself for an anal assault.

I only wish I had my camera phone on me at the time so I could take a pic of the handprints for this post, but the artists impression I created would have to suffice.

On a sidenote, I noticed that there were two mall security guards hanging around the entrance of the lavatory as I left, so something obviously went on in there.