Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Like Showering With A Raincoat

A few weeks ago I got a text message from MG, saying he was free the following week and he wondered if I would like to hook up with him again. I hadn't heard from him since last August, when he expressed an interest in becoming more than just a fuck buddy. I was unsure about seeing him, but the throbbing monster between my legs had come alive, the memory of my tongue rimming MG's ass had got it's attention and it demanded satisfaction. I was instantly hard and feeling horny, so I replied that I could meet up on my day off.

A week rolls by and I find myself outside MG's building. It's freezing cold with heavy snow forecast. The doorbell to his apartment is broken, so I have to call him to let him know I've arrived. After two rings my call is answered, but before I can say anything he hangs up.


I had texted him earlier to let him know I was on my way, so he couldn't have forgotten we had planned to hook up. I try to dial his number again, but the cold saps away my dwindling phone battery and I'm unable to make the call. I switch the cell off then on again, hoping that there's enough charge left to call MG again.

By now I'm not a happy chap. Its cold, I'm standing outside MG's place with a busted doorbell and if my phone craps out on me I have no way of contacting MG until I go home to charge my phone. I decide to wait for a few minutes before leaving, in case he's on his way down to open the door.

That's exactly what happens. He''s down a minute later to let me in. Memory is a funny thing, and I guess mine was clouded with lust for MG's ass (by far his best feature), because he didn't look like I remembered. It's bad to say, but he looked kinda ordinary, and I hoped that he couldn't read the disappointment on my face. Still I was there, I was horny and he was available, so I step into his foyer. As we walk up the stairs to his apartment, he explains that he pressed the wrong button on his phone when I called earlier, and cut me off.

We enter his place. Like the last two times I was there, he has all his curtains drawn, and no lights on. There is just enough light coming through the curtains to make out his apartment, and my eyes quickly adjust to the gloom. I remove my coat, dumping it on his sofa as he moves in for a kiss. We kiss for less than a minute before he suggests we go to the bedroom. He seems very eager.

We sit on his bed and kiss, but soon we're naked and I'm licking his nipples. We shift position so I'm on my back, my head resting on a pillow. After another kissing session MG turns around, gets on all fours and offers me his ass. I push the cheeks apart and dive in with my tongue. I'm in heaven as I rim him. My tongue soon snakes into his hole, and he lets out a moan of pure delight.

I begin to finger his hole. I start slowly, working one finger inside him, feeling for his prostate. I have a plan. I want to make MG so horny that he'll let me fuck him. The last time we hooked up I made him cum too soon, and after that he said that was too sensitive for me to keep fingering him, so fucking him was of the cards (although I did work the load he shot onto my fingers into his hole, and had a quick taste of his cum in his hole, so the encounter had a plus side). This time I planned to go slower, to open him up with my fingers, but not allow him to climax.

I sucked on his balls as I fingered him, but I was careful not to overstimulate him. I tried to push in another finger into his hole to join the first, but it was hard to get the second one in there. I asked if he had any lube. He got up and fished around his bedside drawer before tossing me a tube of KY. I lubed up my fingers as he returned to his previous position on the bed. My fingers slipped into his ass easily.

As I worked his ass, he took the tube of KY and squeezed some lube into his hand. I figured he was gonna wank himself off, but instead he wrapped his hand around my cock (which was hard and leaking precum onto my belly the entire time I was rimming and fingering his ass) and he began to jerk me off.

Whenever MG had tried to masturbate me in the past, he had always been too heavy handed, and choked the life out of my member. This time the lube gave enough slipperiness that his attempt was pleasurable. So much so that I wondered how I could maneuver his ass down to my groin and accept my raw cock. I could have nailed him right there. I stretched his hole with a third finger, while rubbing his perineum with my thumb.

He stopped jerking me and asked if I wanted to fuck him. My plan had worked, and I said if he wanted me to fuck him, I would. He got up again and went back to the drawer, this time to get a condom. I would have preferred to fuck raw, but it was his ass, so his rules. I roll the condom down onto my cock, lube up, and jerk some life back into me cock before he lowers himself onto my cock.

Trouble is, my cock begins to deflate. I try holding the base, trying to keep enough blood in there for me to penetrate him, but its no use. I can't keep myself hard. I try jerking my cock while wearing the condom, but the sensation feels strange, and I can't stimulate myself properly. We try a few positions, but it doesn't work. I have to take the condom off.

I jerk myself off again and, condom free, get the life back into my cock. He wants to try again, so rolls another condom onto my dick, but even he can feel my cock start to deflate again. He leans over and starts to suck my cock through its latex sheath.

I never really understood the phrase "Showering with a raincoat on" when it came to condoms. I mean, I had always used rubbers when having anal sex and found it OK (that was until I tried raw sex with Momma's Boy, and discovered what I was missing with skin on skin sex), but this was the first time a guy had given me a blowjob with a rubber on my cock. I experienced the blowjob as though the rest of my body was detached from my penis, and the resulting sensation was dull and not very enjoyable. I also thought it was a little hypocritical of MG. The first time we hooked up he was more than happy to push his unsheathed cock into my mouth, and enjoy my oral talents.

His blowjob had little effect, but I tried jerking my cock in the condom again, with more success this time. I maneuvered him so he lay on the bed on his stomach, and the combination of the view and my digital manipulation got me hard again. I got on top of him, and was able to push into his ass.

I moved inside him slowly, letting him get used to my length and thickness. I was just getting into my stride, and even starting to enjoy fucking him with a condom, when he said he wanted to change position. Crap, I pulled out and promptly lost my erection, so couldn't enter him again in the new position.

We gave up fucking him. He asked if I ever got fucked, and I said no. Instead I jerked him off until he came. He cleaned himself up and I was all set to get dressed and leave, but he wanted to see me cum. I lay back on the bed, closed my eyes and wanked until I reached my own sticky climax, the fat gobs of white cum spraying my chest and his duvet.

I washed up, and dressed as he had a quick shower. He walked me down to his front door and said I could text him if I wanted to hook up again. I said sure, though I had no intention in doing so. Outside, fat snowflakes fell from the sky to join those deposited on the ground while MG and I attempted to satisfy our selfish desires.

Sexually, I don't think we're compatible. What started out as a curiosity about rimming had morphed into something more, but we're both in different places on our respective sexual journeys. He's at the "experimental, but safe only" stage that I was at a few years ago, and I'm...

I guess I'm at a crossroads. I know the risks of hooking up with random guys, and of having raw sex with them. But there's also a part of me that wants to feel the man I'm fucking, to enjoy the sensation with nothing between us. Ideally it would be as part of a relationship, monogamous with maybe a playmate or two on the side.

Though my life at the moment is hardly conducive to such a relationship.


Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

I recall a similar moment in my life. And finally came to the conclusion... I am a barebacker.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

You are lucky that MG opened the door for you. I've been stuck in both situations (i.e. of going home after no one opening up/responding AND staying like you did and the guy coming down). The former sucks and is embarrassing.

On The "Deflation" issue: Sorry about that. It happens more often than guys know. You WEREN'T into him. Sorry that the original encounter didn't stand the test of time. The important thing is that you've (yet again) experienced a few new things... and are now headed forward.... Weren't the snowflakes pretty?

HH said...

@ T3NL: I've had a few situations where I've gone to meet someone and have them not turn up, or gone to their place and for them to not open the door.

It's a lesson all gay men have to learn. Men are unreliable. The trick is not to take it personally.

As for the snowflakes, I admit they were pretty, but after the harsh winter we had here, I long for spring to arrive.

@ Mark: I may be heading in a similar direction

Juanne de Abreu said...

I must say I have never deflated... however i prefer to be in a monogamous relationship for the obvious safety reasons because I am totally into skin on skin action. When I wear a condom i feel very little and if i am taking it from someone with a condom on it feels like a helium balloon slowly inflating inside of me, not the desired feeling.

Jackdaw said...

Very recognisable (apart from the barebacking, which I save for LTRs only). I think your body told you that you were not attracted enough to him that you should fuck him. Don't worry about it...