Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brief Encounter With A Blue-Eyed Spaniard

This hook up took place in late September, 2006. I was surfing the web, with one window open on a gay cruising site. While I surfed, I chatted to a few guys but no-one really caught my attention.

Then I get a message from The Spaniard. He liked my profile and wanted to chat. The conversation started off innocently enough. He was on holiday, traveling the country, and staying with friends while he was in the city. As we chat he casually mentions that the people he's staying with are out at work, and he has the place all to himself.

Interesting. The conversation takes on a more sexual tone, and he wants to know what I'm into. I tell him what I like and he seems interested. He asks if I want to meet. All the sex chat has sparked my libido and I'm feeling horny. I decide to meet him.

His profile has no pictures, so he sends me his picture in a private message. He's cute, but it's his blue eyes that seal the deal. We arrange a time and place to meet, and off I set.

It takes 20 minutes or so to get there, but still I'm early. I sit at a bus stop and play a game on my mobile while I wait. Soon a man approaches me. He's a little older, and much heavier than the picture he sent, but he is still recognisable as The Spaniard.

We say hi, and I detect nervousness in his voice. He asks if everything is okay. I guess he needed reassurance that I still wanted to go through with it, despite his deception. I say yes and get up from the bus stop bench. We cross the road and walk to a small house in a row of small houses.

We enter the house, and I follow him to the back of the house into the kitchen. He's tall and towers over me. We chat, but the conversation is slightly awkward. He does, however, have a very sexy accent, and I love sexy accents. The conversation lasted five minutes at most. We both knew the reason I was there, so he lead me up to his bedroom.

I say bedroom, it was the spare room in the two bedroom house and looked like it usually housed the home owner's junk, most of which had been pushed to the sides of the room in an effort to make space for a foldaway bed. He apologised for the state of the room, but I said I didn't mind.

Standing room was sparse, so we stood close together. He leaned his head down towards mine and we kissed. It was a soft kiss, as though he was testing the water. With no real space to move, we quickly shifted onto the bed. Again we kissed, and he seemed to become more relaxed.

We quickly stripped off our clothes, down to our underwear, and discarded them in a pile on the only free floorspace available. Again he seemed a little embarrassed, his body was heavier than when his picture was taken, and I think he had a few issues with it. He had a light covering of brown hair over his chest and torso, thickening as it traveled towards his pubic region.

I moved my head down and ran my tongue over his nipple before taking it into my mouth. I heard him gasp as I teased his nipple. He ran his hands over my body as I switched to the other nipple.
I could feel my cock growing in my shorts, and the tip becoming slick with precum. He noticed too and said he was ready to be fucked.

He reached over and fished out a condom and some lube from a rucksack next to the bed, while I turned over onto my back so I could remove my shorts. He handed me the condom and I put it on as he removed his underwear and lubed up his hole and then my cock. He manoeuvred himself over my groin, held my erection firm in one hand, and guided it into his hole.

My head rolled back as he slid himself ever so slowly down my meat, making sure his ass got used to every inch of my erection. I could feel his delicious warmth surround my cock, and it felt so good. He began to fuck himself on my cock slowly, one hand on the bed, supporting his weight, the other slowly jacking his cock. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, as I enjoyed the sensation of being inside a man once more.

We didn't know how long we had the house to ourselves. His friends could come back at any moment, and I didn't think they would be too impressed to find he had invited a stranger into their home to indulge in a little man on man sex.

We switched positions so that he was on his back with his legs on my shoulders. This position worked better for me, as I could control the depth of penetration, and vary my rhythm to suit me. While we fucked, he jacked himself off, and I starred into his eyes. They were the same intense blue that had first got my attention, and I fucked him harder.

He began to moan, his hand moving on his cock with intensity, and he started to cum, the white fluid spraying over his belly and chest. I could feel the muscles in his ass spasm with each shot, gripping my cock and sending me over the edge. I released my load, pumping my hips until I finished shooting.

I pulled out of his ass, and he removed the condom from my spent cock. He handed me a t-shirt to wipe up my cock, then proceeded to use the same t-shirt to clean up the cum drying on his chest and belly. We chatted a little as I dressed, and as I fixed my hair in the bathroom next door. He wrapped himself in a bathrobe to show me to the front door, and thanked me for a great time. The whole encounter lasted less than 45 minutes. I traveled home, tired and leaking the last remnants of sperm into my already wet underwear.

When I got home, I showered, and returning to my computer I found he had sent me a message saying that he had a good time that afternoon, that he was traveling back to Spain in a few days, but he would be back around Christmas time. I said that if he sent me a text when he was back, I would be more than happy to meet him again.

He did text me a week before Christmas saying he was coming back, and if he had the house free would I like to join him? I said yes. He did text me saying he was in the city, and his friend's house was empty, but it was on Christmas Eve, and I was spending time with my family, so we couldn't meet.

I often travel past that house, and can't help but have a small smile on my face when I remember that I fucked The Spaniard there, in the spare room of that house, on his friend's foldaway bed.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Missed Opportunity?

I finished work early today. The chill of the autumn air was all the motivation I needed to hurry to my bus stop. The place I was heading to had a row of bus stops along the roadside, so many people gather there to catch buses heading out of the city centre.

As I approached my stop, I noticed a good looking young man waiting at the bus stop next to mine. At first I thought he was just looking in my general direction, but as I came to a halt I realised he was looking at me.

He was gorgeous. Around 6 feet tall, slim, with light olive skin, and muddy green eyes. He was wearing a charcoal black woollen cap with muted green and orange bands. The woolen cap had the added benefit of emphasising his cheekbones, which looked sharp enough to cut glass.

I pretended to look past him, to see if my bus was coming, but he was still in my line of sight, and still looking at me. I caught his eye, but quickly looked away. I'm terrible in these situations.

A minute or two passed before I looked at him again, catching his eye and holding the stare a little longer. There was that familiar sensation in my underwear, the one-eyed devil stirred. One part of my anatomy was sure what was going on, but the rest of my body had no idea on how to proceed.

Any action on my part was moot at that point, as my bus came trundling up the road, and I grudgingly got on the bus. I usually sit near the front, but this time I walked further back and sat on a seat near the window closest to the guy, who was still standing on the pavement. I thought I'd give him one more look at me before the bus departed.

Living in a big city, it's unlikely that I'll see him again. Just two strangers passing in the hustle and bustle of city life. Did I read the situation correctly? Could I have gone up to him and started a conversation? How different would my life be if I had a bit more courage to pursue chance encounters, instead of playing safe?

Truth is I don't think I'm brave enough to try.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Little Pig

It started off as a webcam session. I had the day off, was home alone for the first time in ages, and was feeling horny. My new housemate was at work, and I wanted to make the most of my free time.

I entered the webcam room and began my show, slowly stripping off my clothes, stroking my hairy chest and playing with my nipples. I became hard instantly, and slowly lowered my boxers down to reveal my rock hard boner. I jerked off on cam until I reached a satisfyingly sticky conclusion.

I went to wash up and when I returned to my computer, I found that one of the guys who had watched my little show had left me a message. He was still online, so I returned his message and we started IMing. The were the usual comments of how hot my body was and the copious amount of cum I had shot onto my hairy belly.

As we chatted, I had a look at his online profile. He was a very sexy Greek man, a daddy bear type, living in New York, and I began to get hard again. He asked if I was into phone fun. I gave him my mobile number, and a few moments later it was ringing. His voice was deep, masculine and very sexy. I lay back on my bed, undoing the cord of my terry towel bathrobe so I had access to my cock. His profile pic was displayed on my computer screen, which I used as visual inspiration while we chatted.

He began describing how hot he thought my cock was and how he'd like me to top him. He paused, and I could hear a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone. He told me he hoped I didn't mind he was smoking T. I said I didn't. In fact this was my first encounter with someone on T, and I was kinda curious about the effect it had on him.

We talked about me topping him, how I would love to eat out his ass before sliding inside him. He said he liked it raw, and I confessed to having liked it when I tried it earlier in the year. That seemed to turn him on even more. He said that when he saw me on cam, he could instantly tell that I had a kinky side hidden under a layer of normality, and that he would love to help me explore it.

How true his words were. I have already confessed on here to having this fantasy of being used as a cumrag and having as many men as possible spay their hot loads all over my body.

He asked if I took raw cock up my ass, and I told him that I'd never been fucked successfully. He said he would be happy to change all that. He would eat me out and lube me with his spit, before entering me raw and fucking me till we both spewed our loads. He would get me high to break me in, and by the time he was done, I would be able to take any cock with ease.

As he talked, my left hand left my dick and moved south towards my hole. I played with it and slipped in a finger, which is all I could manage. He carried on, though every so often pausing to take another hit if his pipe. He said he'd like to whore me out as a top, and get me to fuck some of his bottom fuckbuddies, but in private I would be the bottom, and he'd fuck me.After another hit he said that he'd take me out to his favourite cruising haunts and offer up my dick and ass to anyone who wanted it.

I let the phone rest next to my ear so I could still hear him while both hands were occupied. One was busy fingering my hole and rubbing my perineum, while the other was wrapped around my cock, pumping away furiously. My inner slut was so turned on by these scenarios he was spinning that it wasn't long before I came, each spurt causing my asshole to tighten around my finger.

He hung up a few minutes later, hearing me cum had sent him over the edge and his orgasm was moments behind mine, though he said he would love to have phone sex again sometime. The phone sex was hot, but I think it was mostly the T talking.

He was right about one thing though. Beneath this mask of vanilla, there's a kinky little sex pig longing to be set free.

Monday, 9 November 2009


My living situation has changed somewhat in the last month, and its put a dampener on my social life.

For most of my adult life I've lived alone, and relished the freedom it gave me. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. Hell, I could walk around the place naked if I wanted (and often did, when the weather was warm enough, as long as the curtains were drawn.) Not to mention my extra-curricular activities as a sex blogger and some time webcammer.

It's all changed though. A relative of mine has become my new housemate, and with it some of the freedom I enjoyed has slipped away. On the whole, living with him isn't a total nightmare, however he has no sense of boundaries, and has the annoying habit of entering my bedroom without knocking, and takes a particular interest in what I do on the computer, making surfing for porn, or Internet hookups impossible when he's around, kind of like when I lived at home with my parents.

It was worse when he hung around the house for three weeks, while he sorted things out with the move and his new job. I couldn't even have a long, leisurely wank to my favourite porn for fear he'd walk into my bedroom. Best I could do was a quick handshake in the shower.

Things have improved since he started his new job. I have a bit of time in the morning when he leaves for work when I can attend to my personal needs in peace, and when he's asleep in his bed, I'm free to surf for sex, and on those few days when I have a day off in the week, I've indulged in a bit of webcamming, which lead to a hot phone sex session with a sexy Daddy bear.