Friday, 28 May 2010

The Traveller

September 2007

Months went by. Winter gave way to spring and eventually summer. My only form of sexual gratification came by my own hand and I masturbated frequently. But soon those old urges began to surface, and I wanted to entwine my body with that of a man. To feel his skin, kiss his lips, taste the flesh of his most intimate areas. As a result, I began going online again with the intent of hooking up.

My online profiles were still there, albeit untouched for nine months. It took a matter of moments to log in, and soon I was immersed in the virtual world of online cruising.

My first steps were tentative, just seeing who was online and to get the lay of the land. However, since the object of the exercise was to get laid, I realised that I had to be bolder in my approach.

About a week after I started revisiting my old online haunts, I came upon my next sexual encounter, who I will call The Traveller. I was in the local area chatroom when I noticed a profile name that was unfamiliar to me. A quick look at his profile informed me that he was from out of town, and was heading to my city the next day. He wanted someone to show him the sites, and maybe take him down to the city's Gay Quarter.

I sent him an IM, letting him know that I would be happy to show him around. We began to chat, and we just clicked. I can't remember the majority of the conversation, but it flowed like we were old friends, and we decided to meet up the next day after he arrived in the city.

The plan was to meet at his hotel in the city centre, have a bite to eat and maybe go out on the town later on. However, his late arrival into the city shelved our dinner plans. I waited for him in the lobby of his hotel, not realising that he had popped outside the hotel to smoke a cigarette. After a few texts back and forth we located each other, and took the elevator up to his hotel room.

Incidentally it was the same hotel where I had the afternoon tryst with B, not that I volunteered that information to The Traveller. He was in his early 30's, around 6'2'', with blue eyes and hair the colour of straw. His body reflected his interests in sports and hiking, and his limbs were long, toned and shapely.

It was our first meeting face to face, and I was a little out of practice. Nervousness reared its head, leading me to be a little reserved. He, however, was just as effervescent as he had been during our online conversation, and that put me at ease. He needed another smoke so he opened the window, and we continued our conversation while he blew smoke out into the night air.

He wanted to shower before we went out, so while he washed I sat on the bed and watched television. I had to resist the urge to strip off and join him in there. If I was just there for sex, that's what I would have done (and sometimes I still fantasise about getting hot and soapy with him in that hotel bathroom) but I wanted to see where the night would take us, After he finished, he emerged from the bathroom wearing boxers. I did take a moment to notice the nice bulge in the front of his underwear. He quickly dressed while we chatted, and like our IMs, the conversation flowed naturally.

He moved from place to place around the hotel room, sitting at his laptop one minute, standing by the window to have another smoke the next, and then to sitting on the bed next to me (I had pretty much stayed in the same spot for most of that time, just shifting position so that we continued to face each other as we talked). He admitted to me later that he did moved around so much because he was nervous as well. Although, every time he sat next to me, I saw his pupils dilate, so I knew he liked me.

We decided to go out and we headed to the Gay Quarter, located a few minutes walk away from his hotel. It had been ages since I had last ventured out on the scene, but it was pretty much as I remembered. As we walked down the road I pointed out a few of the landmarks to help him orient himself while he was in the city.

Our first stop was one of my favourite bars in the quarter. It's a small, intimate venue which attracts a mixed crowd. It was karaoke night, so the bar was busy but not too full. We stayed for one drink while we watched a succession of men trying to sing on the small stage, some more successfully than others. The Traveller had a beer while I ordered an orange juice. I wanted to keep my head clear, for a little while anyway.

We left the bar and continued on our tour. I showed him some of the other bars and clubs in the area. He had heard of a particular club, so that was our next destination. The club was running a promotion to attract students, and being mid-September many university courses were due to start soon.

The premise was that when you paid the entrance fee you were given a voucher which entitled you to one free drink. If you handed in your empty glass back to the bar person that served you and order the same drink, you got that drink for free too, so basically it was free drinks all night. I opted for vodka and orange juice as my poison for the evening, while The Traveller stuck to beer.

A couple of drinks in and the vodka had started to work its intoxicating magic. I became more relaxed as the night wore on. We stood in the tiny courtyard designated as the outside smoking area of the club. The courtyard was packed but we found a little space by the far wall where he could have a smoke. It was easier to chat there than inside the club, where the loud music made conversation next to impossible. We stood close to each other, and eventually his hand found mine. As we chatted we starred into each others eyes. The moment came when he leaned in closer to me, and we had our first kiss amongst a group of party-going smokers.

This was the first time I had ever kissed another man in public, my inhibitions drowned by the twin cocktails of lust and alcohol. I could taste beer and cigarette smoke on his lips, and that only fuelled my desire. I had been sporting a semi for most of the time that we stood in the courtyard, and the kiss sent more blood rushing to that area. My crotch rubbed up against his leg as we kissed and we both knew where this night was heading.

We drank, we danced, we ended up back in his hotel room around 3.30am. As he headed to the bathroom, I crashed out on the bed, my brain swimming in alcohol. This time I had no hesitation in stripping off, so by the time he emerged from the bathroom I was lying on the bed, naked save my erection tenting up my boxers. He stripped out of his clothes so quickly it was almost a blur.

By then, most of the alcohol induced mist had lifted from my head, and the sex was good. I remember he was the first guy I knew to have blond pubic hair. It was so pale it almost disappeared against his skin. He climbed on top of me and it felt so good to feel his warm skin against mine. We spent time leisurely kissing as we ran our hands over each other. He pushed down my boxers, and I slid them off my legs so we were both naked, and hard.

His body was mostly hairless except for the patch of pubic hair above his cock, and a thicker patch of equally blond hair on the small of his back which ran down into his ass crack. We rolled around on the bed, and I ended up taking his cut cock into my mouth. I lapped up the precum flowing from his dick as if it was nectar. I wanted to take things further, so I licked my index finger and was going to rub his hole with my spit soaked digit, but he stopped me. His hole was a no go area. A pity, as I would have loved to have rimmed his furry blond hole.

I made do with his cock, taking it into my mouth once more. We ended up in the 69 position, with me on top. I was able to take more of his cock down into my throat in this position, and the feeling of his warm, wet mouth around my manhood was delicious. He seemed fascinated with my foreskin, running his tongue under it to get at the head, and pulling it taut with one hand around the base of my cock, so he could reach the oh so sensitive spot where my foreskin attaches to the head. I slowly gyrated my hips, feeding him my length, as I sucked on his.

I went back to my previous position between his legs, jerking him off as I licked his balls, until he shot his sticky white load over his belly. His climax was followed by post coital kissing and we drifted off to sleep as we held each other. All too soon it was time to leave, and I smiled to myself the entire taxi ride home.

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