Thursday, 30 April 2009

Hangin' On The Telephone

When I got my first cell phone, little did I know that it would be my passport to man on man sex.

The phone was to be a way for my parents to contact me when I was out at work, but I used it for so much more. Every Saturday I would buy a broadsheet newspaper on my way to work, inside of which was a television and local listings magazine. The magazine had a dating section and adverts for chatline services, both straight and gay. As this was my only outlet for contacting gay men I thought I would give it a try.

It took a few tries before I found one I liked, and I would often call my favourite chatline late at night and jerk off while listening to the voice profiles of the men online. I began to recognise the profiles of some of the regular users, including the profile left by guy I would loose my virginity to.

At the start my profile was pretty basic, so it was rare that I would get a response. Over the months I used the service I picked up on how men would describe themselves and the terminology they used depending on what they were into and what kind of sex they were looking for and I adapted my profile, making it more descriptive, which attracted a lot more attention.

I actually met one guy who responded to my profile. We had coffee in a shopping mall. It was so long ago that I can't remember much of the encounter, though I remember he wasn't the most attractive guy, and the conversation was a bit dull but if he had invited me back to his, I would have gone. It wasn't about the guy, it was just about having sex (which, with enough posts detailing my sexual history, you will see is a recurring theme).

Instead we parted and although we communicated by text a few times we never met again.

I went back on the chatlines, usually at night with me lying naked under the covers masturbating. One night I was on there and as I was going through the list I heard a, by now, familiar profile. The guy seemed to be online every time I was, and I had often jerked off to his description of himself. He sounded very hot, but I thought he was out of my league, so I would not contact him.

However, that night I was feeling brave and I sent him a hello message, to which he replied. We exchanged many messages that night and by the time I ended the call I had his name and his cellphone number, knew a little about him and he about me. I sent a text to him that night, so he had my cell number.

Over the next few weeks we texted back and forth and also had a few phone conversations in which we arranged a time to meet, as I put it, "to see if we liked each other". He agreed and on a cloudy Tuesday morning I found myself traveling on a bus to meet my bisexual football jock.

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Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

I don't know why I hadn't read this earlier. So beautiful... and takes me back... to identical experiences... why I too was discovering the cell phone, the Internet and my sexuality.