Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Momentos Of My Other Life

I have two cell phones. One is for day to day activities, the number of which I give out to my family and friends. The one where people from work can reach me. Its the one I use to book taxis, order takeout, and hundreds of other little telephonic chores.

The other is the one I use to hook up with guys.

It's the number I give out to potential hookups. The one that contains my body and cock pics, so I can send them via text to interested guys. The one that contains the cock and body pics guys have to sent me as well as a load of saucy texts telling me what they would like to do to me, or what they want me to do to them.

The contact list is made up of potential hookups and the men I've slept with, well at least those who were more than a one night stand, or the occasional one nighter who I may like to fuck again.

I still have the number of the first guy I slept with, the number of my almost boyfriend fuckbuddy, and the number of the last guy I slept with (who was the guy I fucked bare).

These are the momentos of my other life, my sordid little sex life which I share in this blog.

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