Sunday, 26 July 2009

Three's Company

Back to documenting my past sexual exploits. After my final roll in the sack with Mr Silver, it was approximately 6 months before I slept with anyone again. And what better way to make up for lost time than by having a threesome, right?

It was January 2006, the New Year celebrations were fading into a distant memory, and I felt like I had to get back out there. Being a creature of habit, I returned to my old cruising ground: the gay chatline.

There was a profile that I recognised right away. He was using the same profile message. I felt a thrill of excitement as I heard his voice and I knew I had to send him a reply. I sent him a casual "hi, how's things" message. He was surprised to hear from me, given the abrupt end to our previous relationship, but we sent messages back and forth that night and both agreed that it would good to see each other again. That's how Guy #1 came back in my life.

He was still with his female partner, so he couldn't host. Neither could I. Instead he came up with the idea of going over to a friends place one evening where the three of us could have a little fun together. I was feeling adventurous, and I wanted to see Guy #1 again, so I agreed.

We planned to meet at the same train station as our first meeting, and then he would drive us to his friends home. It was late evening, and there was a chill in the air. I waited till he drove up to the car park, and then slipped into the passenger seat of his car. Off we drove, chatting away. I was nervous, but being with Guy #1 put me at ease.

We arrived at his friends building and he buzzed us in. We walked up to his apartment, Guy #1 knocked on the door and we waited. O opened the door and invited us inside. We said hello and O led us straight to his bedroom, Guy #1 and O chatting as we went. We stood around for a minute, then it was decided that we should get started.

Guy #1 kissed me deeply, and I reciprocated while O watched. When we broke the kiss we looked over at O. I walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips, kissing him as deeply as I had kissed Guy #1 moments earlier. From the other side of the room I heard Guy #1 utter "Christ!" under his breath. The last time Guy #1 and I had met I was shy and nervous, so my bold manoeuvre took him by surprise. He was clearly turned on at what was happening in front of him, and we motioned for him to join us. Guy #1 and O kissed, then we all got naked.

I found myself on my knees, sucking one cock than the other, moving back and fourth between the two men in front of me. O is cut, in contrast to both Guy #1 and myself who both have our foreskin intact. This was the first time I sucked on a cut dick. O was wearing a cockring, and it made his cock huge. I struggled to take him as deeply into my mouth as I would have liked.

Guy #1's cock was just as beautiful as I remembered. I relished him in my mouth. This was the first cock I ever sucked, and one I was happy to familiarise myself with again. I fulfilled a little fantasy that night, to have two cocks in my mouth at the same time. My lips stretched around the two large members in my mouth, my tongue dancing between the two, licking at each head. Each of us took turns on our knees while the two standing would busy themselves making out and exploring each others bodies.

We ended up in many different positions that night, sucking and being sucked, forming a daisy chain, having two mouths sucking on our cocks at the same time. I enjoyed sucking their balls into my mouth and giving them a good spit soak. Later, Guy #1 and I made out on the bed while O rimmed him. I turned around under Guy #1 so I could suck his cock, and he sucked mine, mirroring the 69 we had the first time we slept together. This was while he was being rimmed by O. We were all hot and sweaty and horny for each other.

I was in heaven when both men decided to hold me down to lick and suck my very sensitive nipples. It was the most amazing feeling, to have two mouths on you at the same time. We all lay back on the bed and jerked off to completion, then we cleaned up and dressed and it was time to leave. I kissed O lightly as I left and thanked him for having me over that evening. As Guy #1 dropped me off we talked about what had transpired that evening, and we both expressed a desire to do that again.

On returning home I sent a text to Guy #1 to tell him how much fun I had, and that I was glad that we decided to meet up again. I didn't have a mobile number for O, so I asked Guy #1 to relay to O how much I enjoyed being with the both of them, and that I would be willing to do it again sometime, and one month later we all met up again.

Over the next few months I had regular threesomes with Guy #1 and O. We usually met in the evenings, although we did have the occasional afternoon meet when we all had the day off together. Over that time O and I began to grow closer and developed a friendship that still lasts to this day. The three of us enjoyed our three-way relationship, and even invited a few more people into the bed.


GB said...

Those three poor things look quite dry. I trust they didn't stay like that for too long!

GB xxx

HH said...

That pic was found on the internet, so I can't say how their dryness issues were solved.

However, during the threesome, I did my best to make sure that both my friends were well "moisturised" ;)