Sunday, 3 May 2009

Guy #1: The First Meeting

I was 22 when I first had sex with another man. He was a married bisexual jock in his early 30's with a shaved head, smooth torso and 7.5" uncut cock.

This is the guy I alluded to at the end of my last post. It was on my day off and I travelled by bus to a train station located roughly equidistant from where we both lived. I was more than a little nervous as I walked up the road towards the station, not least because I was meeting a complete stranger and no one knew where I was.

I spotted a man sitting on a low wooden fence and next to a car, on the side of the road I was walking on. He had given me a description of his car in our last phone conversation, but I was so nervous the information flew out of my head. As I got closer I could see that the man roughly matched the description of the guy I was meeting, and was wearing clothes similar to the clothes he said he would wear.

I slowed down as I approached him, the hint of a smile on my face. I wanted to appear friendly, but was wary in case this guy turned out not to be the man I was due to meet. I need not have worried. He said hi and used my name, I returned the greeting, we shook hands and he asked if I wanted to sit in his car with him. I agreed.

He studied me as I sat in his car, and I did the same. He was as attractive as I had imagined (this was a time before camera phones so I had no idea what he looked like before this first meeting) with hazel eyes and high cheekbones. His head was shaved smooth and his skin was tanned.

We chatted. I knew he was married and had to be discrete, as did I as I was not out. I explained to him that I was still a virgin, and apart from kissing a guy during my time at university, I had no experience with guys. He said that because of his situation he couldn't take me back to his place on that day as his wife was home, even though he wanted to, so we agreed to arrange another time to meet when he had the place to himself.

He told me how attractive I was and how much he wanted to kiss me, but as we were out in public we didn't touch. He said he definitely wanted to have sex with me. I just wanted to have sex, but I rephrased it by saying I liked him too.

I left him in his car with the promise that I would text him when I had a day off from work, so he could take some time off too. So two weeks later we met up again at the same train station. I once again got into his car and this time he drove me to his place where we had sex.

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