Friday, 8 May 2009

The First Taste

I sat in the middle of the couch, nervous as hell. It must have shown on my face, as Guy #1 told me to relax and to move closer to him. Without realising it, I had kept a gap between us earlier when I sat down next to him. I scooched over a little.

We were sitting in the family room his house. It was a little weird to think that earlier that day his family were here with him, getting ready for a day at work and school, and now we were here, about to have sex, and they would have no idea.

He stared at me as he chatted, one arm draped over the headrest of his couch. He wanted me, the lust evident in his eyes. He asked if he could kiss me, and I nodded. His arm slid down off the head of the couch, pulled me closer to him and our lips met.

We kissed, slowly at first, but the pace soon picked up as our passion increased. His tongue found its way into my mouth, and my tongue flicked around his. We kissed for ten minutes, and broke apart, hot and breathless. He asked If I enjoyed it, and yes I did, very much. The throbbing member in my pants was testament to that.

I pulled off my t-shirt, we started kissing again. His hands wondered over my naked chest as my fingers felt his still clothed torso. My skin tingled at his touch. We pulled apart again for him to remove his t-shirt, and I was presented with his smooth muscular chest.

Not gym toned muscular, but the kind developed from playing sports, predominantly football. My left hand reached out and ran along the taut skin of his abdomen. I could feel the ridges of his abs under the skin. I leaned back in and moved my mouth down and kissed his pecs and licked his nipples, just as I had fantasised. I had finally got my hands on a man and I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity.

I slid off the couch onto the floor.I was on my knees between his legs. It was the perfect position to be in for what I had in mind. I wanted cock, and one was practically within reach. I asked if I could see his dick. He lifted his ass off the couch so he could push down his track pants and underwear in one movement, then sat back down.

There it was, the prize I had waited a lifetime for. Resting between two muscular and lightly hairy legs, surrounded by a trimmed bush, was his cock. I wrapped my left hand around it and slid the foreskin back and forth, slowly exposing and then covering the head. My grip became slightly firmer as I jerked him off. A drop of precum appeared on the slit, my signal to take the next step. I leaned in as I stuck out my tongue, using the tip to lick at the clear drop in front of me. I savoured the taste, mentally comparing it to the flavour my own precum. I then put my lips around the cock head, careful to cover my teeth as I did so, and started gently sucking him, my hands resting on those muscular thighs.

That was it. The first taste, and I was addicted. I sucked more, taking him further into my mouth. His groans of pleasure indicated I was doing something right, and his cock grew to it's full 7 inches in my mouth. I admired its length and thickness as I licked the shaft and head, trying to emulate the actions I had seen in the gay porn film I had recently purchased. I ran my tongue down over his scrotum, licking at this balls and savouring the flavour. All traces of nervousness had disappeared, replaced by lust and horniness.

My cock was hard, throbbing and leaking precum in my underwear, and I was still in my jeans. I pulled away from his crotch, stood up, unbuckled my belt and quickly removed my jeans and underwear in record time. I tossed over to a chair, abandoning them on top of my discarded t-shirt and next to my sneakers and backpack. I stood there, hard and naked, in front of him. The head of my cock slick with precum. He slipped off the trackpants and underpants from around his ankles and then stood up.

I took his place on the couch and he took my previous position on the floor. He sucked my cock into his mouth and began to give me a blow job. The sensation was intense. My cock had only ever known the feeling of my hand, so this was new territory. I put one hand on each side of his shaved head, not to stop him or force him down onto my erection, but to lightly hold his head as he blew me.

After a while I pulled him off my cock and switched positions so I was between his legs again. Let's just say I had found out something about myself that day. I was a born cocksucker. The thing missing from my life had been placed between my lips. Sucking on his cock felt right, and I was in heaven as I blew him, licking his cock and balls with ecstatic glee.

When I shifted position so I was on my back on the floor with my legs up on the couch, he looked at me with a puzzling expression on his face, wondering what I was doing. It took a moment for him to realise what I wanted. 69.

He lowered himself onto me, one leg each side of my head. My mouth on his member as his mouth sucked on my cock. It was the perfect position, sucking on his prick took my attention away from the intense feelings of having my cock sucked, and I could enjoy the sensations of having my cock sucked while sucking on one myself.

My hands moved up and down his thighs as we blew each other. In this position I had a good view of his asshole, perfect and puckered, above me. I had the urge to finger it, but didn't want to rock the boat by doing something he may feel uncomfortable with, so I left it alone. I had lube and condoms in my backpack, just in case, but they were not used.

As he increased the thrusting motion of his hips, more of his cock disappeared down my throat. Only once did he bottom out, his full length pushed into my mouth and I gagged around his cock. Tears streamed from my eyes, but he pulled back a little, sensing my panic, and I kept right on sucking him.

He had to be at work later that day, so we didn't have long left. He got up, went out of the room and returned with a large bath towel. By the time he came back, I was sitting on the floor with my back resting on the couch, slowly jacking my spit soaked cock.

He laid the towel on the floor, and we both sat on top of it. We both began to jerk off as we watched each other and he came in a matter of moments, pointing his cock down so the fat drops of sperm fell onto the towel. He wanted me to cum too, and I was trying. This would be the first time I would cum in the presence of another person, shyness crept in and try as I might I could not get myself to the point where I could blow my load.

He moved forward, rubbing my torso and licking my nipples in an effort to make me cum quicker. It didn't work. I was not used to having someone else touch me when I jerked off, my mind had an established rhythm in the lead up to ejaculating, and his actions had the opposite effect to those he desired.

I closed my eyes and had to concentrate. I thought about what I had done that morning, that I had finally lost my virginity, finally got to feel another mans cock in my mouth and see him loose his load because of me. That this would be the first in a lifetime of man on man sex.

That was it, I worked my way to a ball busting orgasm, and shot my load onto the towel.

Well most of my load. A few drops of sperm shot beyond the towel and landed on the carpet (well, I was a horned up 22 year old, and had been known to spray my load over my shoulder and onto my headboard in my solo sessions). He wasn't best pleased. Leaving evidence like that could have blown his cover. I apologised and used a corner of the towel to wipe away the incriminating evidence. I cleaned up my cock and dressed as he left the room again to get rid of the towel. He came back into the room to dress in the clothes he had left in a pile next to the couch. Dressed, I picked up my backpack and we left his house.

The plan was to drive me to the train station where he picked me up, but as he was running late for work, he asked if he could drop me off near a bus route that would take me into the city. I agreed. I guess in the back of his mind he was thinking he had to get back home and check that I had mopped up all the drops of spunk that had landed on the carpet, that all evidence of that mornings illicit activities had to be erased.

As he dropped me off, I told him that I had an amazing time, as did he. He couldn't believe that was my first time, and I had to assure him it was. He said he would text me later in the day, we said our goodbyes and he drove off. We texted a few times after that, but he was due to go away with his family on holiday, so meeting up again would have to wait.

It would be five years before we would meet again, and in doing so he would introduce me to the pleasures of group sex.

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