Monday, 18 May 2009

The May To December Encounter

This is how I met Mr Silver.

There was a gap of four months between loosing my virginity to Guy #1 and having sex again. By that time Guy #1 and I were no longer in contact, which was mostly my doing. Guy #1, was bisexual, married, and had a kid. By his own admission, his wife had no idea of his extra-marital activities, and there were many of those. Guy #1 was a player.

In contrast, I wanted a relationship. Something I wanted for a long time, ever since experiencing the first pangs of love whilst in university. Guy #1 couldn't give me that, so I had to look elsewhere.

When I first met Mr Silver on the gay chatline, he told me he was in his early 40's. It was only later in the relationship that I discovered he had knocked 10 years off his age, putting him in his 50's and making him the same age as my father. The age difference didn't bother me, rather the fact he lied and kept up the pretence for so long. I felt like a fool for believing him so readily.

We met when I was 23, and still a novice when it came to men. After trading text messages for a while we had agreed to meet up. The venue was outside a theatre, located near the centre of the city. He had parked near the entrance. As I walked towards the theatre, my cell phone rang. He had called to see if I was the guy walking towards his car. I said yes and he flashed his lights to indicate which vehicle was his. I rang off, walked over to his car, opened the door and got inside.

He was handsome, with silver hair cut short and spikey, hence the name Mr Silver. He had a few laughter lines around his eyes and mouth when he smiled. We said hi, talked for a while, and he asked if I wanted to go to his place for a "coffee". I suggested this first meeting to see if we liked each other, so I thought "coffee" would involve a caffeinated beverage of some kind. Hey, I did say I was a novice when it came to these things. I buckled up and off we drove.

He lived out of the city in a small town. The journey took around 40 minutes. As we drove there, the old spectre of doubt popped up in the back of my mind. I'm in a car with a total stranger, driving to an unknown location and nobody knows where I am. I know, I know, things could have gone so badly wrong. I could have ended up injured, or worse, but there is always risk in meeting someone new.

We arrived at his house, located on the main through road leading into the centre of the town. In we went through the side door of the house into his kitchen, and he asked if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for water and he poured out two glasses from a jug in the fridge.

We sat in his lounge and talked. He told me a little about himself. He was single since his partner died and was now looking to get back out there. I reciprocated with some information about myself, how I was single, that I had recently had sex with a man for the first time and wanted to explore my sexuality further.

He seemed kind and friendly, joking with me and making me feel at ease. I noticed he was staring at me intently while we talked, and he eventually asked if he was allowed to kiss me. I nodded and we kissed. He was a good kisser, and after 10 minutes of lip locking I whispered "Let's go upstairs".

I hadn't planned on this happening, certainly not to sex with a guy within two hours of meeting him, but I thought what the hell, just go with the flow and if the sex was bad I would not have to see him again. He lead me upstairs to his bedroom.

We kissed, only interrupting our make out session to shed clothes. He took his cue from me, and because I kept my underwear on, so did he. We fell onto his bed, and continued to kiss each other. Age had filled out his body a little, but he was toned (later he confessed to hiring a personal trainer to help him get fit). I enjoyed his body, and he mine. When we removed our underwear, he marveled at my hard young 7 inch cock. His was smaller, around 5 inches, but I found it was the perfect size for sucking, and suck it I did. I relished the feeling of having a cock in my mouth again. We traded blowjobs in between bouts of kissing, our hands feeling each other all the while.

We finished with him on his back and me straddling his stomach, he jerked his cock as I jerked mine. He shot his load onto my hairy butt cheek. Again I had to concentrate to reach orgasm, eventually shooting my load, the majority of which splattered onto his headboard which was three feet away. A feat he was very impressed with.

He let me take a shower to get his cum off me, and after we dressed he took me back into the city. We agreed to text each other, and we did, arranging to meet again. Meeting up with Mr Silver became a regular thing, and my sexual horizons were broadened.

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