Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sexual Education With Mr Silver

Whenever I met Mr Silver, it was always at his house. We would arrange to meet on my days off, since he worked from home most days. He would pick me up, drive me to his place, we would have sex in the morning, have a bite to eat, have sex again in the afternoon, shower, and he would drop me back in the city.

Sounds good, and on the surface it was. But there was a problem, I couldn't cum when I had sex with him. I have mentioned before how when I had sex with a guy, I had to really concentrate to reach orgasm. That problem continued when I was with Mr Silver. I didn't mind though. I could easily get off when I returned home, when I was on my own, I could replay the sex we had that day in my mind and reach a ball busting orgasm.

I had sex with Mr Silver to feel the weight of another body on mine, to kiss his lips, get my mouth around his cock, to suck on his balls, and to have those things done to me, even though my erogenous zones were still extra sensitive. I would smile and laugh with glee as he explored my body with his mouth. I was like an eager puppy and my tail was always wagging.

He certainly enjoyed my body. Loved the size and feel of my cock, which always seemed to be in a state of permanent arousal. At first, the fact that I couldn't cum bothered him. I told him that not ejaculating didn't upset me, I loved the sex we had together, and loved exploring my sexuality with him. In contrast, every time we met up for sex, he came.

Over our time together we indulged in many forms of sex. He was the first guy to rim me. The feeling of being rimmed was intense. Pure pleasure overload. I would squirm and gasp and hope it would never stop.

He was the first man I fucked. Sticking my cock up his ass was another odd sensation when I first attempted it. We were always safe, so I guess wearing a condom was part of it. He wasn't the tightest down there, but once I got used to the sensation, it felt good. Doggy style was a favourite of mine, and still is.

He had a bit of a leather fetish. He liked me to fuck him while I wore my leather jacket, loved it when I hadn't shaved in a few days, as he had this fantasy of being roughly fucked by a hoodlum, forced to take a cock up his ass, a fantasy I obliged.

Once I gave him a blowjob as he drove his car. We were on route to his house, driving down a quiet country lane. Often when he drove, I would sit with my legs spread wide, and his hand would wonder over my groin. He loved looking over to see my erection straining against my jeans, and at times my hands would fondle his groin too.

On this occasion, I had unzipped his fly, and he was going commando so his cock head poked out of the fly of his trousers. There were no other cars around, so I hooked my seatbelt around the hand rest of my seat, leaned over and gave him head. I know, totally stupid as we were in a moving car, being a horny youth is my only defence.

He loved it when I would give him a prostate massage. The first time was a surprise for him. I brought a medical latex glove from home, and when we were naked on his bed I reached over into my backpack, put on the glove and presented my sheathed fingers to him. He wondered what I was up too, and I soon showed him. I lubed up my fingers and put my middle finger up to his hole. I applied gentle pressure and my finger slipped in easily. I finger fucked his hole for the best part of an hour, time and again rubbing up against his prostate, edging him until he shot a torrent of cum. After that he made sure there were fresh latex gloves in the drawer where he kept his lube, condoms and poppers.

We had sex in most rooms of his house, I would give him blowjobs on his couch, and once on the stairs. We had shower sex, and once after sharing a bath together I fucked him in the tub. One of our most memorable encounters was when we tried bondage.

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