Friday, 22 May 2009

Bound And Blindfolded

When I mentioned that I wanted to try bondage, Mr Silver indulged me. His spare bedroom had a metal bed frame with horizontal bars on the headboard. I lay on the bed in nothing but a leather pouch (one of his) as he bound my wrists and ankles to the frame of the bed, a blindfold covering my eyes. I tested the strength of the knots. In my mind, it was my duty to attempt to escape the bindings. But it was no use, they held tight.

Mr Silver spent time kissing my body, licking and lightly biting my nipples, sucking my toes, teasing my hard cock through the open fly of the pouch. I gasped and moaned, and struggled against the ties. He lubed up his hand and jerked me off, trying to make me cum, but it didn't happen.

I remember he got off the bed and left the room. The seconds stretched out like days as I waited for him to return, and being tied up I couldn't even play with my aching cock to pass the time. He was only gone for 30 seconds, to go into his bedroom next door to retrieve something.

I felt the mattress give as he got back on the bed, heard the opening of a screw cap bottle and caught the faint whiff of something in the air, something synthetic, with a similarity to pear drops. Poppers.

He had bought them specially for that day, in anticipation of our bondage session. He asked if I wanted to try it. I said yes (this being the first time I had ever tried the stuff) and he held the bottle under my nose, pressed a finger to my nose to shut one of my nostrils and told me to take a deep breath. I did, and was transported instantly into orbit. This was the time when you could buy the proper stuff, the kind that made your head swoon when you sniffed. My face felt flushed and I could hear my heartbeat in my head, echoing, like I was hearing it from a distance.

Mr Silver took a hit and then resumed feasting on my body. It felt as if I was slightly out of my body, experiencing every sensation, but differently to how it had been before. I no longer struggled against the bindings. Instead I rode the wave of sensation until the effects of the poppers wore off and I returned to earth.

He untied me, and we kissed. I sucked his cock and licked his balls, sucking one then the other into my mouth. We ended up with him sitting cross legged on the bed, and me sitting on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist. I had both of our cocks in one lubed hand, jacking them slowly as he gave me, and then himself, another hit of poppers.

Back in orbit, with the slow echoing sound of my heartbeat filling my ears, we kissed. It felt as if the wold had melted away and only the two of us existed in that moment in time. I jacked us off and he came, shooting onto his abdomen. I let go of his spent cock and grasped mine firmly, increasing the speed of my hand while still kissing him. The poppers had the desired effect, and I added my semen to the load on his stomach, one of the handful of times I achieved an orgasm in the entire time I was with him.

Being tied up was an interesting experience, but I realised that I preferred the more active role.

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