Friday, 14 August 2009

The Story Of O

I met O as part of the threesome I had with him and Guy #1. Over the next few months the three of us would meet up regularly, and as a result O and I grew closer. O is a year younger than me, with sexy dark eyes, pouting lips and a firm, toned body.

One Wednesday afternoon, a few months after our regular threesomes started, we again met up to have some fun. Like always, I arrived at O's place with Guy #1. That day, Guy #1 was only free for a few hours, so he eventually had to leave. I had the rest of the day free, and so did O, so we decided that I would stay, and the two of us could continue our fun. Later that night, when Guy #1 texted me to say how hot the three of us were together, I replied that I was still at O's, and that we hadn't left the bedroom.

Partly because Guy #1 couldn't always get away to join us, O and I began to meet by ourselves. O lived about 10 minutes walk from where I worked, so on days when he finished work early, we would arrange for me to go over straight after my workday finished. Occasionally, we would take the day off together and spend it the majority of time in his bed.

Sex with O was always fantastic. He's a great kisser, fantastic at giving head, and has such a sexy ass. We would kiss, and suck and rim each other every chance we got. I loved having his long, thick, cut cock in my mouth. I remember how he would gasp whenever I teased the underside of his cock with my tongue, and I would take great delight in hearing him moan with pleasure when I ran my tongue over his smooth hole.

It was during one such rimming session when O said he wanted me to fuck him. As a threesome, O, Guy #1 and I never fucked each other, so this was something new to enjoy. I lay on my back and watched as he rolled a condom onto my dick and then straddled me. He slowly lowered himself onto my cock and rode me for a while. Later I fucked him as he lay on his stomach, and then doggie style.

From then on we added fucking to our repertoire, but only when it was the two of us. He did try fucking me once, but being an anal virgin, I was too tight and he couldn't penetrate me. So, when we fucked, I always topped him.

Our threesomes with Guy #1 continued, taking place every few weeks or so. Guy #1, horndog that he is, kept on trying to add more to our number, which resulted in us having a fivesome one evening (an encounter I will write about in a future post).

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