Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Let's Go Outside

It was a sunny day in July '06. O and I had tried to sort out a meet, but things never panned out. I was horny as hell and needed relief. I jumped online onto a gay cruising site, said I was free that day and looking to hook up. There were the usual bunch of flakes online, and those guys interested in chatting rather than meeting.

I remember chatting to one guy, but he disappeared, and was about to give up when I received a message from a guy who liked my profile pic. We started to chat and I found out he was bi and closeted (so no profile pic). He had a few hours free and wanted to meet up, but couldn't accommodate, as he claimed he had workmen at his place. He then suggested that we meet outdoors. So I'll call him Outdoor Guy.

He knew of some fields near to where he worked that could serve our needs. It was summer, the weather was fair, and I was looking to broaden my sexual experiences, so I agreed to meet. I quickly jumped into the shower and then dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, no underwear. He didn't want to give out his cellphone number so all I had was blind faith that he would show.

The fields he mentioned were on the city limits, to the south of where I lived. I used public transport to get there. It took half an hour, and it was close to midday when I got off the bus. The fields were fenced off from the road, so I had to walk along the fence to find a gate that would allow me entrance.

The pathway was tree lined, and as I walked I noticed a guy walking towards me vaguely matching the description the guy I was chatting to gave. He was wearing a bright blue football jersey, and I remembered the guy said that is what he would be wearing. We walked past each other.

I stopped under a tree, and he stopped a few meters away. I gave him a quick glance, then looked away into the distance before running my hand through my hair, then quickly looking back over to him to see if he got my signal. I had no idea what I was doing, no idea if this was the guy I was supposed to meet, or if he had decoded my elaborate signal.

I am lousy at reading signals from guys. Put me in a room with a guy, or bunch of guys, and I'm fine. If I know that we are there to have sex, I can act accordingly. But when it comes to the precursors of sex in public places, I have no clue. My anxiousness gets the better of me and I usually chicken out before anything takes place.

Fortunately, he came over and introduced himself and we shook hands. He was in his early 30's, about 6 foot tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. Cute but slightly chunkier than he described himself online. As we walked up the road, he explained that he thought I wouldn't be able to find the entrance to the fields, so had decided to walk down the road in the hopes of meeting me.

He lead me to the gate, and I followed him down the path towards the fields. The trees were thicker here, and I was on guard, in case I was being led into some sort of ambush. The trees thinned out and lined the edge of the field, which was fallow and was covered in stalks of grass up to hip height.

He leaned up against a tree and we kissed. I could taste the sweat on his upper lip. I ground my stiffening cock into his as we kissed, then got down onto my knees as I unziped his jeans and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him for a minute or two. He was average size, no more than 5 inches uncut, but I gave him a good idea of my oral talents. He moaned softly with every pass of my tongue on his sensitive cock head.

The sun was high in the sky, and there wasn't many shadows to conceal what we were doing. A passing stranger could have seen what we were up to. I got up off my knees and voiced my concerns, so he zipped up and we went to look for something a little more secluded. We didn't find anywhere better suited, so came up with the idea of lying on the grass in the centre of the field. The long grass would conceal what we were up to, and we could be more comfortable.

We lay out in the sun and made out. He had me on my back and unbuttoned my jeans. My cock sprang forth, unhindered by my lack of underwear and he sucked me off. I felt amazing. I lay there with my eyes closed, the blazing sun beating down on my body and a warm, wet mouth on my cock. Does life get any better?

After a while I had him on his back, the front of his shirt pushed up as I licked and sucked his nipples. He had a slightly hairy chest, and was sweating from the heat. The sweat was fresh, and I lapped it up every time I made a pass at his tits. He undid his jeans, turned over onto his stomach, and presented me with his lightly furred ass.

I went to town, licking at more of the fresh sweat that had accumulated in his crack. He let out a low growl when my tongue passed over his hole, and I ate him out. He asked if I wanted to fuck him. It wasn't something we had discussed when we were chatting online. I didn't think he was into being fucked, so I had not bought any condoms with me. I told him I had no rubbers, and he said he didn't mind it raw.

From a closeted, bi guy to a raw cum dump bottom in the space of half an hour. Yes guys, I'm that good, lol. However I had never barebacked at that time, so I decided to finger fuck him instead. If the same situation presented itself to me now, would I fuck him? In all honesty, yes. I would fuck him raw, and probably cum in him too, then spend the next couple of weeks kicking myself for being weak willed, meanwhile furiously jacking off to the memory of his unprotected ass surrounding my cock. If you haven't figured out by now I'm a little screwed up.

Anyway, I finger fucked him until he shot his seed into the ground. His ass clamping down on my fingers with each shot. We kissed again, and then he went down on me. Again I closed my eyes and let him suck me off as I soaked up the sun. I told him when I was ready to shoot, and he increased the pressure of his sucking. My eyes rolled back in my head and I shot my load into his mouth. He swallowed.

As soon as he had my cum, he changed. He became furtive, jumping up and making his excuses that he had to leave, and asking if I was okay to find my own way back to the road. I said yes, and he was off. From cum dump to closeted bi guy, quicker than the change of a traffic light. Told you I was good.

I stood up and watched him walk to the edge of the field. There were grass seeds stuck to my t-shirt, so I removed the shirt and shook the seeds off. He turned around to see if I was following him, and must have seen me shirtless, my taut, toned body in the afternoon sun. He stopped and watched me for a moment before going on his way. Probably thought I was trying to entice him into round 2, but I was just trying to clean up a little, so it didn't look like I had been rolling around a grass field.

I walked back along the tree lined path to the road, and caught the bus home where I showered the last few seed heads out of my hair.

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