Monday, 17 August 2009


It was warm spring afternoon in early April '06. My workday had finished, so I walked through the city to O's place. He buzzed me in, and I went up to his apartment. He greeted me with a warm smile as he opened his door, in I went and we kissed.

Kissing O was always a magical experience. We chatted, flirted, and kissed as he finished up his chores. In his kitchen, we made out and things got steamy. I slipped my hands under his t-shirt to tweak his nipples as we kissed. I even lifted up the t-shirt to have a quick lick and nibble of those sensitive nubs. My cock was leaking precum into my boxer briefs, and I wanted him, but I would have to wait.

Guy #1 was due to arrive soon, and he wasn't coming alone. He had asked if he could bring someone. I said I didn't mind, and since it was O's apartment, he should be the one to have final say.

O and I had a hour to kill before Guy #1 arrived. We retired to the bedroom, and made out on his bed. Since we had a big night planned with Guy #1 and the new guy, we agreed not to take things too far. We knew we couldn't cum, but strangely that made our make out session all the more erotic. We ended up stripped of all our clothes save our underwear, teasing each others flesh, taking each others cocks into our mouths and bringing each other as close to the edge as we dared. The hour passed by very quickly.

Guy #1 sent a text to say he was on his way, so we reluctantly dressed. Although, we joked how hot it would be if O answered the door in his underwear, a big ol' bulge tenting the fabric, and then leading the guys into his bedroom, where I would be waiting, naked, stretched out on the bed, hard and ready.

We decided against it, in case it freaked out the new guy, and he turned tail and ran from our little den of iniquity. Instead, when Guy #1 arrived, O opened the door and I stood in the hallway behind him. Guy #1 entered the apartment, followed quickly by his guest, JM.

JM was in his early 20's, good looking and tall, with dark brown hair, straightened and fashionably cut. Guy #1 had good taste. We shook hands with JM, and then we followed O into the bedroom, where we stood around and chatted. Guy #1 mentioned that he tried to get another guy to join us too, but he couldn't make it.

We decided to get down to it, and so we all stripped down to our underwear. Fortunately, the boxer briefs I wore were jet black, so the wet patch from my earlier precum leakage did not show up. JM took his lead from Guy #1, so when he lay down on the bed, JM did so to. O and I stood by the bed. We began to make out again, and on the bed Guy #1 and JM did so too.

O and I then joined Guy #1 and JM on the bed. I slipped behind Guy #1, and began to kiss the back of his neck while running my hands over his muscular body. O had taken position behind JM and was doing something similar to him.

Guy #1 broke off kissing JM, twisted his upper body around and started to kiss me. His tongue snaked into my mouth, and I pushed mine out to meet his. I continued to massage his body as we kissed, and my hand wondered over to feel JM's slender frame, while his mouth was occupied kissing O.

We swapped partners, and I kissed JM. He was an okay kisser, but I had been spoilt with all those months of kissing O. I resumed running my hands over him, but he didn't really reciprocate. I don't think he liked my body hair, and I was by far the hairiest one there. Guy #1's body hair was light, and O shaved his off. JM was probably used to making out with hairless twinks like himself, not an otter like me.

We swapped partners again, and I was back in O's arms. Much better. I was with someone who liked my fur, although O often teased me that he would take his shaver and give my body hair a close crop. At that time the only bit of bodygrooming I regularly did was to shave my ballsack. As Dr. Evil said: "There's nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking".

Guy #1 received a message from the other guy who was going to join our group that night. It turned out he was free, and wanted to know if it was too late to join in. Guy #1 asked if we minded adding another to our party. JM said he didn't mind, and neither did I. As I said, it should be up to O as it was his place. O agreed.

Guy #1 dressed and left to pick up the other guy, Y. He only lived 10 minutes away, but lived with his boyfriend, who had no idea that Y was carrying on with Guy #1. Y's boyfriend was working late, leaving him free to join us.

It was left to O and me to entertain JM in Guy #1's absence. Standing up, we sandwiched him between our bodies. O was in front of him, kissing his mouth, as I stood behind him, kissing his neck and running my hands down the sides of his torso. We soon lost our underwear, and were in for a pleasant surprise. JM had a nice piece of meat dangling between his legs. At least 8.5 inches uncut.

While O worked on that lovetool with his fantastic oral talents. I applied mine to his rear end. I got down onto my knees and kissed at his cheeks. I parted them and was in for another surprise. His buttcrack was filled with thick brown hair. My hairless twink wasn't so hairless. I licked at his crack, and the hair ran across my tongue. My tongue quickly worked its way to the hairless centre of his anus, and JM gasped when I zoomed on his hole.

I remained on my knees as O and JM stood over me and fed me their cocks. I had two large pieces on manflesh to play with, one uncut and new, the other cut and very familiar. I relished each one, moving back and forth between the two as O and JM made out above me.

Guy #1 returned with Y in tow. Y was a young man from the Philippines. Small with delicate features and a hairless, compact body. As O, JM and I were completely naked, Guy #1 and Y wasted no time in joining us in that state.

Y lay out on the bed, and I joined him. I enjoyed Y very much. He was a good kisser, and had very sexy lips. While I made out with him, Guy #1, O and JM enjoyed each other. I took Y into my mouth and sucked him off and licked his hairless balls, while O kissed him.

Over the next few hours, we all changed partners and positions, and we all had fun kissing, licking and sucking each other. As usual with our group sessions, there was no fucking. At one point, seeing how much I was reveling in the new manflesh on offer, O jokingly called me a slut. I playfully slapped his ass. Though he was right, I embraced my inner slut that night.

Our little fivesome ended with Y on the bed, furiously jerking himself off. JM was kneeling on the edge of the bed, jacking off while Guy #1 was standing behind him, kissing him and rubbing his erection into JM's back. I was kneeling on the bed, facing JM and Guy #1. O was behind me, his cock in between my buttcheeks, running up and down my crack. JM was watching us intently. I guess from his viewpoint, it looked as though O was fucking me!

JM's sizable cock was jutting out in front of his body, facing me. I was in lust with that cock, and wanted to take it into my mouth again. I lost count on how many times I had that cock slide in between my lips and over my tongue that night, but I wanted it one more time.

I made a move forward to suck JM's cock again, but was restrained by O's arms holding me tight. I struggled, the lust for JM's one eyed monster clouding my mind. But, the more I struggled, the tighter O's hold became, and he was strong. I was going nowhere fast. From JM's viewpoint it looked as O was fucking me senseless, and I was trying to get away. It must have pushed him over the edge, and he shot his load.

Since I was right in front of JM, his thick ropes of semen splattered onto my body, and I was showered in his cum. I heard Guy #1 utter "Christ!" under his breath and he saw the cum hit my body, and JM apologised for shooting on me. I said not to worry, and I meant it. It awoke a something inside me. The force and the ferocity of the cum hitting my body that was such a turn on. To this day, one of my fantasies is to have a group of guys cum all over me.

JM, spent, got up and was directed to the en suite by O. JM quickly cleaned himself up, dressed, made his excuses, and left. While I showered JM's cum off my body, Guy #1, Y and O quickly reached their own orgasms. Guy #1 and Y cleaned up in the main bathroom and left together so Guy #1 could drop Y off before his boyfriend returned home. Guy #1 headed home himself, but texted me later that night to say how much he enjoyed the group session and the both JM and Y enjoyed it too. I helped O straighten up his bedroom, and we had a quick make out session before he dropped me off at home.

I hadn't cum yet, so alone in my bedroom, I relived the events of the fivesome, and shot my load, unfortunately into a tissue, before falling asleep.

O texted me early the next morning, saying he had woken up that morning with a hard on because of me. The night before he had caught a glimpse of me showering in his bathroom, and the thought of my naked, wet body had filtered into his subconscious mind as he slept. I texted him back saying that I would be happy to hop into his shower anytime he wanted, and maybe next time he could join me.

O and I continued seeing each other regularly for a few months afterwards. We had a few more threesomes with Guy #1, but they petered out when Guy #1 took his female partner away on holiday for the summer. Arranging time to meet O also became increasingly difficult. We were both busy with work, and although we texted each other and sent each other instant messages, we failed to meet up again until two years later.

Guy #1 and I haven't met since, although we are still in contact, and he wants to meet up again. I never saw JM or Y again.

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