Monday, 31 August 2009

Taken In Hand - Part 1

Last Monday saw me meet up again with MG, the young bi guy who wanted to experience rimming. After enjoying our last session, he was eager to do it again.

I arrived at his building mid-morning, and he let me in. We walked up to his apartment, which was filled with diffuse light as his curtains were drawn. I slipped off my jacket, putting it down on his couch. He drew close to me and we kissed. His kisses were tentative, just like last time. After a minute of this we proceeded to his bedroom.

Again, his bedroom curtains were closed, the only light came from a lamp in one corner of the room. He had prepared the bed by removing his duvet and placing a towel over the sheets covering his mattress. We sat on the bed and had a few kisses.

He was nervous, and got up to change the music playing in the background. I took this opportunity to strip out of all my clothes save my boxer briefs. He looked over my body as he returned to the bed, we laid out over the mattress and kissed some more, this time with more passion. Soon he was just in his underwear too.

He reached into my underwear and started to play with my cock, which was hard and dripping precum. I pulled my underwear down and off my legs, discarding them on the floor next to my clothes. He did the same with his boxers, and we jerked each other off. The problem was he jerked me too hard, manhandling my meat instead of caressing it. I knew I couldn't cum that way.

Instead, I concentrated on how I jerked his cock. There's a technique to masturbating another guy. When you jerk yourself off you have a direct connection. You can instantly tell what feels good and what gets you off. When you masturbate someone else, you take your cues from them. Their movements, their breathing, the way they react to your touch, these tell you if what you are doing is getting them off. Soon he had abandoned my cock and was lying back in a blissful state enjoying the handjob I provided. He was close to cumming, and told me to stop, he didn't want to shoot too soon. Instead he moved over and straddled my chest, and presented me with his ass.

I put my hands onto his asscheeks and pushed them apart, revealing his hole. I leaned in and began to lick up his crack. His back arched and he moaned as my tongue reached his hole. I licked at his hole, probing the orifice with the tip of my tongue.

Suitably lubed up with my saliva, I inserted one finger into him. His ass was tight and gripped my finger as I slid it in and out. I alternated between using my fingers and using my tongue on his hole. He began to jerk me off. Again his grip was too hard, and I had to move his hand away. I wrapped my hand around his dick and resumed jerking him off, my tongue busy licking his hole. His cock began to grow harder in my hand, I knew he was close. I increased the intensity, licking him and jerking him until he shot his load.

Some of his cum landed on my chest, most had coated my fingers. I pulled my hand out from between his legs, and a wicked thought crossed my mind. His hole was right in front of my face, my fingers were sticky with his cum. I fingered his hole with my sperm soaked digits and worked his own load into his ass.

More to follow...


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

OMG! No you didn't! Wicked hot idea. Rushing to finish this comment in order to read Part 2. You bad boy. HOT!

HH said...

I know, I know, I'm wicked. My only defence is that my brain was fogged with lust at the time, and we all know that rational thought goes out the window when you're horny.