Thursday, 29 January 2009

On Show

I performed on webcam today, the first time this year.

It started this morning when I was chatting to a friend on MSN. We did our usual ritual of flirting back and forth. He tried to show me his body on cam, but it wouldn't connect, so went offline for a few minutes.

All the flirting had got me feeling horny, so while he was offline I removed my clothes and when he returned I was ready to show him just how horny I was. However the messenger had other ideas, and try as I might, it wouldn't let me show him my cam.

So, frustrated, I started surfing the usual gay cruising sites, looking for a little daytime action.

I ended up on one site where people can view webcams, and since I was already in the mood to cam, I published my webcam, got into position in front of it and started to jerk off.

It wasn't long before I had a list of viewers, and messages coming in about how sexy I am, how nice my body is, and how hot my cock is. Lets just say my ego was being stroked as much as my cock was.

Along with the messages came the requests:

"Stroke faster"

"Show me a close up of your cock"

"Can I see your ass?"

I tried to oblige as much as I could. While showing off my ass and hole at the request of one guy, another wanted me to stick something inside there. Something large. Which was not going to happen. Well, nothing larger than a finger or tongue.

The show lasted the best part of an hour. One guy wanted me to tell him about my first time with a guy, so I had to manage typing with one hand while continuing to jerk off with the other.

Eventually requests came in for me to produce, in porn terms, the money shot. Someone requested that I move as close to the camera as possible and shoot, however I wasn't about to ruin my keyboard with cum, and told him so. Instead I turned slightly to the side, and leaned back slightly too. I held my cock so it pointed up towards the ceiling and jerked faster, feeling the pressure build up behind my balls, and shot my load over my torso.

The first volley struck my cheek, more cum splattered my arm, my chest and my abdomen. The sticky white fluid turned cold and began to run down my body.

Show over, I disconnected my cam, and walked over to the bathroom, where I ran a bath and soaked my cum splattered body in the warm water.

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Jackdaw said...

Fuck, now I'm horny! ;)