Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dare To Bare - Part 2

Part one of this post can be found here.

So I was getting sucked by the guy in the previous post, and from time to time I would push my cock in all the way and hold it there. This guy liked to be dominated. I tried to get him to lick my balls (another favourite) by pulling out my cock and offering my balls near his mouth, but he just wanted to suck my cock, which he did greedily.

After a while he flipped over onto his stomach, and I lay on top of him with my cock nestled in his crack. He said he loved the feeling of a man on top of him, and the feeling of my cock slowly grinding in his crack. He wanted to be fucked again.

I told him that I was no longer wearing a condom, and he said that it was up to me if I decided to put one on. Common sense won out and I got up to find another condom, rolled it onto my erect cock when I found one and rubbed some lube onto it.

I positioned myself between his legs, using my knees to move his legs apart. Gripping the base of my cock, I slid into him again. I pumped away, meanwhile his porn dialogue repertoire had resumed. I nibbled on his ear whist fucking him and the faux dialogue was replaced with some very real moaning.

I had a need to get off, so after a while I pulled out and pulled of the condom. I started jerking off. He wanted me to cum, first in his ass, which I questioned, then on his ass, so I increased my jerking and soon shot my load over his hairy cheeks.

We cleaned up, then lay back on the bed chatting, me lying on top of him, which as I mentioned before he liked. I gave him a massage, starting with his back and shoulders,but without any oils it wasn't one of my best, still he seemed to like it.

I flipped him over and lightly licked and nibbled at his nipples. I reached for his cock and jerked him off, I wanted him to cum too, but I guess he's one of those guys that gets off on making guys cum without the need to cum themselves.

He flipped himself back onto his stomach and told me to lie on his back, which I did. We chatted for a bit like that, and he could tell I was getting horny again as my hard on had returned, and was resting between his cheeks.

I began slowly grinding myself against him, slipping into his crack, and teasing the opening of his hole with my cock head. He wanted me to stick it in him, raw. I continued teasing his hole, deciding whether or not to do it.

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