Saturday, 14 November 2009

Missed Opportunity?

I finished work early today. The chill of the autumn air was all the motivation I needed to hurry to my bus stop. The place I was heading to had a row of bus stops along the roadside, so many people gather there to catch buses heading out of the city centre.

As I approached my stop, I noticed a good looking young man waiting at the bus stop next to mine. At first I thought he was just looking in my general direction, but as I came to a halt I realised he was looking at me.

He was gorgeous. Around 6 feet tall, slim, with light olive skin, and muddy green eyes. He was wearing a charcoal black woollen cap with muted green and orange bands. The woolen cap had the added benefit of emphasising his cheekbones, which looked sharp enough to cut glass.

I pretended to look past him, to see if my bus was coming, but he was still in my line of sight, and still looking at me. I caught his eye, but quickly looked away. I'm terrible in these situations.

A minute or two passed before I looked at him again, catching his eye and holding the stare a little longer. There was that familiar sensation in my underwear, the one-eyed devil stirred. One part of my anatomy was sure what was going on, but the rest of my body had no idea on how to proceed.

Any action on my part was moot at that point, as my bus came trundling up the road, and I grudgingly got on the bus. I usually sit near the front, but this time I walked further back and sat on a seat near the window closest to the guy, who was still standing on the pavement. I thought I'd give him one more look at me before the bus departed.

Living in a big city, it's unlikely that I'll see him again. Just two strangers passing in the hustle and bustle of city life. Did I read the situation correctly? Could I have gone up to him and started a conversation? How different would my life be if I had a bit more courage to pursue chance encounters, instead of playing safe?

Truth is I don't think I'm brave enough to try.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

May Mother of God. WOW! Ahhhh! Swooning. Oh how we've wished for such experiences. And truth? We have. About 3-5 times. Isn't it hot??? And you asked the right question: How different would your life be now if you'd actually talked to him? Perhaps it would have been nothing more than a 3 min chat. Perhaps you would have exchanged #s. Maybe you'd be getting dressed for a date this week with him? Isn't life funny like that?

A few weeks ago, I was dancing. At a club. Guy stares me down. I look away. Guy stares me down. I look at him. He continues to look at me... mesmerized by my hip movements. What do I do? I then ramp up the heat. Teasing, taunting him with stripper-like sensuality. I move towards him, grabbing him by the waist -- forcing him to further expose his moves with me. We had a good time. It was worth the laughs, the smiles, the experience. He thanked me and I thanked him. My boyfriend was jealous- but also enjoyed watching. After all, he knew that I'd be going home with him and him only.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Why don't you think you're brave enough?

HH said...

I wish I could be so bold. I guess there's the fear that I'm reading the situation wrong, that any interest he has in me is imagined on my part.

Juanne de Abreu said...

I had a very similar experience when i was in London... but i took a chance and it got me somewhere...

have a read:-D