Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Little Pig

It started off as a webcam session. I had the day off, was home alone for the first time in ages, and was feeling horny. My new housemate was at work, and I wanted to make the most of my free time.

I entered the webcam room and began my show, slowly stripping off my clothes, stroking my hairy chest and playing with my nipples. I became hard instantly, and slowly lowered my boxers down to reveal my rock hard boner. I jerked off on cam until I reached a satisfyingly sticky conclusion.

I went to wash up and when I returned to my computer, I found that one of the guys who had watched my little show had left me a message. He was still online, so I returned his message and we started IMing. The were the usual comments of how hot my body was and the copious amount of cum I had shot onto my hairy belly.

As we chatted, I had a look at his online profile. He was a very sexy Greek man, a daddy bear type, living in New York, and I began to get hard again. He asked if I was into phone fun. I gave him my mobile number, and a few moments later it was ringing. His voice was deep, masculine and very sexy. I lay back on my bed, undoing the cord of my terry towel bathrobe so I had access to my cock. His profile pic was displayed on my computer screen, which I used as visual inspiration while we chatted.

He began describing how hot he thought my cock was and how he'd like me to top him. He paused, and I could hear a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone. He told me he hoped I didn't mind he was smoking T. I said I didn't. In fact this was my first encounter with someone on T, and I was kinda curious about the effect it had on him.

We talked about me topping him, how I would love to eat out his ass before sliding inside him. He said he liked it raw, and I confessed to having liked it when I tried it earlier in the year. That seemed to turn him on even more. He said that when he saw me on cam, he could instantly tell that I had a kinky side hidden under a layer of normality, and that he would love to help me explore it.

How true his words were. I have already confessed on here to having this fantasy of being used as a cumrag and having as many men as possible spay their hot loads all over my body.

He asked if I took raw cock up my ass, and I told him that I'd never been fucked successfully. He said he would be happy to change all that. He would eat me out and lube me with his spit, before entering me raw and fucking me till we both spewed our loads. He would get me high to break me in, and by the time he was done, I would be able to take any cock with ease.

As he talked, my left hand left my dick and moved south towards my hole. I played with it and slipped in a finger, which is all I could manage. He carried on, though every so often pausing to take another hit if his pipe. He said he'd like to whore me out as a top, and get me to fuck some of his bottom fuckbuddies, but in private I would be the bottom, and he'd fuck me.After another hit he said that he'd take me out to his favourite cruising haunts and offer up my dick and ass to anyone who wanted it.

I let the phone rest next to my ear so I could still hear him while both hands were occupied. One was busy fingering my hole and rubbing my perineum, while the other was wrapped around my cock, pumping away furiously. My inner slut was so turned on by these scenarios he was spinning that it wasn't long before I came, each spurt causing my asshole to tighten around my finger.

He hung up a few minutes later, hearing me cum had sent him over the edge and his orgasm was moments behind mine, though he said he would love to have phone sex again sometime. The phone sex was hot, but I think it was mostly the T talking.

He was right about one thing though. Beneath this mask of vanilla, there's a kinky little sex pig longing to be set free.

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Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Your operative sentence was: "Beneath this mask of vanilla, there's a kinky little sex pig longing to be set free."

Our thoughts? HOT!!! If is short. Explore. Discover and uncover the many sides of you. Vanilla is one flavor. Kinky slutty little pig is yet another. Be safe, but DEFINITELY have fun. And if this blog can be an outlet towards that journey, so be it. God knows that we (personally) have unleashed a monster over at Thirty3 Naked Laydies.