Wednesday, 10 June 2009

CSI: Cruising Scene Investigation

There's a gents lavatory in one of the main shopping malls that has a reputation of being a bit of a cruising ground for gay sexual activities. It is located in a quite corner of the complex, out of the way, and it is not immediately obvious that there is a lavatory there. Its quite clean, and there is no graffiti scrawled on the walls, however the cubicles have spy holes drilled into the partitions, and some guys do spend longer than necessary at the urinals.

I know this because I was cruised there a few weeks ago. I had just been in the cinema, and whilst watching the film I slurped on a jumbo soda to go with my popcorn. Walking through the mall after the movie I knew going super size on the drink was a bad idea, since it felt like most of the soda I consumed had gone straight to my bladder and I desperately needed a piss.

Luckily as I was walking down a flight of stairs I spotted the entrance to the lavatory and went in, past all the locked cubicle doors to the back of the room, which widened out to house two long urinals opposite each other, with a bank of hand basins in between.

I let out a sigh of relief as I emptied my bladder, and when finished I went to wash my hands in one of the basins. It was then that I noticed a guy standing at the corner of the other urinal, and only because he coughed. The way the lavatory was designed, you could not see him from the entrance or if you were using the cubicles. You had to come all the way into the back part of the lavatory where the urinals are to know he was there.

It was the perfect spot to cruise for cock, most of the guys using the urinals would just go in for a quick visit, and I doubt that many would stop to wash their hands, so that guy could have spent most of the day there without arousing much suspicion.

I took no notice of his first cough, but then he coughed again, and it sounded more insistent. He was definitely trying to get my attention. I looked over to him. He was in his early to mid 30's, bald with a slim but toned body and wearing a grey wife beater and grey track pants.He was looking over at me, but with his crotch still facing the urinal. I moved over to the hand dryer conveniently located near him and dried my hands in the warm air.

As I did this I casually turned my head towards him. He turned his body so that I could see what he was doing. He had hooked the track pants under his balls and was jerking a nice medium sized uncut cock. The foreskin flicked over the engorged purple head as he moved his hand slowly.

My heart was beating fast, my cock had grown in my jeans and saliva filled my eager cock suckers mouth. I wanted that cock. I shifted my gaze from his cock to look into his eyes, as I slowly, ever so slowly, licked my lips.

Just then someone else came into the lavatory and the spell was broken. He turned back to his starting position, and as my hands were now dry there was no reason to stay there, so I left.

I have visited the lavatory again in the weeks since, to use the facilities, but on the lookout for the more illicit activities. Today I found some, although after the fact.

There were two oily handprints on the back wall of the toilet cubicle I went into. And like the speculative scenarios seen in CSI reconstructions, I can only imagine the scene that transpired there earlier in the day. A guy lubing up his ass before turning around and offering his slick hole to a random stranger, the guy resting his hands on the back wall as he braced himself for an anal assault.

I only wish I had my camera phone on me at the time so I could take a pic of the handprints for this post, but the artists impression I created would have to suffice.

On a sidenote, I noticed that there were two mall security guards hanging around the entrance of the lavatory as I left, so something obviously went on in there.

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