Monday, 5 May 2014


July 2013

He called me insatiable. My first meeting with Mr Scruff and I had already cum twice, but as I lay on top of his body, kissing him deeply, my cock hardened once more.

He took my member in his hand, and then his mouth, but time was not on our side and I had to leave without cumming a third time. Over the next few months Mr Scruff and I met several times, sucking and licking our way to orgasm. It was a pleasant way to spend the summer.

Not all my planned adventures went without a hitch, however. In May of last year I was contacted by a guy in his mid 50's who wanted to meet. He was a bottom into leather and rubber who, over the course of several messages back and forth, outlined that he wanted me to use him on the various pieces of equipment he had in his basement.

We planned a meet, and arranged a day that suited us both. He was located 50 minutes away from me by train. I calculated that if I caught a certain train I could be at his place within an hour, and it would give us a four hour window in which to play before I had to head back.

I told him what time I would be there, and he asked if I could arrive slightly later. The next train was a hour later, but that still gave us three hours, so I agreed to the time change. A day before we were due to meet he contacted me asking if our meeting time could be pushed back further. I was reluctant but agreed, though I had a suspicion that we wouldn't be meeting the following day. Sure enough, on the day we were due to meet I received a message saying he was unwell and had to cancel. I was disappointed, but hardly surprised.

He contacted me again a few days later, apologizing for canceling, and wanting to arrange another meet, again stating how hot it would be if we got together and listing all the activities we could do together. Ultimately, though, nothing materialized.

Back to Mr Scruff. I had seen his profile before, but we had never chatted. On the day he contacted me he was looking to get sucked. Fortunately, I was free and in the mood to suck so we arranged a meet.

But that's a story for another time.

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