Monday, 16 September 2013

An Odd Occurrence

I still have yet to write up my sexual exploits this summer, however something happened today that I wanted to write about.

I was in the mall restroom where I had my first cruising experience back in December 2010, in the same stall I fucked the guy in.

I was originally there to use the facilities, though as I sat there someone entered the stall next to mine. I heard the sound of a lighter sparking up, then the smell of smoke wafted over from the adjacent stall. A foot appeared close to the gap between the stalls, and from the shadows on the floor, I deduced he was jerking his cock.

By that time I had finished up, and the thought of what the other guy was doing caused me to become hard. I had not cum that morning, and started leaking precum almost immediately. I stood up and began to work on my cock, milking more of the clear sticky fluid from the slit.

Just then, the sound of someone walking down the stairs caused the guy next to me to pull his foot back from the partition and stop jerking. The new guy tested each stall door in turn looking for a vacant one. I had locked my stall so there was no danger of being intruded upon.

It didn't look like anything more was going to happen with the guy in the next stall, so I continued to milk my dick, mopping up the precum with some tissue, before stuffing my cock back into my pants, flushing and leaving the cubicle.

While I went over to the sinks to wash my hands, the new guy testing the stall doors moved into my newly vacated cubicle. The sinks are directly opposite the stalls, and have a bank of mirrors above them. While I was washing my hands I noticed the corner of a cellphone peak over the door of the stall occupied by the guy who was smoking and wanking earlier. Most smartphones have their camera in the corner. The guy must have noticed that I had spied his phone above the door, and it quickly disappeared from view.

This happened three more times as I washed my hands. When I moved over to the hand dryer, the cubicle door opened, and the guy walked passed me to get to the sink. I got a good look at him, late 20's/ early 30's, slightly chubby, bald with a beard and tats. He watched me through the reflection in the mirror, and I did the same. He was cute.

My hands dry, I moved off, heading for the stairs, which I climbed slower than I usually would. I looked back at him. He was still watching me, and jerked his head back towards his cubicle mouthing the words "come on". I was nearing the top of the stairs, by the door leading back to the mall. I looked back at him again, and he repeated his head nod, mouthing the same words.

I paused. I considered quickly walking back down the stairs, into his cubicle and letting him follow me in there, and if my dick was in control that is what would have happened.

I couldn't shake the fact that he had been using his phone to spy on me, and possibly record me or take a photo. I didn't know if he was an undercover cop, or worse. I had not initiated any of the sexual maneuvers, though I was more focused on my milking my cock than checking to see if I was being spied on, so I decided the best thing to do was leave.


BlkJack said...

Sometimes you have to follow your first thought. Men are like trains; if you miss one, just wait a few minutes and another will appear.

HH said...

In hindsight I should have enticed him into the handicapped stall at the top of the stairs, but at the time I was annoyed he was using his cameraphone.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is crazy. I been there to where guys would indirectly ask me to follow them somewhere for sex. I usually decline, but I think it would be hot to do with my boyfriend lol. Maybe as a role play type of thing. I always think of new ways to spice up my relationship. You can read more about them.