Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Year Goes By

It's been a year since I last had sex with a guy (HB, the closeted bi guy, who I fucked one evening when his female partner was out).

It can be usual for me to go a few months, or maybe half a year between sexual encounters, but even I think a year is too long. Certainly it is not conducive to writing a sex blog.

In the meanwhile I've been downloading a lot of porn, and jerking off a lot, so much so that I thought I'd keep a count of how many loads I shoot over the course of 2012. Only seventeen days in and I've already creamed 29 times.

However, I still have a few past encounters to write about, including hooking up with the Traveller again, meeting O again, which lead to me attending a sex party.

And maybe, just maybe, when the Moon is in the correct phase, and the planets align I might get my end away again : )

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