Saturday, 5 February 2011

Once More With Feeling

A few weeks ago I got a message on a Monday on one of my hook up profiles asking if I'm free the following Wednesday night. It was from one of the guys who flaked on me last year, but what the hell, I was horny and wanted to see where it would lead.

On the day in question a series of online messages and texts were sent back and forth, which led me eventually to walking up his road on Wednesday evening, trying to find his house in the gloom of the winter evening. He drip fed me his location bit by bit though text messages, first his general location, then the road, and finally the house number. I realised that I had already passed his place and quickly retraced my steps.

I arrived outside his house, which from the front looked completely dark, and sent my final text to him to let him know I was finally there. He opened the door without the porch light on, so the light level was low. Fortunately my eyes had adjusted to the dark on my walk up, so I knew this was the same guy I had chatted to on and off for months.

We exchanged hellos and he immediately asked if I wanted to follow him upstairs. I nodded and followed him up to what I assume was the spare bedroom. It contained a large bed and not much else. A mirrored wardrobe was fitted across the wall opposite the door.

HB is a closeted bi guy. His partner was out for the evening which was why he could accommodate out hook up. He stood a little taller than me, around 5' 10'' I guess. His profile said he was the same age as me, 32, but looked to be in his late 30's.

I removed my coat as he sat on the bed. Since there was nowhere to hang it, I placed my coat on the floor near the door. My other clothes would soon join it, as would his. I sat next to him on the bed, a slight gap between us. He played coy and asked what I wanted to do. I replied that it was up to him. He responded by reaching out and rubbing my crotch, before leaning in for a kiss. That certainly broke the ice.

We kissed for a while, then HB maneuvered himself off the bed to face my crotch and made a move for my belt. I unbuckled it and unzipped my fly before standing. He pulled down my jeans and underwear, freeing my hardening cock. Moments later it was enveloped by his mouth as he started to suck me. I removed my top and threw it on my coat.

"Big lad", HB enthused as he paused for a moment to fondle my balls. I'm only 7 inches, and I guess my slim frame helps, but it's nice to be paid a compliment. He went back to sucking me.

The blowjob was unusual. Each time HB pulled back, he applied pressure with his teeth, not too hard, but enough that I found it distracting. I pulled him to his feet and we kissed some more. I removed the rest of my clothes and HB followed suit.

I hadn't realised, but HB had a deliciously hairy chest. Thick hair covered his entire torso, and the sight of it made me even harder. We got onto the bed, with me on top. We resumed kissing, and then I moved down his body to lick at his nipples, before running my tongue across his pec, up his neck to his ear in one continuous motion, a manoeuvre he really enjoyed.

I nibbled his earlobe, kissed his lips and kissed down his body towards his groin. His cock looked too inviting and I had to take it into my mouth. My actions met with moans of approval, so I sucked and licked his cock before moving down towards his balls, which I also feasted on.

I left his balls coated in my saliva as I continued my journey, my tongue slipping into his crack, snaking in towards his hole. HB shifted his position on the bed, reaching down with both hands to pull his cheeks apart, granting me access to his most private of places. I licked him with the flat of my tongue, watched his pucker quiver as I blew cool air onto it, and circled it with one spit soaked finger.

He moved on top of me and we kissed deeply. I wondered if he could taste everywhere my mouth had been. He turned around, offering me his ass again. I held his ass cheeks, which were coated in a delightful light downy fur, apart and drilled his hole with the tip of my tongue, pushing it in as far as I could manage.

He took my cock into his mouth, and again I could feel the pressure of his teeth every time he pulled his head up. I couldn't complain though, my tongue was busy probing his ass, so I concentrated on that.

He asked If I wanted to fuck him. I nodded and he got a condom and a packet of lube from under the bed. I dutifully rolled the condom on, lubed up my cock and then his ass. He lay on the bed on his back, legs in the air, ass exposed, and I moved on top of him. He produced a bottle of poppers and took two deep sniffs. He offered me the bottle and I did the same. There was an initial buzz but a few seconds later it was gone. He told me he hadn't been fucked in a while and I was to go slow. Positioning the head of my cock outside his hole, I entered him very slowly.

We kissed as I slowly fucked him. When I was sure he had gotten used to me inside him, I increased the tempo, sucking hard on his tongue as I did so. I kissed his face and neck, licking up towards his ear again as I pistoned in and out of him.

I suggested we switch to the doggie position, and after a few minutes in that position he was lying flat on his front as I fucked him. The sweat began to form between us. I could see the perspiration form on his scalp and behind his ear, and I had to have a taste. I licked up the fresh sweat and savoured the taste.

I pounded away. He asked if I was closer. I told him no. The truth is it is vary rare for me to cum when wearing a condom. I continued mt assault on his ass. I shifted my position so I was on a diagonal to him, a move I must have seen in porn. I hoped that would give him a different sensation as the angle my cock penetrated him had changed. I noticed he had turned his head and was looking at the opposite wall, at our refection in the mirrored wardrobe. My arm was blocking part of his view, so I shifted my position more. This also allowed me to see our reflection, my hairy ass pumping away as I fucked him.

He got off on watching me fuck him, so we shifted position again so we were perpendicular to the mirrored wardrobe. Again he was flat on his stomach with me on top, and we both watched our refection as we fucked. Again he asked if I was close, and I still wasn't. I told him I didn't usually cum when wearing condoms. Still pumping away with gusto, I said if he was getting sore we could stop for a bit. He agreed and I pulled out.

I though that was the end of our session, as he pulled the condom off my cock, got up off the bed and left the room to go to the bathroom next door. I few moments passed before I followed him into the bathroom, asking if he was okay. He said he was fine, just wiping up the lube from his ass. I took the opportunity to wash my hands, which were tacky with drying lube.

When I entered the bedroom again, he was still naked, standing next to the bed. We kissed. My hands brushed the fur covering his chest for what I assumed was the last time.

"We can still fuck if you want", he said. " We don't need another condom".

I understood his meaning with implicit clarity. Here's where I do something bad. I had more condoms in my coat pocket. It would have been a simple case of reaching down to retrieve them. But I don't.

A few sniffs from the popper bottle and he's back on the bed, on his back, legs in the air. A few sniffs from the bottle and I join him.

"Are you sure?", I ask, as I put myself in position. He nods.

"Just don't cum in me."

I push in, easily this time. I can feel the heat of him. I start pumping away again, but soon realise I can't maintain the rhythm I used last time, otherwise I would blow my load. I slow down, and savor the sensation. I fuck him, once more, with feeling.

"I love the feeling of your raw cock inside me", he whispers in my ear. That's the wrong thing to say, it almost makes me shoot right there, but I slow down to a virtual stop until the urge subsides. I resume my slow fucking, trying not to cum.

HB wanted me deeper inside him, and pressed his hands on the small of my back in an attempt for force more of me inside him. Unfortunately, he put pressure on the vertebrae which cause my back pain, and I screw my face up in agony. I guess he misinterpreted my facial expressions, as he repeated his plea for me not to cum in him. I had to explain about my sore back, and he seemed to relax.

The minor trauma to my spine aside, I know that even with all the good intentions in the world, if I keep on fucking him, I'll cum. So with reluctance I pull out.

I lie next to him and we kiss. I work two of the fingers of my right hand back inside his ass with the intention of giving him a prostate massage. His insides feel warm, wet and velvety. My cock is rock hard, it wants to be back inside him again.

"Do you want to ride me?", I ask. He nods and I lie flat on my back, and push my cock so its at a right angle to my body. He lowers himself onto me and begins to move up and down. Sheer ecstasy. I regret that I didn't get a look at our reflection in the mirror as he rode me.

He informs me that if he keeps going, he'll cum. I let him know that's okay with me, so he rides my cock to orgasm. He cums, and it pools around my pubic hair. He gets off me to clean up in the bathroom. I run my index finger of my left hand through the sticky white liquid, then get the urge to have a taste. I lift my finger to my mouth and lick off the cum from my finger. Nice tasting, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. He comes back in the bedroom with a wad of toilet tissue for me to clean up his cum. I mop up what remains, then move to the bathroom to dump the tissue in the toilet before washing up in the sink.

Returning to the bedroom, I kiss him again. He wants to see me cum, so I lie back on the bed, legs spread, feet planted on the floor and begin stroking my cock. I look longingly at his cock, so he mounts the bed and offers it to me. I take him in my mouth again, suck hard and I am rewarded with a thick gob of cum still trapped in his spent cock. I feel it slip to the back of my throat, and I swallow. I pump my fist harder, and finally get to shoot my load.

I clean up in the bathroom again, and on my return he is already dressed, and seems a little subdued. I ask if he's okay with what just happened, he thinks I mean with going raw, but I clarify that I mean with everything we did. I know he's slept with men before, but I guess he's experiencing what I like to call "cummer's remorse", where you question everything you did in the heat of passion after you've cum and regained a clearer head.

He assures me he's fine. I dress quickly, guessing now the act is done he wants me out of his house as fast as possible. He follows me down the stairs and we share one quick peck on the lips before I open the door and disappear into the night.

I experienced my own cummer's remorse. I kicked myself for being so stupid, for putting myself at risk. It played on my mind that night, and for most of the following day. I came to the realisation that I can't change what happened, I made my choice and will have to live with the consequences.

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