Saturday, 19 September 2009

Taken In Hand - Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

The smell of fresh cum is unmistakable, and as MG's hole was only a few inches from my nose, I could easily detect the load I had worked inside with my digits. I removed my fingers and leaned my face in, my tongue probed his ass crack, and I could taste his cum as I rimmed his hole. I almost shot my load right there.

MG pulled himself off my body. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a couple of tissues, which he handed to me. I wiped up the splatters of his cum which had hit my chest during his ejaculation, while he used another wad to clean up his cock.

Having just cum, MG felt tried, so we held each other. Weirdly, it was the most intimate act we had performed. His naked skin felt soft and warm against mine. I slowly ran my hand up and down his arm. I'm ashamed to say that I closed my eyes and imagined he was someone else. The arrangement was for me to introduce MG to the joys of rimming, not to act like we were lovers, so I was unsure just how to react. He seemed to like being held, and from my point of view it wasn't the most unpleasant sensation, so we continued to hold each other for a while.

Soon, however, my libido got the better of me and I began kissing him again. I hadn't cum yet and was pretty horny. I ended up between his legs, licking and sucking on his balls, my fingers playing with the entrance to his ass. I wanted to fuck him.

MG had expressed a desire to try bottoming, and I thought that if I could get him worked up enough, he would want to ride my cock. I spat onto my palm and let the saliva run down towards my fingers. I began to rub my spit soaked digits against his hole. The drying cum became wet again and my fingers slid in easily. His hole was tight and he moaned as my fingers moved slowly in and out. I could feel his prostate press up against his rectal wall and I focused my efforts there.

He found it all too much and moved his hand down to stop the movement of mine. I slowly withdrew my fingers, so much for trying to get him to bottom for me. Instead I put my mouth back on his balls and licked them while I jerked him off, quickly bringing him to orgasm for the second time. I reached over and handed him some fresh tissue paper to mop up the cum which had landed on his abdomen. I moved back up the bed and again we kissed before we spent time holding each other again.

Whilst holding each other, MG began to rub my back, in between my shoulder blades. I had been working out with more intensity over the past few weeks and my muscles were sore. Who new that massaging my sore muscles would rev my engine, making me hornier than ever. I began to kiss him with more intensity, and started to rub my hardness into his hip. This had the added benefit of moving my hip over his cock, giving him some stimulation as well.

I ended up sitting on his crotch, rubbing his cock with my perineum as he jerked me off. I reached underneath myself and maneuvered his cock backwards so it slid in between my ass cheeks. I continued moving backwards and forwards, and his cock ran up and down my crack.

I wanted more. I held his cock and positioned it so it would rub against my hole with each movement of my hips. My mind was fogged with horniness, and I considered whether or not to take the next step. If I held his cock still, and pushed down, his raw cockhead could slip into my hole.

I did, and the head of his cock began to stretch my hole. I knew I could go no further. My hole was not prepped, and had no lubrication. There was no way I could take his cock, as small as it was. Instead I rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks again, then jerked him off in my hand until he came for the third time.

As before we held each other and talked. By now he was well and truly spent, so he couldn't have done much more. We chatted about his situation, that he was bi, but wanted to explore his gay side more, and that the few one night stands he had left him wanting more from the experience.

He said that he thought I was gorgeous, and I knew he was leading up to something. He wanted us to hang out again, I think as a prelude to us becoming boyfriends. It was moving a little to fast for me. Like I said, I was happy to help him explore his body, but I'm not looking to get into a relationship, which I let him know. I find it's best to tell it straight, instead of leading people on. I could see a look of disappointment cross his face, but he covered it with how he responded.

I cleaned up, dressed and we shared a final kiss before I left his place. I sent him a text later that day, saying what I said to him earlier, but he didn't reply. It seems unlikely that I'll see him again.

Having written about this encounter, I see that I'm falling back into old patterns again, like I did with Mr. Silver. Again, I denied myself gratification in favour of his (he came three times, I didn't cum once) and consequently I found myself in the situation where MG thought more could develop from our meetings than I wanted. The old adage is true: learn from your past mistakes or you are doomed to repeat them.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Hmmmmm... another lesson learned. As I read, I wondered why MG kep ejaculating... and you hadn't (not even once). Remember, YOU are equally important in this and all mash-ups. We all go into relationships (be they hookups or otherwise) with purpose and with reason. What were you looking? What did you want out of MG? To just help him explore his gay side? What needs did YOU want to fulfill? What NEEDS did you hope he'd fulfill for you?

HH said...

I guess I see MG as someone to have "no strings" sex with. That's all. If in the process he learns a little about his sexual orientation, then that's a bonus.

I don't see MG as boyfriend material, and I suspect that's the route he wants to take.

Maybe by making him cum so often, I was trying to soothe my guilt for not being attacted to him on any other level than a warm body I could use for my own pleasure.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

Hey, thanks for inspiring yet another blog entry. Check out:

HH said...

I'm glad I could provide inspiration for you, as you blog has for me