Monday, 27 October 2008

5 Days

5 days without shooting my load, and I was ready to climb the walls.

I usually cum at least once a day, but it has been quite hectic for the last week or so.

The first few days were fine, I did not miss my daily release. By day three I was starting to feel it, that slightly edgy feeling, bubbling up from my subconscious. Trying in vain to form a coherent, singular thought.

That night my dreams took an erotic turn, a naked wolfman in my garden, his sinewy, muscular body quickly becoming hairless as he returned to his human form. He was on all fours and I behind him.

His beautiful ass presented before me, and I could not resist. I moved closer, my hands pushed the mounds of his ass apart, and my prize was revealed. My tongue began to lick at his sweet asshole, teasing the outer muscle, darting into the hole, rimming this wolfman like there was no tomorrow. Pure ecstasy.

I awoke, hot and very hard, but sleep claimed me. Day 4 was busy, no time to give myself a helping hand.

This morning, day 5. Awoke early, hard, one thing on my mind. Cruised the usual gay sites on the net, but no joy. I wanted someone right here, right now, to dispense with the "hi, how are you" and just get down to fucking.

Instead, I began to jack myself off, slowly at first, one hand around my engorged cock, the other teasing my hole. I worked myself up, then slowed down, edging as long as I could, squeezing the head of my cock to stop from cumming, licking the sweet precum off my fingers, relishing every thrust, every sensation.

I knew when it was time to release. I got on my knees, and began to pump my cock faster, knowing the moves to get me off. The cum in my balls began to bubble, and I shot ropes of cum into my waiting hand. The delayed orgasm swept my entire body, even my toes tingled in orgasmic delight.

I scooped the fresh cum into my mouth. Still warm, sweet and salty with a slightly bitter aftertaste in the back of my throat. I licked the last of my cum off my fingers, then settled back under the covers in a post orgasmic glow.


Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

This has to be THE BEST (and probably the first) masturbatory story I have read -- that got me hard and made me shoot. Thanks for the goodnight :)

HH said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it