Monday, 29 December 2014

Insatiable Part 3

After we clean up the cum, Mr Scruff and I lie back down on the bed. We spend the next half an hour naked in each others arms, chatting. We chat about work, books, movies and other inconsequential subjects. He looks adorable with his little scruffy beard and mop of curly hair.

I feel oddly comfortable in his presence, and soon our talk is interspersed with kissing and light stroking. I lick at his nipples, small and pink against his milky skin. I run my hands over his body, smooth in places, hairy in others. I grow hard again, and I take him once more into my mouth. I suck him gently, running the tip of my tongue over the head. I can taste the remnants of his cum, and I swallow greedily. He begins to grow hard in my mouth, and soon we are in the 69 position.

As he sucks, I can feel his hands running up and down the fur covering the small of my back and my buttocks. I wonder if he is getting off on how hairy I am. His fingers enter my crack, and brush my hairy pucker. He's testing the waters, seeing if I'll allow him access to my ass. I take his hand and put it back on my butt, and he gets the message.

Soon I am on my back and Mr Scruff has both of our cocks in hand. He wanks us simultaneously, our foreskins moving in unison over the heads of our dicks. The view looks good from my position. I take myself in hand and jerk myself to climax looking up at him. He hands me the towel and I clean up again.

Instead of cumming, Mr Scruff moves next to me on the bed and we spoon. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me close. We indulge in a light snooze, our naked bodies pressed together bathed in the light of the warm afternoon sun streaming in through the window.

I had spent over two hours in the company of Mr Scruff, and it was soon time for me to leave. We kiss after emerging from our nap, and maneuver ourselves into a position where I am on top of him. I am hard again, and I straddle his chest. He slowly wanks my cock, and calls me insatiable, amazed that I can get hard again even though I've already cum twice. He takes my cock into his mouth and gives me a slow suck. I relish the sensation, but my time with him is running out. With reluctance we clean up and dress. He gives my ass a playful squeeze as I put my clothes on. 

A final kiss, and I am out the door. That day marked the beginning of my summer of sex with Mr Scruff.

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