Monday, 20 August 2012

A Tasty Midday Snack

July 2012

The midday sun blazed in the sky as I arrived outside the Mirror Man's building. He opened the main door, and within a minute we were in his apartment making out.

The coarse hair of his stubble bruised my lips and the skin around my mouth, which was still a little sore from shaving that morning. Not that it stopped me, I kissed back hungrily, sucking his tongue into my mouth as though it contained the very air I needed to stay alive.

My clothes were quickly removed, until I stood before him in my underwear. He knelt before me shirtless and proceeded to suck my cock through my trunks, though soon enough they joined my other clothes on his bedroom floor, and my cock found its way inside his mouth.

We ended up on the bed and went back to kissing with the same ferocity as before. I maneuvered myself on top of him and proceeded to kiss his body, finding a particularly sensitive spot where jawline meets neck. I kissed his chest, licked his nipples, feasting on the flesh presented to my hungry mouth.

I removed his shorts to find him freeballing, and hard. I resumed kissing him before licking and kissing my way down his torso till I ended up at his groin. I ran my tongue over his hairy nutsack before sucking one, then the other of his egg sized balls into my mouth. My hand went up to his cock, and I slowly jerked him off as I sucked.

I licked up the shaft of his cock till I reached the head, savoring the taste of his precum oozing from the slit, before sucking gently on the head. I took as much of his cock as I could, aiming the tip to the soft palate at the back of my mouth, while my tongue went to work massaged the underside of his cock.

It felt good to have a cock on my mouth once more.

Next on my taste tour of his anatomy was his taint. He spread his legs, allowing my tongue access to his hole. He moaned loudly as my tongue found his ass, and soon I had him flipped over, on his hands and knees, pressing his ass to my hungry mouth.

The fleshy mounds of his ass felt good in my hands as I pulled them apart to allow me access to his hole. I licked and tongued at the delicate pink pucker, wetting it with my spit. I worked up a wad of saliva in my mouth before letting it trail out of my mouth onto his crack, and I watched as it made its way down to his wet hole.

I used the extra lubrication to push a finger inside him, followed by another. His back arched as I found his most sensitive of spots. He turned around and pulled me into another ferocious kiss.

Now I was on my back, he was between my legs sucking me once more, before he straddled my torso, his hard cock pointing up my belly towards my mouth. He reached around and maneuvered my hard cock so it rested between his ass cheeks.

Still holding onto my cock, he repositioned himself, moving his ass so that the tip of my cock pressed against his pucker. A small movement from him and my unsheathed cock had found it's way inside him, with only the remnants of my saliva inside him for lube.

Here was my dilemma, he'd asked me to bring condoms, which I had and intended to use. Now he sat with my raw cock inside him. I paused, unsure of what he wanted me to do. Do I stop, or continue on regardless?

Well, I'm a weak willed fucker, so I raised my hips, pushing more of my cock inside him. He smiled, called me a naughty boy and proceeded to ride my dick as he jerked himself off.

In this position I was able to lean forward and lick the head of his cock. It didn't take him long to cum, less than a minute from when I had entered him. Still inside him, I could feel his hole spasm as he shot his load, the majority sprayed on my chest and torso, though a few drops landed on my lips.

I reached up for him, fully intending to pull his head down so he could kiss me with his cum on my lips. He realized what I was about to do and pulled away. I leaned forward and sucked the tip of his shrinking cock before he got off the bed, my hard cock slipping out of him as he moved.  I finished myself off as he reentered the bedroom, handing me a towel to clean myself up.

I knew the drill, for him the moment was over as soon as he had shot his load over me. My exit from his place was rapid. I washed up in the sink and was dressed and out of there within a few minutes, making my way down to the lobby and back out into the bright sunlight.

Barely an hour had passed since I stood outside his building. I hoped my bruised lips and the redness around my mouth from his stubble wasn't too noticeable as I went about the rest of my day.

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