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Sucked and Swallowed

April 2014

I'm sitting on a leather couch. My jeans and underwear are around my ankles, and there's a man on his knees between my legs. The CumSucker is in his early 50's, 6'2" tall and has a face that reminds me of Ron Perlman. His voice is deep and gravelly, and he's telling me how much he has looked forward to sucking my cock.

He takes me into his mouth and sucks me to hardness. The size, girth and the fact I have a foreskin meet with his approval. When he runs the tip of his tongue from my sack all the way up my shaft it sends waves of delight shivering through my body.

For the next half an hour I let him work on my cock. He suckles the head, working his tongue around the foreskin. At times I take control, fucking his face, my hands holding his head in position. Sometimes I jack my cock as he sucks, other times I work his nipples through his shirt. They are the size of large pencil erasers, and every time I twist and pull, I am rewarded with the CumSucker working my cock with more gusto.

He tells me he wants my cum. I take to jacking the base of my cock as he suckles the head. The sensations feel amazing and my balls start to rise. I let him know that I'm ready to cum and as he feels the first spurt leave my cock, his sucking intensifies.

I can cum a lot, and as this was my first ejaculation of the day, the volume was considerable. Ten spurts into his mouth and down his throat. As the wave of orgasm passes, I milk the last drops of cum from my cock and let him lick them off the tip.

A quick wash up in his bathroom and I'm out the door, the pleasant ache post orgasm emanating from my junk.